Is not everything in pure materialism then born exclusively of the survival instinct?

Considering all this, can’t one come to the conclusion that all human action, that everything man has created, is based exclusively on the survival instinct? On an expression of this instinct which has already exceeded the healthy measure? On a hatred that no longer merely wants to cope with an emergency situation, but has taken on a life of its own and is on the way to absolute hatred? Doesn’t the material view in our „materialism“ slowly increase to such an extent that there is no more room for the perception of spiritual unity and we perceive nothing except lonely fear and accordingly let our mind act without a counterweight? Doesn’t man create the emergency situations for himself and his fellow men, which force him to hate and not to be able to stop? Didn’t the permanent emergency situation begin there, when he decided to settle down? When he decided to leave the cycle and to impose his static and immobile attitude on the creation? When he wanted to stop the wheel of the cycles with all his strength and exhausts himself at it until today? Isn’t the misery of the people and all the instinctive, everlasting hatred to be attributed to this decision and the self-created (death) fear connected with it? Is not our whole present form of human existence (from the global, to the social, to the personal consideration) nothing else than a great life-threatening catastrophe, which everybody tries to resist with the hard and treacherous means of his mind? Individually, in groups, in states…

And when we just have it peaceful and our fear could naturally give way, because we can see that our refrigerator is full, because we can feel how warm and dry we have it, because we can hear how peacefully the birds are chirping, because we can just enjoy a nice drink and we can smell the beautiful scent of spring, at a moment when we would have the opportunity to briefly, very briefly feel, to sense the spiritual unity, the security, then we turn on the computer or the TV and expand our material senses, which just once wanted to come to rest. We then let ourselves be shown all that is happening everywhere else far away from us in the world, with these many, many hating and frightened people; and the fear rises up in us again. Our mind secretly rejoices, because it is then again in its element: fear. Even if everything is so far away, even if all that we are shown will never affect us: It can start its escalation program again from the beginning with the separation into right and wrong, into good and evil, in the determination of the guilty – and finally ending in the lust for hate.

And we will never find more peace. We will never be able to create a counterweight to the worldwide hatred if we never experience peace and can therefore never pass it on internally. Because our hatred stirs up hatred in others and our peace creates peace in others.

Someone will object, „That doesn’t work. But we are no longer connected only in your much-vaunted spiritual unity. In the today’s time we are unfortunately also materially connected in the separation and this in worldwide scale. Where in former times it might have been enough – and it might have been wisely arranged by creation – not to have to look or think beyond the horizon of one’s five senses and to simply follow nature, nowadays it is no longer enough. It is of importance whether the proverbial sack of rice falls down in China or not. Because it is not overturned by nature, but by people. And these people are able to influence us even here, thousands of miles beyond their natural field of vision. “

I know this. I know that there is a fundamental problem, which is that man simply could not stay within his radius determined by the range of his material senses and now finds himself surrounded by an unmanageable number of fearful minds.

If the mind-dominated man arrived (and still arrives) somewhere – be it on unknown continents or at the flea market – where the people were friendly and followed a peaceful, fear-free nature, then he directly used, abused and assimilated these poor people until they became just as fearful and in rage hating mind beings as he himself. He has taught them separation and fear. Now, as a result, the world is full of separation and fear, and man has no refuge. One would like to say, if only he had stayed at home.

But maybe this was even his goal: The creation of the worldwide threat situation, so that the human being has no more place where he could find rest and feel his soul and so to keep him in the everlasting and everywhere threatening fear.

I think that our paradoxical, global – material – connection in separation must be dissolved. Peace and unity must be allowed to unfold again in manageable areas of time and space. The individual, the limited group as material units acting, with everything and all others universally connected only about the soul sense and not about the material senses which would let our mind drive only emergency programs again, that is the frame which everyone must fill for himself.

Of course, the sack of rice that falls over in China influences us these days, if it’s the right one. But I would like to point out that not every sack of rice influences us. And: are we – let’s be honest – at all able to react effectively to each of these falling sacks or do we – by taking note of this sack – ultimately only pointlessly enter the realms of fear, anger and hatred with our power? Is it not better then to concentrate on one’s clan, on one’s (elective) kinship and to pursue what is directly attainable and influenceable for us?

„You have to be informed!“, I have learned for myself that this is an untrue concept. Propagated by the mind to chain us into its emergency program. Used by other minds for their purposes to chain us into the fear they knowingly and planned to create.

I can’t answer the question of how each person drives his material withdrawal and his spiritual expansion. Everybody has to find out for himself according to his circumstances. The best way is first of all on the spiritual level. This is the difficult way because it is the unfamiliar one, but the findings will be truer than if we comfortably try to find solutions through our mind and thus will only end up again with the old familiar. And the old familiar does not work very well, as we know.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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