Strong ego – weak ego

The more the ego works, the stronger is the limitation of a human being. The narrower are the limits in which the human being defines himself. The smaller is the area in which he defines something as „right“, because according to his „view“. In the reversal conclusion is for him with it almost everything else „wrong“. Lie with it almost all other humans in their views „wrong“ or at least „never completely right“. The other person is thus separated from the person with the dominating ego in almost every situation. If people with strong egos come together, their projects are often doomed to failure. Quarrels and separation are usually pre-programmed.

If a person with a strong ego is joined by a person with a weak ego, a project can be carried out without dispute. The person with the weak ego is wide. He has no narrow limits that force him to classify most things in the world as wrong, because they do not correspond to his view. Most things are right for him, because he has no fixed views, to which something must correspond compellingly, so that he could affirm it. The strong mind can accept the other because the latter does not oppose it with any separation, but affirms the views of the strong out of its nature. Thus, the project is carried out according to the strong one’s ideas of right and wrong. What comes out of it depends thus on the views of the strong ego.

If only people who are completely free of ego come together, then everyone affirms everything and there is no right and wrong. The course and the result of the project do not depend on the opinions of the people involved, but it results from the free movement of the fate, the only, now superordinate effective power. Since also the fate in its omnipotence knows no right and wrong, the „result“ is of eternal and of the ego independent validity.

Now almost everyone has a spontaneous idea of what comes out of such a project with such knitted actors. The image of aimlessness arises and one can literally taste the complete arbitrariness (aimlessness!) that is in the room between the project participants. Everything is going around in circles and not moving forward. „Nothing can come of this!“, one would like to exclaim. And that is true. It can become nothing, because under these circumstances it can only be.

Man is a being who acts so that something becomes. That lies in his nature. He can act only through his mind, through his ego. If man is free from ego, then he is no longer a man. He is then pure spiritualization. He is thus beyond life. In this state there are inevitably no more actions, because man rests in the unity of things without the separating ego. How should he do something there, where everything is one, if doing always means deciding and separating? There he can only be.

This is our dilemma. We must – as human beings – act, but we must also, with all the separation necessary for action, recognize the unity and allow the power of destiny to take effect. We have to limit, but we also have to be very wide. That is our task.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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