The dictator – the pure material principle

The man who becomes a dictator must have above-average influence over the material world. His mind – the material consciousness – must surpass in strength most of the other minds in order to then be able to exercise power over them and unite them to him. A consciousness with an above-average mind is a consciousness with below-average mental perception. So the dictator must have considerably less psychic perception than the people he dictates to. You can say he has the greater fear. The greater pain.

Only because of this extremely strong mind, which is synonymous with the extremely strong desire for material unification, can the dictator pull people to himself and dictate his will to them. Much mind is synonymous with much pain, fear, anger and hatred. The sensation of separation – the pain – therefore occurs in the dictator almost always and at every opportunity. He has so much „removed“ that seems painful to him because so much seems painful to him: ethnic groups, political dissenters, party friends who have quietly criticized, friends who seem suspicious, family members who seem to no longer stand by him. It is the dictator’s (or his mind’s) fear of the pain of being separated that leads him to destroy all potential causes of pain. Since every person in his sphere of influence can become the dictator’s victim, his fear of pain spreads to all other people in his „realm.“ This leads to a spiral of conformity of the population with the dictator – the attempt to unite with him and thus to escape the pain – and an increasing distrust of the dictator towards the people conforming to him, since nobody can be so conforming that he could become the dictator himself. But this is the only possible option for the dictator’s mind to be free of fear and pain. This „lack“ of people in final conformity, in complete absorption in the dictator and the complete abandonment of one’s own self, in turn fuels the dictator’s pain and eventually becomes the undoing of even the most conformist conformist.

To ease his pain, the dictator needs the people. He must be united with them. Better: It must be united with him. He knows this and therefore cannot destroy it in his pain, no matter how much he may see it as the cause – the culprit against whom he could direct his rage – of the separation that pains him so much. The point of view must therefore be changed. Like the mind in man, who cannot resolve his inner conflicts and looks for the culprit outside himself, the dictator takes his imperfect people, who frighten him, unites them on the greatest common denominator (people, race, state, religion, political system, history, norms, values…) and leads them into the war of annihilation against a group lying outside this denominator. Now the people is full of fear of the pain that is to be inflicted on them by the „others“. The dictator has transferred his fear mechanism – disemboweling the people, so to speak, by keeping them imprisoned in fear – and just as he pursued the annihilation of the „guilty“ on the inside, the people now fearfully pursue the annihilation of the „guilty“ on the outside under the guidance of their minds. The final goal is the incorporation or, where not possible, the destruction of the entire exterior, because where there is nothing else, there is – in the logic of matter – also nothing more that could cause pain. If this has happened, then the „cleansing“ by the dictator begins again in the inside, since everything belongs now to the inside. And at the end only he, the dictator, remains – perhaps, however, the pain which he has caused has united so much rage and hatred in the remains of his people against him that this hatred exceeds his and he falls victim to it.

Dictatorships are the way they are because they have to be the way they are if the foundation is a consciousness that has a strong mind with all its consequences. Unity comes from the fear of pain. Pain caused either by being separated from the dictator or by being separated from the (guilty) others. In dictatorship, unity is sought in matter. Since soul knowledge is not available, it is not possible to realize that the unity of the soul is always present and does not have to be brought about. It is not possible to realize that the pain of separation is only an illusion.

Dictatorship is the working of the mind on a larger scale. The dictatorship of the mind in man himself follows the same principles.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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