Woman or Man. Everybody is feminine and masculine

Every thought, every analysis, every action is Yang in itself. I say Yang to get away from the term male and to separate the mental connection to the biological male. All matter is Yang. All visible existence is yang. This means that the woman is also Yang. She is so in her physical existence. She is it in that she materially exists, thinks and acts. She is so in that, as a physical being, she is forced to separate and put together – to experience separation, to experience pain, to experience fear and anger. The material world is yang. Man in his material existence is yang. But the material existence of yang is complemented, by the materially invisible yin. The woman has more Yin than the man. She is – already purely biologically – more receiving and less physically strong. The man, on the other hand, has less yin. Therefore he is physically – materially – stronger and more penetrating, more active. That is why he is more successful (whatever that means) in the material aspect of our existence. Generally, only this aspect and this fact is considered. The yin force, the soul force, is left out of these considerations of the world. This happens even with the guardians of this force: with the women. They consider themselves only in their yang aspect and calculate their chances, their position, their possibilities in the material world and come to the conclusion that they are disadvantaged. That it’s a „men’s world“ that we live in. But they are not disadvantaged. They are the guardians of yin and without yin, the yang cannot exist. Can’t the world exist, the man can’t and the woman can’t. Their potential is not in acting alone, struggling to be successful. This is their yang that wants to act, and men usually have far more of it. Therefore, the material world is definitely the „men’s world“. Their potential, which the woman has forgotten, lies in the spiritual power. In the spiritual knowledge about the love, about the unity and about the power.

The spiritual power is at rest. The women’s rights activist will also have to come to terms with this when she recognizes this truth. But this power encompasses everything. It is infinite and eternal. As much as the man – as a rule – is more physical, the woman – as a rule – is more spiritual. There is her sphere of action, where she has her place in the world. She directs the world more through soul power and on a soul level. Man directs it more in matter and through material force. But both man and woman contain both yin and yang. Only together will the world reach its goal. Looking at the differences between man and woman in the material world obscures the fact that without the invisible soul force, nothing would exist.

„All well and good. But the hunger I have is in the material world. What good does it do me to be such a beautifully soulful being. Such a great dormant guardian?“ – Yin belongs to yang. You, as a yin pole, look for a yang pole. He is more outside and protects you. You are more inside and work the salvation of the world with the soul. Look for a Yang-Pole with whom you come into balance. With whom you become the one whole. Only in this way can the whole world perhaps one day become the one whole. By women becoming men, it will not succeed. But also not by men becoming women, mind you. The yin also needs the yang… We must all understand this deep within ourselves and end the separation. „So back to the hearth, huh?“ – When we understand that we are one, then there is no separation. Then each of us is at the hearth and each of us is on the hunt. When we are one, then there is no longer this difference. For this, the yang must protect the yin again and not use it for its own purposes. This is true for woman and man and equally or perhaps more so for the yin and yang in each of us. Each of us has the hearth and the hunt within us. What matters is the balance.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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