Thus there is actually… nothing… for the materialist in his double thinking….

The obvious problem with the perception of, for example, unity, love – divine perhaps even more so -, security in eternity and infinity, of infinite and eternal salvation, being saved, meaning etc. is of course

1.: This perception does not take place via the five senses.

And 2. (better perhaps 1.1st, since one depends on the other.) it also completely contradicts the perceptions of these five senses and is – what is more! – too good to be true. One cannot see it with the fleshly eye, this luminous cloud-cukuksheim. Consequently, it is not real.

Now this supposedly beautiful and soothing and uplifting and delightful: so then it is not just made up or imagined, but – gotcha! – serves, of course, solely to offer weak natures who cannot cope with reality – the hard and unadorned reality – a pathetic, childish, fantastic thought-escape dream. To provide them with a beautiful self-deception in which they can fantasise their whole lives away.

However ridiculous their perception, however simplistic their idea, however helplessly constructed their evidence: These natures nevertheless defiantly cling to their story of the knowledge of immaterial salvation and do not care at all that the enlightened world laughs at them when they spout their illogical and physically completely unproven stuff….

Thus the obvious problem with the perception of the divine in a materialistic society.

Now, many logicians and philosophers (materialists) have already stated: With the five senses, nothing can really be experienced. There is something outside and that sends a stimulus. Then there is one or the other sense that is stimulated by this, that makes its own stimulus out of it and then there is something in the brain that makes an idea out of the stimulus of the sense… which possibly – you don’t know and you can’t experience it with your five senses – has nothing to do with or in common with the something that has caused the stimulus on the outside… In short: The real nature of the world is not recognisable to man with his five senses. Full stop. That is logically proven. Period. And this logical fact is completely ignored by the so logical materialists… Because they have to fool themselves. Otherwise there would be an end to every – earthly – search for knowledge, because every knowledge that the materialistic human being attains, he attains on the basis of the perceptions of his five senses. The materialistic human being could pack up his sciences, if he were then aware that he could not recognise anything with them. That everything is only a pointless pastime, a pastime of life and an artificial pretence of meaning in life. That he lives in a home in the clouds because he cannot look the truth in the eye, because of the abysmal horror of the meaninglessness of his actions. His „life’s work“. – Somehow one (?) lives (?). And somehow it works (?) with the perceptions (?) and the preservation of existence (?). So one (?) is (?) somehow on earth (?) for a time (?), exists (?) in the material (?). Thinks (?), feels (?), is (?). Until (?) one (?) dies (?). That (?) can (?) be (?) called (?) working (?)! No one knows whether it is the truth… The above happens – apparently, somehow (in the imagination, actually only) -; that seems to be enough to say: „That’s the way the world is and I’m happy with it. Whether it is true or not: it doesn’t matter. I am content with the impressions of the five senses and the idea my mind makes of them. What do I care about anything else! I don’t know anything, but that’s enough for me. I don’t want to concern myself with anything else! That the whole construction is also completely pointless and ends with my eternal destruction in death. Who cares! Not me. Close your eyes and carry on!“

So there is nothing for the materialist in his double mind. Not the immaterial, because his five senses do not recognise it and he classifies it as non-existent on the basis of his knowledge based on them. And not the truth about the „material“, because he also knows nothing about the true nature of the „material“ world, since his five senses do not give him a true answer. He can only live because he studiously ignores the latter (and in addition his absurd life in connection with a completely absurd eternal death). If he did not ignore his inability to know, then there would be no contradiction between spiritual and material perception for him! On the contrary! Perhaps the materialist – who would then no longer be one, if he were aware that matter is only a private idea of his and does not necessarily exist – would be in a position to view perceptions as a whole. And perhaps he would find answers to his suppressed question about the nature of the world – to his questioning cry for the meaning of his existence – if he could bring together inner and outer cognition… Of course, everything would then be completely different than previously thought…

Would mean quite a change of thinking. But if that were to happen, then no one would have to believe that unity, eternal love and meaning are the brain dreams of low performers who are far removed from reality and who have lost touch with life. The words „out of touch with reality“, „escapist“, „low performer“ etc. would then – like many, many, many other words – no longer exist.

Well, there are people for whom this has already happened… But hardly anyone is more marginalised in materialism than this group of people. And yet everything – including „matter“ – exists only and exclusively on the basis of unity in eternity and infinity, called „love“. This can be experienced. But the carnal eye alone is not enough for that. And everyone knows it, because he himself is created from this spiritual power. But the believing materialist closes his inner eye very, very tightly. After all, he wants to function well and not be seen as a weirdo – or even have to see a shrink. And there’s probably nothing to be gained from this attitude… The only trouble would be to open the eye… Five senses. That’s enough. Full and safe. That’s enough. What kind of questions should one ask oneself?! Capitalist materialism has all the answers you need. Full and safe. Don’t think and feel too much about it, then you can go to hell, nicely anaesthetised, with a fat pension. That’s great! With a full pension! You get more than you paid in! Pay attention to the points beforehand and then just stay healthy! You just have to plan it right! You’ll have to do it again! And always be right! And always give an edge! Don’t put up with anything! That’s also very important if you want to get ahead. – At the end, at the very end, you’ll be really…. – – nice and dead.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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