„Attack on democracy, on Western values, on the rule of law!“

„Attack on democracy, on Western values, on the rule of law!“

Smoke and mirrors! People are rebelling against capitalist materialism, against materialism as such. It is pretended that democracy, the rule of law, is the basis of society. A beautiful euphemism. Inhumanity is the basis of society. Materialism in its scalpel-sharpest version is the basis of society: capitalism.

A battle for their souls is what many people are fighting. For humanity. And the Federal President plays dumb – or he is so enraptured and hypnotised – „Rule of law! Democracy! Those evil ones! They are against it! Who could be against that and want good?“ he says. – „People are demanding humanity back into their lives. For that, ice-cold, human-consuming capitalism has to go. They no longer want to be treated like factors of production, like cattle for slaughter. That is their aspiration!“ That doesn’t sound so good. It rubs off badly on the administrators of capitalism, pardon!, the democratic constitutional state, of course! Then you wouldn’t have to police people… Oh no! Then the politicians would have to police themselves and the business leaders! „Oh, woe! Better not do that! Better to act stupid and divide society into the good and the bad. And not ask for reasons. Simple.“

Very simple. Then you don’t have to ask why one or two or three generations of adults have developed who no longer see a future in capitalism, pardon!, in the democratic constitutional state, of course. One doesn’t have to ask oneself whom one has simply forgotten in one’s straw-stupid, peasant-smart, arrogant, ignorant drunkenness of power. One does not have to ask oneself how compliantly one has let capitalism tighten the screws in people’s spines until the sinews and cartilages crunch and crack and burst. You don’t have to ask yourself who they, the politicians, are actually serving all their blinded lives. To whom they sell people for coloured beads, toys, tin medals and bling bling. How many human creatures they actually have on their conscience. Just so that capitalism can keep harvesting without interruption. How much they have lied… Lied for the sake of money and power….

– – Well. It’s not like that! The terms are defined. Rule of law vs enemies of democracy. Now it just has to be hammered into the poor heads of the responsible citizens, then everything will be fine again. Then the soulless slaughter of human beings will continue. Then everything will be fine again! With the climate, we have to see if we can’t keep this shitty, recalcitrant earth functioning in some way. As cheaply as possible, of course. Then it will go on like this. On and on, on and on…. Until the reaper holds the last harvest. – And… And then who was to blame… that,… THAT really doesn’t matter at all. Because then it’s all over. Then it all doesn’t matter. Then, finally, it will all be over. The fear. The pain. The anger. The hatred. The existence in the madness of meaninglessness. The loneliness of the materialistic machine existence.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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