Everyone has the right to be accepted and loved in their community

Many, many years ago, when I was still a young engineer earning my good money with hard work in merciless capitalism, I once observed a scene between a man and a scrounging punk outside a railway station.

The young punk wanted money from an older man and when he got nothing, but was asked by him to try working like everyone else, the punk cursed massively about the existing system.

At that time, I thought – and I also expressed this opinion in front of others every time I recounted this incident – that the man was right. Shouting „fucking system“ but wanting the system’s money. Sitting around in the „fucking system“ and complaining. Then he should go to Canada with an axe, build a log cabin in the wilderness and be happy there. Without the „fucking system“.

Or so I thought. I, who didn’t really care about money and work at all. And I was completely wrong in what I thought. It weren’t mine thoughts either. They were imposed separative thoughts that had crept into my consciousness. Because my spiritual knowledge could never have come to such conclusions.

Now I know: a system that allows even one of its members to be hateful, that leaves even one of its members out, is wrong. It is that the punk had a right to live in peace, a right to be accepted and loved in his community. And that it was not up to him to leave this country, but up to society to give him the love he deserved. The punk knew of the unkindness of our system and could not adapt to it. Was too sensitive to this slaughterhouse. I could to a certain extent. I was tough enough. We don’t know about the older gentleman. He was well dressed. So I guess he was also at least sufficiently adapted to the prevailing lovelessness of soulless materialism and was rewarded with money for it.

A system based on eternal truths, on unconditional love, on unity, would leave no one out and would also leave no one in hatred. If all its members were allowed the soul experience of the knowledge of oneness, then there would not be a single reason for separation.

But would there not then perhaps be materialistic punks who, filled with hatred, would stand before the system of soul unity?

There wouldn’t be, because what would be nurtured from an early age would be one’s own experience of inner knowing. This experience would not contain any fundamentally separative aspects. The concept of separation would have no meaning at all on a social level, so that the „punk“ can only exist at all in a society based on separation.

So all equal and marching in step?

No. Not all the same. Each one as he is. With a common goal. With a common goal that is deeply anchored in every human being, you take away his feeling of loneliness. You take away their fear. With the goal of trustingly serving one’s neighbour and trustingly accepting one’s neighbour’s service in love.

Boring. Death – bo – ring…

I don’t think so. This love is so fulfilling, so filling, so meaning-filled and all-sustaining that there is no room for boredom there. It is only your „I“ that is speaking. It will be busy enough. But it will have to fit in to serve the greatest cause – the only cause – there is. And this is not out of compulsion, but because the human being in his centre understands everything and his actions thus have a soul origin. Just as separation must of course continue to exist on the lowest level – otherwise man could not physically exist – so the separating ego may of course continue to exist on a lower level – and also live its needs. But on a lower level and always under the control of an awakened consciousness.

Bad. No more drama. No anger. No more wallowing in self-pity. No more liberation through inflicting pain. No more struggle. No justice. No accusations, no judgements, no punishments…no destruction…. This is no world for me…

„You“ are no one, after all. „You“ are a part of consciousness. It is a wrong perception that „you“ are somebody. Wait until you are emancipated. Until you are ready to give space and to act in your sense. Then everything will look completely different for „you“… You will finally do something in your existence that is really in your sense. You will finally live up to your destiny. That is something, I think….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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