Where then is „God“?

Where, then, is God? The big question. We have pure matter as an expression of maximum separation on one side and pure soul as an expression of maximum unity on the other. Maximum separation as an expression of maximum pain of loneliness, of fear, anger and hatred is what is called „The Evil“. Is then the maximum unity as an expression of soul knowledge, humility, security, trust and love in reverse „The Good“?

Is God „good“? If God were „good“, is He to be sought on one side of the pendulum? On the side of the soul? What then is to be found on the other side? Not only the pure matter, the „soulless“, but at the same time also the „godless“? But how can something be godless if it is a part of God’s creation? Isn’t what is called evil, what is called the devil, necessarily also a part of God’s creation?

If God stands on the one side of the creation, then he is with it nevertheless also himself a part of the creation. He has then created himself in creation and assigned himself a „place“ in creation. The place on the side of the maximum unity. Thus he himself has become a part of the opposites: Soul – Matter, Unity – Separation ,Good – Evil, Divine Godless. Only how can something be godless, if it was created by God? How can this created by God then stand on the opposite side of God?

Is God then perhaps not „good“ at all? Is God perhaps not at all on some extreme side, by which he would actually only create an „other“ side and with it a position separate from him? Is God perhaps „only“? Does God stand outside – above – the creation and has created both the good and the evil? Is there with it actually no „Godless“ at all, but everything is filled and permeated by God the creator?

Then wouldn’t our striving for God really have to mean seeking the center? Not to be a soulless creature of hate, but also not to be a materialless soul being, but to be human. In the middle. With the feeling of unity and the knowledge of unity. In the pendulum, the middle and death are on one axis. On this axis God is to be experienced. The spiritualized one strives away from the center to the mental extreme in order to be close to death and thus close to God. The abysmal hater goes to the material extreme of pain, away from the center, and thus also approaches death. The hater thus also approaches God. This is what is meant by saying that you can never fall lower than into the hand of God. No matter where you turn, you will always reach Him.

Then why did God do something like pain to us? Why did he create evil? – I do not know. Possible answers will always remain bland for man in pain. „Because it makes us human.“ „Because God’s counsel is inscrutable.“ „Because we must overcome the pain.“ „Because the meaning is not rationally discernible.“ I don’t know. Maybe because God is simple. He is not a rational thinker with stretching moral ideas. He is simple and therefore He is everything and therefore His creation is everything and where there is unity and love, there is then also separation and pain. In all religions there are commandments to prevent us from going exclusively the way of pain. Our way is the middle: six days of material action (always in connection with unity) and on the seventh day devote ourselves only to the soul. This is a week in balance. A week in the middle. Monday through Saturday, four sevenths of work in community with three sevenths of soul rest, and Sunday, seven sevenths of soul.

People in suffering strive for love and security. This is the origin of religious action. It is the desire to put an end to pain through unity rather than through the annihilation of everyone else around them. Perhaps that is why religion is said to be for the weak. The strong (in the material, in the mind) slays the one who causes him pain. He thus answers separation with separation. The weak one goes into the mental unity and becomes so free from the pain, without having to cause pain to the other also. This is more suitable for the human being as a being in a community. Only: if all feel individually, strong and well insured, then they know nothing more of it. Then, to answer pain with pain belongs to the good tone. There, anger is recognized and the mere mention of the word humility triggers astonishing allergic reactions. Everyone is strong because they have to be strong. Everyone has to strike back because they no longer know any better in their fear and their deceptive feeling of security in material possessions and prosperity.

But is it not so that everything is only soul? Is it not so that also matter is nothing else than the perception of soul force through the five senses? Is it not so that the soul force only appears to the mind as matter, as something separated, lonely and painful?

If matter is the „distorted“ perception of soul power by the mind and if the perceptions about our soul sense are the „clear“ perception of the soul power, then everything what we perceive at all is only one and the same. The undivided in different appearance. Then God is perhaps nevertheless in everything and nevertheless on the soul „side“, because there is only this one side.

Then evil, hatred, anger, fear, separation, matter and pain exist only in the perception of the mind. They are then all only phenomena, originated from a misperception of the soul force. Fallacy. Appearance. In former times it was also called delusion.

Dissolving the separation and recognizing unity as oneness again, that is the goal.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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