It is imperative that those in control refrain from force

You can do everything by force. Everybody knows that. When you’re in charge. Of course, only then. Every child here knows that. They gain experience early on. By primary school at the latest, they understand the concept.

That is why it is imperative that those in control refrain from force. It is too seductive, as a fast-acting – inhuman – poison. And once it has been used, the person seduced by it can hardly get away from it. It is so seductively simple, so addictive to use it, when one is unthreatened by any consequence and finds oneself at a few levers of power.

Yes,… Unthreatened… and without consequence…. I guess that’s the point. He who could, but does not, is a great one. He who could, but does not have to, because he understands people, can guide them and also knows where to, namely for their salvation, is a supergreat one. And only such a one may rule and watch over the destinies of the worlds. No one else is even remotely called.

He who likes to use violence and who then, when the counter-violence suddenly appears surprisingly in front of his palace, suddenly eats chalk and babbles about understanding and community and solidarity and humanity, he is a poor wretch. Not even a wife and child may be entrusted to his care. But he still sees further than the shadow of a dehumanised being who, sweating, looks down from his parade window on the angry abused masses, and with a curse on his lips, in the greatest self-delusion and rushed, self-righteous counter-hatred – loudly… and audibly for all… – gave the order to shoot…

And last but not least, completely enraptured in madness – he should not even be allowed to rule over himself alone – is the one who shouts down from his balustrade to the raving mob – the first of those who have already climbed the balcony with the axe in their hands, already grabbing them by the throat -: they should behave themselves for once, damned rabble, and not make such a racket! And what kind of upbringing they would have enjoyed, and that they should go home, take their dirt with them, shave and go to work! Just as they should! And they didn’t need to think that there wouldn’t be any consequences! And now enough of this nonsense, miserable spoiled vermin! You must be too well off! Not busy enough! Wait! That can be changed! Tomorrow, you’ll see what you’ve got yourselves into! – Now get down! Get down! Get off my balcony!…

Whoever sows violence – consciously or through stupidity – it comes back to him. And then it is very surprising for some to realise that their game doesn’t go on forever and that there are limits that one should have known – and should have observed. And suddenly the self-righteous dance is no longer consequence-free and the dreaming self-absorbed dancer suddenly doesn’t seem so unthreatened at all….

That is why it is inevitable that those who are in control refrain from any violence.

And those who now play dumb or want to haggle over what violence should mean in concrete terms should be given a father and a mother and allowed to start anew. Let them realise anew the nature of the world and let their little egoistic and cunning huckster heart beat in harmony with the world and grow up anew into the heart of a hero of love, a knight of womanhood.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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