Professionell Deceitfulness

Also the companies and institutions, which clearly act with their interests against the interests of the people and the earth in general, cannot choose their way of acting freely. Things are now so bad with the world and with people’s lives that there are no longer any facts with which these companies and institutions can justify the damage they cause, for example, by poisoning the habitat with pesticides or with exhaust gases and by intensifying anthropogenic climate change.

People realize that they cannot survive if companies continue as before, and companies know that they cannot survive as companies if they do not continue as before (or that they would have to expect less profit if they changed their behavior. That is tantamount to death for companies with the dogma of perpetual growth). It’s mind against mind. Will to survive versus will to survive.

Facts are no longer useful in this case, because there are no longer any that could negate the damage to the world and justify the actions of the companies. For what facts should the companies cite to justify their actions other than the steely will to get as much money into their accounts as possible and at any price. No matter what that means for anything other than the company? That wouldn’t go over well. So frankly and honestly.

After facts comes opinion, and so companies hire other companies to try to change people’s sentiment through „framing.“ Companies that try to change people’s feelings about a particular issue. This is the latest insidiousness of the mind. Scientists are already complaining about the factlessness and emotionalization that certain controlled groups, invented specifically for this purpose, are bringing to the climate change debate. All that is being done is to create a mood. Professional. Professional deceitfulness. And the human being, the poor, poor human being, who in these times, with his eyes incessantly directed at opinion-spouting and opinion-making screens, has been drilled to uncritically adopt views from third parties, to be outraged when he should be outraged, to cheer, to cheer when he is supposed to cheer and to mourn when he is supposed to mourn and to regard his own perception of the world, his own experiences as insufficient and, in case of doubt, as completely wrong, becomes the tool of the opinion makers by repeating the slogans whispered into his head himself at every suitable opportunity. Outraged, cheering, mourning… depending on how just demanded of him. Because the slogans are constructed in such a way that they meet and manipulate his moral concepts and his feelings. — I have to take a breath again and want to lean again on Ananke and her wonderful cool and eternal and holy clarity and truth. How far has it come in our world? In what state of consciousness are these people who deliberately hatch such deviousness? What power does money have? To what madness has it conditioned these people? – Facts, opinion, morals, feeling…. Everything is part of the separate. Nothing eternal is in them. And nothing sacred…

Thus, framing manuals are drafted, in which the moral and emotional slogans are listed, with which the facts – the former holy grail of the mind – are washed away. The slogans to be recited by persons in public over and over again at every opportunity to change people’s minds. In order to assimilate them and consume them so that corporations can continue to live and continue to serve their god of money and power. This activity – framing – is recognized. The companies in question have this term in their names. I don’t know why they don’t also carry terms like deceit, fraud, unconscionability, coldness, harshness, inhumanity and contempt for humanity in their names. „Framing“ might sound a little more abstract somehow. It even sounds a bit clever. But if you know what „framing“ means, you can find the companies under this term on the Internet. They don’t have to completely disguise their activity anymore… The deceit. The means of the mind that can no longer openly express its views. It has nothing to do with the feminine. The feminine is the spiritual and that rests in eternal clarity and power.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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