Before Corona, when everyone lived past each other, the suffering of the millions was not so noticable

After 10 years in the woods now two years of city. Two years of Corona. Two years of information. The result: desperate pain. At least a hint of it. Now I understand the people who can’t take it any more. Who no longer see a way out in this world of research, science, performance, statistics, buying, pressure, untruth, self-deception, aggression, hypocrisy, manipulation and mockery and denial of truth. In this world of God-given accepted inhumanity of social interaction. They all experience this world not two but maybe 20 years like this. They are completely sore. They were completely forgotten by politics and the economy and the materialistic norm society and that was good. Then the cold economic-scientific-political world moved into their lives: Corona measures, now inoculation with the stuff of the inhuman. The barrel was almost full anyway. Of pain. No one cared, it was a silent suffering in the world of cold numbers. And then it was too much. No more retreat from the world of death-cold high performers. From those who mercilessly coldly mocked them, the sentient ones, the ones with the warm pulse and the warm hand. As system failures, as weaklings, as lazy and comfortable, as reality-impaired airheads. As incapable of living.

These knew what was coming. Their view of the system was clear. Now the time has come: they are not functioning properly. That’s all that matters. Now you are being hounded into compliance in a driving hunt of threats, exclusion, punishment, infliction of pain and fear. Typical machine world: the function exists. Nothing exists apart from it. Typical materialism: only delimitation exists and thus something can only be achieved with the infliction of fear. Humanity, empathy, understanding, community (real) are not skills that are cultivated. On the contrary, they are a hindrance to achieving desired goals. The fact that it is now somehow about dead people helps in lighting morally mendacious smokescreens that shift the focus of blame to the desperate. Nice and far away from the possible guilt of a political development that only looks at the performer. And who, the colder, the better regarded.

When everyone lived past each other, the suffering of the millions was not so noticable. I mean the suffering of those who could not go along with the machine madness, of the sentient, the warm-blooded. Not the suffering of the millions who have surrendered to the norm of existence as a dead product. For it is everyone who suffers.

Now there is blather about solidarity. One of the most empty and insipid words in our society. It is hilarious (desperate and full of horror) to read it and imagine the morale-swelling chest of the writer or speaker lost in total self-hypnosis.

Solidarity must always apply. Towards everyone. It cannot only be demanded when one’s own ass is on the line. And certainly not as a synonym for the execution of a demanded action. Before Corona, long before, when they, the politicians, were so beautifully highperforming their sinecures in their garden of bliss with the cold dead of the economy, the idea of solidarity would have been a great one. But then they only spat on the marginalised from a great height. The damage is old. And it is not because of those on whom the finger is now pointed. It is because of the inhumanity of a capitalist-materialist machine system.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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