Moderation, pausing, circling, keeping the centre. Only through these qualities can anything flourish at all.

Spreading and appropriating. That is the whole material game. What matter cannot unite, it overflows. That is the material. Including the so-called life. Uniting on itself and spreading out over space and time.

The materialistic, consciously materialistic, human being just like that. Like a volcano spreading its ashes and lava. Like the floods, which bit by bit assimilate the coasts. Movement. No difference.

The earth, too, has assimilated the primordial mists and it is in motion, spreading out in space and time. But it does so in a circular orbit. Its overshadowing came to an end and its flooding always takes place on the same circular path. She is in moderation. And she is in the middle. It is not burnt by the spreading sun and is not at an icy distance from it. That’s why it can be permanent and does no harm. On the contrary. Moderation, pausing, circling, keeping the centre are qualities of the soul.

The sun also circles and has paused. In our system it is the material, the masculine, the father. One must be neither too close nor too far from its radiation. But the sun is moderate. Remains at its distance. If man is only father, without the feminine, the spiritual, then no one can flee from it, for it spreads out and burns everything to ashes. Does not warm. Does not fertilise.

Moderation, pausing, circling, keeping the centre. Only through these qualities can anything flourish at all.

Man has mastered them. It is misguided to limit oneself only to one’s material being. To the extreme. To burn up one’s strength and devour everything. To limit oneself to one’s material being means to take everything else without measure until all available energy has been put into this taking and everything else has been consumed to the maximum or flooded to the maximum.

Whoever then, at the very end, remains as the „victor“ in this wasteland of himself has, if he is not God personally, extremely bad cards. And that he is not God becomes clear to him at the latest in this moment of self-created inescapable loneliness, the aching silence after the eons of blindly raging slaughter, boiling hot.

And there is no one left to hear his horrible, unending cry of absolute despair.

Whoever now says: „The earth, too, will pass away, with its great feminine, soulful qualities. So what?“, he still sees only matter. If he lived moderation, pause, circle, hold the centre, then he would hear the sound of eternity. He would know that matter – even the earth and its path through space and time – are only phenomena. Only external appearances of the eternal and infinite spiritual power in which everything is sheltered. Of which everything is a part. Even every thought is part of the eternal and infinite spiritual power. Every little thought! How could anything stand outside of it?

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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