Man. Caught in the survival instinct

The survival instinct, which can never stop working, leads man into a perpetual struggle. It leads the human being into a state, in which this must destroy always and always, because everything must be hostile. Why should the weapon of the survival instinct – the mind – otherwise be permanently in operation, if not because there would be a valid reason for it? And it can be recognized yes also with all senses: Wherever you look: Separation, separation, separation. There is always the other who is not me. Always there is the unpredictable danger, which leads hidden something in the plot and whose action I cannot foresee, because also this knowledge is so much separated from me. Not even the weather events are accessible to me! Or my bile. Does a stone arise there again? I must be afraid in my lonely and ignorant threat situation!

If thus everything and everybody and everything and at any time means danger, then the only solution for the survival safety device is of course the destruction of everything and everybody except oneself. Only, one is finally the only one left after endless, cruel fights: the fear will not have gone. Although one has gotten rid of everything and everyone, the fear has remained. Why? Because the mind creates the fear out of itself. It is the creator of fear. That is its task. And since it cannot rest, as it should, the fear it creates does not rest either. Because it is actually predominantly cause-less and exists only because the mind creates it, the mind again looks for an ostensible cause for its fear, an ostensible target of its hatred arising thereupon – and since nobody else is there except it, it directs fear and anger against itself. He does this because the mind cannot do otherwise than to generate fear, because the human being apparently cannot do otherwise than to let the mind work and because the fear needs a supposed cause which then has to be destroyed in the rage.

The last mind, which is directed against itself, recognizes the true drama of its existence. He realizes (late, much too late) that he himself is the cause of his suffering.

The action of the mind alone is tantamount to complete annihilation. Man must learn to rest in his peace of mind and thus temper and control the mind. He must never leave it alone in its fear.

If only the survival instinct governs the human being, then it becomes understandable why nobody is allowed to die anymore. It becomes clear why all want / should / must live eternally. Death is no option for the mind. The death contradicts the self-conception of the mind. This should secure the survival! And because he is always active and the consciousness hears only him, it is the eternal life which is about.

The voice of the soul, which could bring the balance, which could make the circles conscious, which could make the death comprehensible as a part of the existence, which could create SIN: It has not been heard for a long time… Only it can free modern man from his fear of death and his delusion of survival into which the fearful mind has plunged him.

70-year-olds caring for their 95-year-old parents and pushing them in wheelchairs. The cycle of handing over, passing away and budding of the new is broken. 70 year olds are still children because their parents can’t let them go. Because the parents themselves cannot go. Because the parents also only want to be or are allowed to be children. The circulatory energy backs up and backs up. The development of whole generations is inhibited. Mental and material power flows to where nothing is actually needed. It flows there, where actually the life force should be released again to the cycle. But the always active mind does not let anyone die anymore. Death is not an option for him.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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