Beyond the words. Beyond the thoughts… Yes. That’s the way to put it…
In 2008 I had a very strange experience. You could call it a spiritual awakening. Or a spiritual reawakening.
My view of the world changed completely within a single moment.
„Learn. And wait.“ That was what I was supposed to do. I didn’t know then how long I was supposed to learn and wait. But I knew it was true. That this „instruction“ came from a source I could not ignore.
So I learned. And waited. And wrote down everything that happened to me and everything I learned.
Now the waiting seems to be over. That which I have experienced shall now find its way into the world. In these confusing times. These times of helplessness.
The menu of this website is simple. The final conclusion – that’s what I call it – can be found under Why does the world look the way it does? – The End. It represents the final realisation that has come to me. Reading – and experiencing – this may already be enough.
If you want to know more – from me – then read the introduction. It is a little long. Longer than a Facebook post in any case. And it stretches – you’ll notice – over many years of my life.
If you want to follow my path through the last 15 years, then start with The Beginning – 2009. From there you can click and read through page after page of my development. There are many pages. Much of it is beautiful. But much of it is also not so beautiful. Those who feel our scourge, capitalist materialism, so clearly within themselves must also express this in all its clarity. Express it for all those people who cannot do it themselves.
There is also the menu item The Pendulum. There you will find a representation of our „being“ as I experienced it at that time. Many articles refer to this pendulum.
The texts represent my personal inner development over the last 15 years. I offer them to everyone. As a gift. And I hope that everyone will find themselves somewhere along the way. They can take something with them that enriches or enlightens them.
Not everything is for everyone. But it can’t be. Everyone is at a different point in their development and what seems true or untrue to us depends on that alone. If a text doesn’t appeal to you at the moment, then just click on. Something will come up again that will resonate with you. There is a search function. Use it to search for specific keywords. Try „love“ or „chivalry“ or „male and female„. Or try searching for „raspberry„. You might be surprised at what is suggested to you.
Below are the most recent texts of mine and some that I have „pinned“ on this first page because I think they are particularly interesting for the reader. But there are a lot of them. Browse through what has been brought to me. And if you have laughed with me and cried with me and got upset at what grandiose nonsense I have written, then go to this man. Sadhguru. He will take the next step with you. Millions have already taken it. And the more people take this step, the greater the probability that we can still save our world.

I wish you much joy and much new knowledge. Come through this time well. Grow. Become strong.

  • The cosmos moved the cosmos

    The beech leaf moves in the moving water. My hand moved and made the water move. The plants I ate before supplied my body with the energy. The earth and the sun have supplied the plants with energy. The earth is supplied with energy from the sun. The sun got its energy from the cosmos.…

  • Summerhill – It has all been said long ago.

    A. S. Neill in Summerhill writes everything we need to know about our society. Everything is current and so frighteningly true. Still. After 70 to 100 years… It has all been said long ago.

  • What is important?

    Perhaps the immaterial connection, the one oscillation, the one pulse lies hidden behind the quanta…. Who knows. But if you live in this connection, the selflessness, the one vibration, then you live in joy and in peace. Who, I ask you, who wants more from life?

  • Oh, how can one think that all are single things.

    Part of the coast collapses into the sea. The sea has loosened it. The wind has moved the sea. The heat on the land has created the wind. The sun has warmed the earth. The cosmos has ignited the sun. Oh, how can one think that all are single things. Man he concretes the sliding…

  • Alita – The Prototype of Man in Materialism

    Alita – Battle Angle. The film: A brain in a technical machine is the human being. Only through merciless struggle does he reach his goal. His happiness: a life of partnership, luxury or revenge. In the satisfaction of his animalistic urges. That is the world view of materialism. Directly subtly transported into the viewer’s self-image….…

  • We are out of options…

    What are we supposed to do? What are we to do, I ask, if we cannot save ourselves in the old way? What are we to do if our salvation requires a change of consciousness, indeed first of all a development of consciousness? Take the children and finally enable them to develop as whole human…

  • He who goes on a journey to die does not come to the rose room.

    Of course he gets the cherry blossom room.

  • Oh, you givers!

    How am I supposed to get anywhere here? Here On this forest path? There they offer their fruits for free, The raspberries, a few blackberries, ah, And there they stand too, the nettle with its seed. They call for me to taste and So I accept the gifts. Taste. Each has a different one to…

  • When I left…

    There is no going back. Everything has gone. What lies before you is totally unknown…. That is dying. In dying you can become solid. Focused. Clear and calm. You can face the unknown. The inevitable. The night before the battle gives birth to heroes. Every day, every minute must be dying. Is dying. Just not…

  • Experiencing

    Whoever has experienced this sees in everything, in every person, every look, every call, every word, every slogan, every thing and every event only the energetic aspect and whether it is based on the determined survival instinct, the law of accumulating and overrunning matter, or the all-encompassing selflessness, the cosmic knowledge. Whether it is of…


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Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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