If we remain in the mind, then there is no way out

What would it be like if there were no longer any overriding regulatory rules, no laws? What would it be like if resources were also exceedingly scarce?

My neighbor is a nice guy. Under nice circumstances. He is a hunter and a ranger and I sense that he would never be someone’s prey without a fight. Not the prey of an animal, hunger, or man. What if everything was scarce and no state law applied anymore and he made a strange remark to me in front of our house? A remark that would be difficult to assess. That aroused suspicion in me. Just one strange sentence and then he would go on. What would happen then? I would take a long look at him walking down the path and I would weigh and weigh his sentence in my mind. I would become suspicious because he owns two guns and doesn’t want to become anyone’s prey. I would make a decision. The decision that I don’t want to become his prey. I would run into the house, get a big knife, run after him and before he could turn around and defend himself because of the sounds I made, I would plunge the knife into his back from behind. That was the only way I could make sure I could sleep at night and not have to worry about his strange comment. Not to have to be afraid of him. After killing him, I would have to run quickly to his brother. I would shoot him at the breakfast table with the rifle I had just captured. Only in this way could I safely escape his revenge. Afterwards I would go to his family and would also kill them. They, too, could not harm me now. If I were a corresponding type, I would perhaps spare his wife and daughter and – as my prey – take them to me. The other neighbors would find out and before one of them would get stupid ideas because he could no longer sleep peacefully because of me, I would impale the heads of those killed by me in front of my courtyard entrance for all to see. ‚Look at us. This is what happens when you raise your suspicions,‘ they say. (Written in early 2019… And then: 2020, Bannon, ex-advisor to Donald Trump: if he were in power, he would „impale their heads“ and „position them at two corners of the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats.“ )

I would now live I the same fear as I did before the murder of my neighbor. Only no longer in fear of him, but in fear of the other neighbors. But I could perhaps keep them deterred for a while. The weak among them. I could perhaps now even make them subservient to me in their fear. I would be the law. The law of fear would now be personified in me. Who is compliant to me, he would have to have a little less fear of me and I would give him something for it and sometime he would believe that he served himself with his existence. But he always served only me. After the strong ones, however, I would have to keep a constantly searching lookout. Now I would have guns and people who would be at my will. That made it easier for me than the first time with the knife.

And someday someone would come who would be much, much stronger than me and who would have many more men and guns. Then it would be over with me and my realm of fear. He would kill me and that he would do in any case out of fear, because without me there he would sleep better and the more he incorporated, the less would escape his control. Thus he built up a new rule, but no matter in which form: The regime of fear would always remain.

The solution is obvious. Simple, but not easy. If the human consciousness can let go of fear and perceive the unity of the soul, perceive the infinite and eternal love, then the world would regulate itself without laws having to be carved in stone or heads impaled on gateways.

But so it is no difference if I kill my neighbor from behind out of fear – with „right“ maybe even – or if we have thousands of pages of law texts, punishments and courts and prisons (and lies) out of fear and to create fear.

There is no difference between me, the strong, spiking the heads of my victims as a warning, taking in what I like and making the weak work for me on the one hand, and what is happening in our society on the other. The warning to the weak are those destroyed by the system and those who failed at it – those abandoned by the system -, the social exclusion and the social stigma of insufficient performance and too little „prosperity“. The drudgery is simply doused with a little sugar coating. It doesn’t make you full, but first it creates an impression of abundance. The strong are still looked out for, and if one appears, he is at least muzzled and hunted down with the weapons of the courts – and sometimes also the press. Thus, fear – now no longer personalized but institutionalized – can continue to exist forever, because fear remains fear, acting in fear remains acting in fear, and earthly doing remains earthly doing. Whether the individual kills his neighbor in fear or whether a system of fear, destroys the one who robs them of sleep, makes no difference with regard to fear. The fear is only channeled and dosed, since the system is also afraid of its individuals, who, if their fear were not channeled and dosed, would destroy it. Thus, the laws serve the self-preservation of the system. Thus, the system is the strong one that must intimidate and control in order not to lose its power. In order not to lose its life. So the system also lives and has the same will to survive as the human being. And over that there is no earthly law. The system is equal to my hypothetical I in my example above. It can do undirected everything to survive. It only has to be strong enough. Then it also deters other systems and states – or destroys them if they become too strong.

As long as we listen only to the mind and its fear, there is no way out. Everything will remain the same, no matter how different it looks.

Only by overcoming the earthly is the overcoming of fear possible. Only when the earthly laws of deterrence are replaced by the one eternal law „Love the divine power and your neighbor as yourself“ can something completely new come into being. Something so new that the mind cannot even begin to imagine it. As long as man lives in fear, something is going wrong. No matter what is offered to him under denial of the soul – as colorful and sweet and shrill and seductive as it may appear – it is nothing but hard, cold and lonely fear. This applies to states, to people and also to thoughts.

There is one thing that makes man and distinguishes him from the animals: He can replace his fear. He can replace it with the knowledge of God, of unity. He can perceive the divine and thus reach completely new forms of super-living. In peace with the world. In peace with the plants and the animals. And in peace with the neighbor and with oneself. The will to survive connected with eternal love can make this possible and become a will to live that loves creation. – But unfortunately, man is trained from an early age to react to fear with a knife – and to forget his soulfulness.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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