Evil is the misguided survival instinct

Evil is based on a misguided form of the survival instinct. If we think of the term survival instinct, we may think of the hopeless flight of the deer from the wolf, the panic-stricken fight of the pigeon when it finds itself in the clutches of the cat, or the mouse which, at the sight of the buzzard above it, instinctively disappears in a flash into its hole. But the survival instinct can also show itself in another form, much calmer and more deliberate. Depending on how much time for action the threat of death leaves someone.

A person who has been buried in a cave, for example, has various ways of reacting. He can beat his head bloody and scratch his fingers bloody, crying and screaming in panic at the rock walls surrounding him, and then, after desperate tirades of rage and hatred, fall into agony – and finally, like a beaten prey animal, surrender exhausted to death by the predator cave – or he can use his mind and try to systematically secure his survival. He then equips himself for the fight matter against matter.

The mind is the master of matter. In fear, it is in its element, where it can perform at its best. Fear is the ignorance about the future. So the mind does something to influence the future by his actions, to make it more predictable for him. In the fear of death, in which he is in the exemplary cave, his whole fighting spirit unfolds. The human mind stands there against the rest of the matter. In this case it means: He stands against the predator cave which has devoured him and wants to kill him. The predator cave has cut him off from his survival in light and food. Man’s fear becomes determined rage and the mind orders the weapons he carries. The „annihilation“ of the closed cave is a possibility. The stones and debris can be cleared out of the way with pick and pulley and shovel and crowbar. Slowly, tenaciously, steadily – and perhaps successfully. Perhaps the mind also has explosives at its disposal and blows a hole in the monstrosity at a thin-walled spot it has identified on its cave map. Fast, loud, concussive – and perhaps effective.

Maybe the mind has only itself as a weapon. Then he looks for a way out of the labyrinth. He follows the rippling of the water. He feels the slightest breath of air on his cheeks with closed eyes. He, the master of the five senses. Finally he comes to an opening hidden high above. He sees the light and climbs up – stealthily sneaking out of the maw of the being that wants nothing but his death. He does this in the triumph of having separated himself from the cave and the fate it had intended for him. He stands in the sunlight. Back in life. His fear of death dissolves, and what had previously been allowed to be only tenacious and controlled rage is discharged in the next stage: in unbridled hatred of the perpetrator of the pain and fear: he stands outside in the light and roars in his hatred into the mouth of the cave. Curses him. Mocks him. Kicks with his foot still loose rubble into the deep shaft. So much fear he had and so much blind hatred he had to suppress during his search for a way out. But now he has – by his own strength! – separated from the fate intended for him.

The battle is won. In the fight against matter, man also had to become pure matter. The fear kept him awake. The rage gave him the opponent and thereby the drive. He felt no more unity with the surrounding environment. The methods available through it were the destruction and the separation.

Now it would be time to move the pendulum away from hatred back to the center. If this does not happen, then the rescued one remains a captain Ahab whose hate for this or even all caves of the world does not want to go away. He will then do everything to make sure that every, but also every cave is closed – preferably buried! – is closed, so that these monsters can never again cut off a human being from life. So that these soulless monsters can never again let someone feel the pain of his loneliness!

We see this no more withdrawable hate, directed at a certain „object“, for example, also in the extermination of the wolf and whole ethnic groups. We see it in the leveling of the world, so that no foot can stumble any more, by this seemingly malicious nature so ill-disposed to us.

Thus, the survival instinct requires measure. The reduction of our humanity to a soulless matter acting in fear, anger and hate must only be the exception. It is so far from the center that there can be no balance. There is a fatal imbalance if it lasts too long.

So if the survival instinct works, our pendulum is almost completely anchored in material perception. We feel loneliness and our fear. The mind takes over completely. Everything else follows from this and ensures our material survival. This is the meaning of the material concept of pain, fear, anger and hatred. It is a necessary concept for our survival in certain situations. But it must also pass away and our pendulum must swing back to the center so that we no longer remain in anger and no longer in hate and no longer – so much – in fear. Perception must return to soul perception, soul knowledge, trust – and perhaps even humility.

Since the evil in a person is generated by an irreversible lack of mental perception, this affected person is permanently in the realm of pain, fear, anger and – suppressed – hatred. He is in permanent survival mode. He is matter fighting matter. Always. Systematically and with means and ways adapted according to the possibilities, he acts under maximum use of the mind, because fear, anger and hate are its domain. …Maybe the mind is also only created by this triumvirate….

Because this man cannot perceive soulfully, everything and everybody is for him a dead and unsouled dark cave which wants to devour him. Every man is for him a dead and soulless monster wanting to murder him, which has to be defeated – with the means of destruction and separation. The ardent hatred is not openly visible in the eternal struggle of this man. Just like the buried man in the cave, he has to suppress it in order to give his cold rage the space to act systematically. An action that aims at the destruction or evasion of everything that wants to destroy him. The hatred shows itself openly only at the very end in its horrible grimace. Then, when the victory is certain. Then it is once again roared and jeered. And because the pendulum is so close to death, lust is added. And the man goes up in the evil, he hates and hates, because it gives him pleasure and because he cannot do otherwise.

This hatred is absolute. In contrast, the hater of wolves or caves or ethnic groups or perhaps even all of nature hates only partially. He hates only out of a certain fear, from which the pendulum cannot return to the center.

However, he can truly love and feel oneness with many other things because his soul sense is basically functioning. He recognizes the soulfulness of his family, his friends and many other aspects of the world as well. He is only soul-separated at certain points. By a shock, perhaps, which keeps him in his hatred only exactly in one point. Or by the whispers of another, which has slowly but surely shifted his pendulum from the perception of unity to that of hate. The one seduced to hate. For there is nothing our mind prefers to believe than whispers that separate someone from it.

The man whose hatred is absolute, who is in the „evil“, feels in nothing and nobody – not even or just not in himself – even in the slightest an animated spark of life uniting everything with everything. His hate is absolute and his will of destruction is it from it likewise. The world belongs to be destroyed for him, because it is only one punishable, soulless – and towards him abysmally malicious – cave, which wants nothing else than to let him rot in its bowels. A permanent danger. Just as the one rescued from the cave cannot get rid of his hatred for caves and prescribes his existence to their destruction, so that from them never again such a danger would emanate, the absolute hater must prescribe his life to the destruction of the entire world, because only in this way he can banish in his perception the danger of his own destruction. The absolute hater. With the socially controlled suppressed and hidden. With the dictator who can rule with impunity from society, openly, cruelly, lustfully and brutally. This is the misguided survival instinct.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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