Every word we speak is war. We have to know this.

Every word we speak is war. Every word we speak wants to say something. Saying something means not wanting to say something else. Even when I speak of „unity“, I am confronting „separation“. If I speak of the „unity“, then I want to separate the „separation“ from me. Every word is an opinion. Every word we speak is a „right“. For us. Every „right“ for us is opposed by a „wrong“ – for us. If something is wrong for us, then it doesn’t really exist for us or it has no reason to exist. With the word that we call „right“, we want to eliminate that which is opposite to it and is called „wrong“ by us. We want to destroy it with it. Clausewitz says: Pure war has only one goal: It is the destruction of the enemy. Therefore, every word we speak is war.

We must know this, because only then can we not be surprised that even if we praise unity, love or other noble goals in the highest tones, we still attract opposition to ourselves. We must know that it is not the other person who is imposing war on us with his counter-arguments, his denial of our views, his discussions of right and wrong. It is that we – just by saying a word – have started the war. Our word first created the enemy. Our word has created pain, and the person who may have been „neutral“ toward us before our word now becomes the enemy because of the pain of separation that our word has caused him. Our word first set the spiral of pain, fear, anger and hatred in motion, because we first denied.

We must know this, because when we speak, we invoke our right. Our position, just by being there, is a fortress. It is a fortress against everything that is not united with this word – is compatible.

If we consider this, we realize that real peace can hardly be created through words. Real peace, real unity, which knows no more opinions and no more words and no more separation or division, real unity, in which no „right“ and no „wrong“ exists, can only be realized on the level of the soul. There where nothing has ever been separate. We must know this when we open our mouths and intend to say a word.

Furthermore: Alone our existence produces the war. We stand with our „person“, our „individuality“ always in contrast to another. And this one perhaps detests us, only because we are so different than him. Because it is alone our existence which generates in him the pain which tells him that we are separated from him. And that because we feel „Right“ and he is different, we see him as „Wrong“ without words. Thus, in relation to our physical existence alone, the following is true: real peace, real unity, which no longer knows opinions and words and separation or division, real unity in which there is no „right“ and no „wrong“, can only be realized on the level of the soul.

On the other hand, we can see that the more entrenched views of „right“ and „wrong“ we have, the more wars are declared on us – the more pain is inflicted on us by the words of others. Or rather, the more we surrender our consciousness to our mind. For the unspoken views of our mind are also strongholds – and these are only there to await attack – and the more strongholds we have, the more we are exposed to attack. The mind then fights on many, many fronts and feels attacked – rightly, as we have seen – from everywhere. If we don’t leave ourselves so much to our mind and don’t allow so many views to develop that can be attacked and then have to be defended, if we don’t consist only of fortresses, but are the vast land with its endless plains and its wonderful eternal slowly flowing streams, then there are no more attacks because there is nothing there that could be attacked. Then there is only the wind, which moves gently and steadily over the plains and the streams. A steady drifting that encompasses the whole space and that is nowhere hindered in its blowing and that nowhere bumps with its blowing.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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