the so called evil by loss of the sense of soul

Those who were born blind or deaf can still perceive, interpret and participate in their environment through hearing. Those who have lost their hearing or were born deaf can still perceive the world with their eyes. Both – and so also the deaf-mute – also have touch, taste and smell at their disposal to orientate themselves in the material world of the material senses. And: They also have their sense of soul at their disposal. The mostly unconscious but effective perception of the processes in our existence beyond. The inner knowledge about the unity of all things and beings. The possession of this sense alone allows us and them to comprehend what is happening in the non-material processes of the other. We are – without consciously noticing it – one with our counterpart and recognize his pain, his love, his being. All that which does not exist in space and time as matter and yet constitutes the other. Thus, the blind and the deaf, despite their handicap, are secure both in the material world and in the world beyond. Perhaps they are not as they would like to be, but there is the possibility for them, because they have a principle access to all levels of their existence. The world and its connections can open up to them. But if a human being is not physically blind or deaf, but if the sense of soul is completely closed or not developed at all, then what has been called evil in all cultures and at all times arises. – The evil in man is the action which arises from the state in which the soul sense of man is completely closed. Nothing then complements the mind’s perception of solitary ego and complete separateness. There is no experience of oneness, however unconscious, for this man thrown back on purely material perception. Nothing lets him recognize even the slightest connection between himself and the rest of creation.

The completely separated person suffers from himself. He suffers from his lack, which he is unconsciously aware of. From his loneliness. He is alone and knows only his own pain, which arises from this loneliness.

Maybe he still tries to simulate love and community. But it is always only a hollow copy of something which he cannot comprehend in any way. They are soulless words and actions with purely material reference and origin. And he knows this. He knows of his flaw. Of his inability to understand the feelings of others or even to feel such feelings himself. He feels only himself. And there is, because he is completely lonely and separated from everything, only pain.

The mental and also physical pain of the other becomes for him the source of the also for him vital mental strength. He lives through the other, since he himself cannot absorb his own life force and tries with all means to let this force flow away from his counterpart. He only knows the feeling of pain and so pain is the only feeling with which he can connect to other people.

In this loneliness, everything is a fight for his own survival. He is surrounded by enemies, whom he also sees as responsible for his pain. He denies his flaw. Thus, in his view, they separate themselves from him. They are, in his eyes, the ones who ostracize him and force him to act as he must. The ones who force him to act „evil.“

All action is the destruction of the other. To punish, to nourish and to unite in pain.

