Remoteness from God…

Remoteness from God...someone once said who had read the last post…. If the absence of the soul sense is maximum God remoteness, then the complete opening of the soul sense is maximum God nearness. Then God has his place within the creation – namely on the maximum otherworldly side – and not outside. Then God is a part of his own creation and the creation itself is God. God would then have created himself through the creation. Is this the origin of the image of God and the devil? God in the otherworldly extreme and the devil in the thisworldly extreme and man in the middle? Is not the devil then likewise a creation of God and the necessary other side of the coin? Seen completely factually and without accompanying myths. If there were no two sides, then there would be also no middle. The spiritualized man, who gets rid of the perception of his five senses in favor of the soul sense, goes up in the unity of the creation. The man without soul sense gets lost in the absolute isolation and separation from the whole creation. In the separation lies the pain. In the unity lies – nothing. And where there is nothing, there is no thought. There is no judgment. There is no cause and no effect. There is no guilt. There is nothing there with which or upon which to act at all. In the maximum abolition of separation, there is nothing left to be said, done or thought, because everything has already been said, done and thought in eternity and infinity. There we and our neighbor are one and that in all eternity and infinity.

Thus the spiritualized man is already in the state which the normal man reaches only in his death. In the state of incorporeality and purely spiritual existence. The spiritualized man is far from people and their worries and needs. He is alone absorbed in the unity and there nobody’s worries and needs exist.

Thus, the man without soul perception and power is also in a state which the normal man reaches only in his death. He is like matter after it has separated from the soul. He, too, is far from the worries and needs of the people, but only because he cannot feel and comprehend and experience them himself because of the soundproof infinitely high and infinitely wide wall of indestructible glass that lies between him and the others. Thus he is not alone in the unity, but alone in the loneliness. In this state matter would have to pass away and arise anew animate. But he exists and can change nothing in his existence. He must wait for his death. In such a state the idea of a life without last sense arises.

Both are far from people. Both are not at home in this world. Only, if the spiritualized one decides to leave the human community, the separated one is a damned one who has no influence on his situation.

Man consists of material and otherworldly existence. The center, the resting pendulum, is the ideal for our simultaneous existence in this world and in the beyond. While the individual human being may still be caught by mankind as a whole if he moves too far away from the center, there is no one left to catch him if the whole of mankind moves too far away from the center. If man forgets his physical existence and the necessities connected with it, he perishes in the desert. If man feels nothing of his spiritual existence, then all must die except him, so that he can finally realize his burning desire for unity in himself alone. He also needs unity and if unity with creation is denied to him, then he seeks it in what he has. And that is he alone. And nobody shall be left who could remind him of the truth, of his separateness.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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