Double think

Psyche, mental stress, „man“, negative brooding, depression, fear, dissatisfaction. Worry.

The psychologist speaks as if there were someone who „had“ something like that. It is important to do something about it, because this „someone“ is „suffering“. But „who“ is there supposed to be? In a dead biochemical machine? What is everyone deluding themselves about? How does everyone keep themselves in this insane doublethink.

Who cares if a biochemical-mechanical configuration produces its substances one way or another? The machine-god, perhaps? The machine-god who makes these configurations run bio-chemical-mechanical processes in eternal futility? How can these so clever people not acknowledge and openly pronounce their own doctrine of machine existence? To „live“ the consequences sincerely and resolutely? This would mean openly admitting the futility of all one’s oh-so-important thinking and doing – and existing. And most likely to end this existence of theirs.

Psychological stress, negative brooding, depression, anxiety and worry are signs of the awakening realisation of this futility. The psychologist recommends (entirely in denial of the truths of his worldview) : Displacement. – Distraction. Do something nice. Meeting with friends. And so on.

But if the futility of my existence as a machine becomes clear to me (when Corona, for example, prevents me from efficiently glossing over and repressing this knowledge), what is there to do that is „nice“? What are „friends“ supposed to be then? And what wholesome thing should I do with them, I damned of an eternally damned cold and dead world? Shop, shop! Repress, repress! Functioning, functioning. I know….

But it’s not that simple. If there were only the machine-god, there would be no meaning. No existing. Everything would be his and thus everything would be achieved for Him.

There is a struggle. There is a struggle for this „everything“. Man is more than machine and he knows it. Depression is the expression of this suppressed knowledge in a being who is forced to live as a machine and forced to acknowledge his existence as such. Of course, he cannot accept his machine end. It is not true. Of course, he cannot accept his machine life, for he feels the truth of oneness and love within himself. But he has to laugh at the soulfulness, has to shake his head and… is forced to deny his true being. To dismiss as an absurd joke the knowledge that would simply deliver him from all suffering.

The god of machines, the god of dead matter, he is ascendant. The Enlightenment, materialism and now capitalism, which now makes man completely the dead product (as a dead programmable machine part for the production and consumption of dead things and dead ideas) of a dead world. And which, year after year, strengthens people more and more in the belief in their machine existence, makes this belief without alternative, makes them in the meantime recognise it – unspoken – as their natural state. He is becoming more and more efficient in desecrating human beings, in concealing the true greatness and the true meaning of human existence as part of the living cosmos.

He will win this battle. And then… And then he will die, the dead god of matter. For everything is a cycle. With his victory he has lost everything at the same time. He does not know this, because he does not know cycles. His striving is without meaning. Just as without meaning as is the life of the machine-man, who has nothing before him but his death in senselessness.

After the victory of matter, everything begins anew. Completely pure, completely reborn, completely spiritual, completely in the light. And completely in unity and in security and in love.

Dear psychologists, do not continue to lie to yourselves. Salvation cannot lie in dead things. Make an effort to realise your soulfulness or draw the sincere consequences, but do not go on lying to yourselves and to poor people with your obvious nonsense.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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