It is always the same error of thinking. Always the same „prosperity fallacy“

They want to make the poor countries and their inhabitants rich. They want to bring prosperity to all. In their own country and all over the world! What the hell is there to criticise about capitalist society? The system or its representatives justify themselves.

The fallacy lies in money.

It is always the same error of thinking. Always the same „prosperity fallacy“.

Whether globally, in a capitalist state or in a capitalist family, where the woman wants more love, togetherness, consideration of the children’s wishes. And hers. Less pressure and more peace and understanding. More consideration in big decisions, more participation, more trust in general and a common path to which everyone is allowed to contribute.

And the man to whom this is addressed gets a little blood pressure and says, somewhat pressed: Don’t you have a lot of MONEY? Don’t I bring home a lot of MONEY? Isn’t there always a lot of MONEY to spend? How ungrateful are you? There is so much MONEY here! And I bring this much MONEY here! And you are not satisfied with all the MONEY I bring you?! Without me there is no MONEY. I have to be what I am. If my MONEY is not enough for you, then that is your problem. For I am what I am. And that’s why I earn so much MONEY. Accept that or leave my house, which I BUYED with my MONEY, and die in the gutter! Without my MONEY.

Now he is not serious about leaving the house. He wants to be a patriarch and have prestige because of all his money. And because of ethics and morals and all that.

He’s just threatening his wife. But now he has to think about something. Something is out of hand, he realises instinctively. He’s clever. Smart at separating. That’s why they give him so much money.

First of all, the children have to be won back. Don’t the many things seem to be enough for them. The mother’s influence must be reduced. Then money and gifts will soon be enough again. The world must become simpler for them. Without the mother’s influence. So from now on he spends a lot of time with the children – alone. The mother is allowed to stay at home – alone. Or she is sent to work. This already has a deadening effect on any strange ideas of togetherness. Now she has to spend a lot of time in the money domain.

With new children, he starts as early as possible. Does not make the mistakes of the past and leave them to the damaging influence of their mother. Turns them, psychologically-pathologically skilfully, in his direction already as small children. Away from the mother and towards the dead things.

The woman. Yes, the woman. What do you do? She is not allowed to go! So he goes to all the houses in the neighbourhood and discusses with the men there, who are like him, that no one should take her in if she should ever stand at their door. And he tells them about her crazy ungrateful talk. Together they shake their heads, laughing in disbelief, but also with a slight anger in their voices. That madwoman!

With the men who aren’t quite like him, he tells stories. Fittingly fantasised together. She is dangerous. Not quite normal. You have to be careful with her. When she is at the door, he asks for a quick call. Just don’t pay any attention to the crazy stuff she says. She is a poor thing. But he will take care of her. Come what may. Together they are a family. The men nod gravely and promise to come forward immediately in any case.

So now she is trapped. Has nowhere to go. Is alone as the children move away from her day by day. That’s how clever he is. And to his wife he says: „Of course you may criticise me any time. Where else would we get to. My darling.“ And when she would like to have another picture in the living room, he laughs and says: „Of course, my darling! Which one? I’ll be happy to get it for you!“

And when she says that, for the sake of the children, he shouldn’t barbecue and drink in the garden with his rough friends every weekend, he smiles at her and says, „Yes, yes, my darling.“ And carries on as before. Keeps celebrating his animal urges every weekend. And when she says that maybe he should give the little ones fewer presents because that would make them self-indulgent and ungrateful children, that his actions are irresponsible, then… . then he comes over her. With all his violence. With all his hatred and destructiveness. And he finishes her off. So finished off. Loud, brutal, mean, mendacious, merciless, bloodthirsty. Destructive. With the energy of a ravening pack of hyenas, he falls upon the weeper. Conscienceless. With a deep satisfaction, with the desire to win by destroying. Every time. Until she breaks. And is silent. And even silence won’t save her. Because she still thinks. And so he comes upon her when she is silent. Until she is destroyed. And thinks no more. – – –

He says: „But the sky is green! Isn’t it, my darling?“ „Yes,“ she says, smiling quietly. „Really nice and green, darling.“ „Can BUY us anything. Don’t we have it beautiful, my darling?“ „Yes, beautifully we have, darling. We can BUY a lot. And you bring us the MONEY.“ And the children, sitting in the grass, go bloody at each other’s throats with their fingers over a lost card game full of vicious irascibility. He looks and smiles softly, all hidden. After all, he sees his success in playing the innocent children off against each other as well. No one can stand together against him now! All are separated, seduced or paralysed.

And so everything is dead. And he, the psychopath, is completely satisfied with his world and in unguarded moments… it flickers unsteadily in his eye.

That’s the thing about capitalism… Everything has to be dead or blinded to bear it. Or to be endured, tolerated by it.

Prosperity serves to maintain power through separation, to remove the mother, to blind, to isolate and thus again to maintain power.

It is a sleight of hand which, on superficial examination, makes it appear that one is only obtaining. In fact, it demands an infinite toll of life force.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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