He fights a battle in which all means are allowed: The mercilessness, because nothing connects him with the neighbor and the suffering of the other is not recognizable to him, thus does not touch him. The ambush, because he knows that he stands alone against everyone and that they would not approve of his actions. The trapping, the whispering of untruths to destroy the hateful, the guilty, without the hint of guilt of it falling on himself. The twisting of truths. Resourceful word tricks to legitimize evil. Without proof, no guilt. Without proof, everything is allowed. The snake… The cruelties behind the four walls. In secret. Mental violence with stigmata difficult to recognize. Jekyll and Hyde. The righteous bourgeois, who no one would have believed such cruelty. Or the excess, when he has the power to no longer have to justify himself to anyone and no consequences threaten. To do everything with impunity in order to numb the infinite pain with the pain of the others. Hitler and the annihilation of the community of Jews when he finally could do as he pleased. When he did to them what he thought they deserved. Stalin, who had everyone exterminated who was even remotely a threat and who let so many more die. Saddam Hussein, who, when he took power, had all his old party comrades led away crying and executed right out of the parliamentary chamber with a deadpan expression. And the many others, whose worldly power was and is no longer subject to any further worldly or just own soul authority. Therefore the evil – has it not enough power – is secret like the snake or it is – has it so much power that it needs no more secrecy – so brute and boundless that the breath is taken away. This is the evil that arises when a completely separated person has to compensate his lack of soul power by the soul power of the others in order to live. Who in addition has to replace his soul deficiency by the power of worldly power – whether in the family, in the company or in the state. As alone he is, as powerful he must become in order to shape his lonely world. And he does this without knowing limits and with all means in full inner conviction of his right to act like this. Yes, to have to act in this way. The other, the one separated from him, is a danger which must be destroyed unconditionally. The other is the mark of Cain made man, which in his perception – in his unconscious realization of his „guilt“ – always seems to point its finger accusingly at him. Reminding him of his flaw over and over again. Thus the other becomes abysmally hateful. And through the process of its merciless destruction, which knows no bounds, it becomes at the same time a source of strength. The evil hates the other only because he exists and shows to that alone by his existence how crippled and handicapped he is. Thus, from the lack of the spiritual perceptions arises the hatred for those who are intact and who cause the lacking one infinite pain just by their existence, by showing him the spiritual fullness which he can never attain and of which he knows hidden deep within himself that he actually longs for it so much and that he actually also needs it for a fulfilled – healthy – life. Since the lacking person can only recognize himself in his separation, the immeasurable loneliness, and is forced to live like this – in this state of negative, evil compulsion to act on his neighbor – he has to construct reasons that put him in the right and the others – those he has to destroy – in the wrong. There it can be about family members or whole ethnic groups which he must proclaim in his world as guilty, devaluate and release for destruction. Since he cannot do otherwise than he can, he must be in the right and the others, who appear so arrogantly superior to him, in the hateful wrong. They must be made the real culprits in order to legitimize his inner hatred and his outer acts of violence with which he deprives them of their power, to justify them before himself and the world. The others hate him in his eyes. They look down on him in his eyes. They are the punishable ones in his eyes. They just don’t play by his rules (because he can’t recognize or even compare other rules than his own). They just don’t let themselves be used and they are so sickeningly strong inside. So sickeningly in inner communion with creation. They are the guilty ones for him, who exclude him and make his life hell. But he knows that his hell is actually created within himself. He hates his own existence and imputes this hatred to him towards the others. He considers himself inferior – flawed – and insinuates this thought towards him towards the others. Since this negative attitude of the others towards him must be true, he takes care with selected perfidy and cruelty or secret attrition that this negative attitude in those affected by his hatred also becomes true – in order to be able to strike thereupon at the smallest occasion before himself justified inexorably. Thus he creates a climate of aversion towards himself. Thus he first creates the enmity and brings the absolute separation into the world. Only he must deny this and lie and deceive for it. Others and also himself. – Since the only power that keeps him alive otherwise is material power, he lives in fear of its loss. He lives in fear that others might take this power away from him and strives within to destroy it and thereby gain complete control. He would find peace if his world were a graveyard and he could dance alone and finally for himself on the graves of the dead. Could thumb his nose at them. „Well, who’s right now? Who has the longer breath now? Who is lying in the dust now? You miserable do-gooders. Who is looking down on whom now?!! I am good. I am better than you! I have no flaw that you wanted to impute to me! I have won! My one world has won! “ He is so separate that everything else has to go, has to die out of his sight, so that he is no longer confronted with the stain of his deeds and thoughts in his loneliness and separateness. If he were alone in the world, he would be one again. With himself and without any life around him. There would then be no one who could show him what a caricature of human existence he has created for himself with his merciless rebuke of the world. The faithful dog, who does not contradict and is always happy, would still be allowed. He does not judge. Even people whose strength he has already exhausted, who are broken. Powerless and resigned puppets in his kingdom. Paralyzed by fear. Blackmailed. They still served him as a backdrop with which he could pretend a normal life to himself and the world. „Look. People do love me! Look, my dog and the people around me!“ And he holds them up by the neck to show them off, shaking the lifeless ones like limp dolls. These also judge no more. And there is a person who seems to love the lonely one. That one could not prove it to this one. If the lover would kill himself to prove his love, for the lonely one the death would not have been slow and cruel enough to be able to prove the love. Nothing could convince him of love, because he cannot recognize love. Since he knows only pain, love is also pain for him.

Thus, the cause of evil is fear and hatred. Thus, the cause of fear and hatred is the absence of soul perception. The lack of the perception of the connectedness with everything that exists and the resulting pain that cannot be corrected. Because that is its special characteristic: the lack of correctability. If society provides endless aids and devices for the blind or the deaf, thus enabling them to live an almost „normal“ life, it stands ignorant and helpless before the phenomenon of the missing sense of soul and its consequences. In this world of the five material senses, the person concerned is really alone on every level – the otherworldly aspect is closed to him and in this world no one has a remedy ready for him. And he knows deep inside that it cannot be changed and that he is condemned to this existence until the end of his life.

Thus, evil does not seem to be the cause of acting out of hatred and fear, but their consequence. It is a compulsion to which the person is subjected in order to survive in his crippling. Like the image of the vampire who must also kill night after night and drink of the blood of men in order to live and who has no choice, no matter how much he may wish it. If evil were the cause, then the absence of soul perception would be equal to evil. Then a completely opened soul sense would be equal to the good…. Since both are parts of the one creation and the creator (or the power of creation or whatever you want to call it) cannot be in one of these parts since he created them, then it is probably the middle where we are with God. In the middle between the holy and the abysmal evil. In the middle between matter and the beyond. In the middle between mind and soul. In recognition of our humanity. In recognition of our greatness and our weakness.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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