Letter to the editor to an attractive and smart columnist of a well-known news website – broadening horizons

Dear Ms B.,

I wish you could return to your humanity. A rare word in our society. Quite forgotten, I would say. Nevertheless. Or precisely because of it.

Look: I have a friend. Just as smart as you. She loves education and likes to pat herself on the back for being so smart. Similarly sharp-tongued. Slim, pretty, not quite so blonde and… feminist. Bulky in this system. Not so readily tolerated by masculinity as someone who learned from an early age from mother and grandmother that women (better: the feminine) are the permanent rape victim of a patriarchal tyranny. Deliberately dresses „out of focus“. Organises herself. Is a trained singer. Writes poetry, lyrics, does cabaret.

Ms B., imagine for a moment: You were short and fat and pimply. You wouldn’t be doing what you are doing now. Just because of your outer appearance. As a bourgeois, educated worshipper of education and knowledge, you would perhaps be in research. In the basement lab. And your superior would perhaps claim all your discoveries for himself and call you „Marily“ or „Beely“.

Or imagine you were a blonde classified as attractive by male standards, but hadn’t had the fortuitous luck of growing up in a homely middle-class educated family. With all the promotions and advantages. Where would you be then? Where would men have put you then? And paid you no respect? They show you respect now, because everyone knows that you’ll get a lawyer if someone tries. But many can’t.

And when you are sitting in your lab and you hear your boss laughing with his cronies or you are standing in the DM market, where you are just dead meat and on the run for the market manager and the male customers, then you retreat. Back into your world, into your niche. Because either the men don’t like you, no matter how clever you are, or they regard you without dignity as a human being, because you are only lust cattle for the man. And it is a world of man. Of materialism. A world of the one who has the knife between his teeth and is ready to stab it into the other person’s back. And you don’t want to do that. Or you just can’t. And so you fall through the grate while the beautiful (women) and smart and tough high performers celebrate your world of needlessness and selfishness and force you to veg out in it. You might get some funny ideas in your pain. That the world is a global exploitation system. That what is happening there cannot be „human“. That a system that is so willing to cut off millions of people who may really be „human“ – to forget completely! – because they do not want to participate in the omnipresent slaughter of everyone against everyone else in befuddled vassalage. Who don’t want to be an interchangeable machine of heartless capitalism. Or who are not pretty or smart enough…. And the high performers continue to celebrate their party without mercy.

And then comes Corona. And the inhuman, unsolidary, patriarchal system, which only knows punishment and discipline, and which has nothing else in store for you except exclusion and humiliation, comes upon you. And you are just barely holding on to your life. With all your efforts. And then the system comes over you and invades your little world in which you can just manage your pain. And you don’t want any more pressure and you don’t want it, this disgusting system of dysfunctional egoists that only uses you. The ones who forget you and who violently divide up the world according to your selfish and inhuman sense. Who say: „Shut up, you zero! You have to eat, be satisfied! WE bust our asses all day for you so that you have zero to eat in our beautiful cruel world.“

And then you are deep in pain and in your pain there you already believe that maybe the world is not directed for the good of the people and then…. And then you may be one of the more than five tens of millions of people in Germany alone who are very worried about what the high-performers who only believe in profit and themselves, those who have always forgotten them, now want to inject into their arms in association with business and politics according to the cold and inhuman principle of egoism. For their WELFARE. For THEIR good. By those who would slit open even their grandmother for money. By the inhuman. And then you just can’t believe it any more… And you shout: „You sheep! Can’t you see how capitalism is eating you up? Deafening you? Lying to you and using you only as disposable goods?“ And like you, there are also men. Men who are wounded in their femininity, in their spiritual, human aspect. – Among these all „unvaccinated“ – men and women – there are of course those who are just like the capitalist system. Those who only want to pull the trigger themselves. And want to celebrate their power at the expense of humanity. But it is quite bad misinformation that these are the majority. The truth is that many are turning away from capitalism – have been turning away for decades! – because it only nurtures those who are inhumane. And only as long as they benefit it. And people are not prepared to recognise it as the system in which human beings should live. They have lived alongside it. As perhaps soft, humane „do-gooders“ who value reciprocity. Because they couldn’t help it, and many because they didn’t want to. Because they didn’t want to sell their souls for a few pieces of sugar and coloured glass beads.

You see. My girlfriend is actually just like you. But she is not vaccinated… What are we supposed to say now? What are we supposed to do now? Keep on hating? Keep separating? Dear Mrs B.. You are a woman and I think you have a lot of feminine and thus spiritual in you. If you sow hatred, you increase hatred. You know that this is wrong. But you are too caught up in your own pain to realise that right now… And the pain is part of the system. It’s decades of cultivating division between people… That’s where the accusing finger needs to be pointed…….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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