Crisis as opportunity? – Reflections on Corona in May 2020

Crisis as an opportunity…

A profound crisis always offers an opportunity. An opportunity for a change in consciousness.

Consciousness is like a scale. On one side is the perception of the five senses, the ego, the survival instinct and fear. Is the action. On the other scale is our soul perception, the knowledge of oneness, rest, security. Depending on the distribution of earthly and soul knowledge on the scale, it strikes out and thereby defines our perception of the world and our corresponding actions. In materialistic society, the scale of consciousness swings excessively far in the earthly direction. The consequences are ubiquitous: perception of apparent loneliness, struggle, acting out of fear, and lack of meaning. Survival above all else. In the consciousness of man shaped in materialism, the ego, the mind reigns almost alone, leaving little room for the perceptions of unity, security, knowledge and meaning via the „soul sense“, the soul perception. Preferably none at all.

A truly mind-bending crisis takes away the mind’s ability to act and in this bondage, forcing it to acknowledge its limitations… it surrenders! Through this withdrawal, our soul perception – the knowledge of our security, of unity, of meaning – acquires a larger space in our consciousness and can have more influence on our being. Completely automatically. This is the only real chance – namely change of consciousness – that I see in a crisis.

But are we – here – currently in such a crisis?

(Note beforehand: In the following, I consider the present times with regard to the population’s fear of the virus. Not with regard to the fear of a world conspiracy or an authoritarian system change or the like).

People are full, safe, heated and „thoughtful“. You can’t sit together at the moment, okay. But phone calls, video chats, etc. all still work. They can’t shop, chill at the coffee shop, go to the gym, go on vacation. You have to deal with yourself… crisis!? There is no supply of cheap consumer electronics from China. The stock markets are going crazy. But they always go crazy. Every time there’s a hiccup. Because the game itself is crazy. The stock markets are somehow not a measure of the state of the world. The money and banking system is already saving itself. Nothing’s going to happen there. Small business owners are being thought of, too. The incredible financial resources of our state are flowing directly to its people, perhaps for the first time in reasonable quantities.

There is a peculiar sickness, which apparently would not do much to most people. The symptomatically probably even often remain completely unnoticed. Only those who are in poor health really have to watch out, because it’s a matter of survival for them. Like with flu. Whoever has the virus is probably in a real crisis. Those who don’t have the virus, those who have health problems, stay at home and in contact with friends and relatives. Lets themselves be helped. Just in a different way than usual.

All that – in our country – is now perceived as a sign of the crisis is, on the one hand, the private irrational hoarding that, despite de facto overabundant supply, makes people feel unwell at the sight of empty shelves and, on the other hand, there are the government measures to contain the sickness and thus prevent a – real, at least feared – crisis in the intensive care sector. The reporting, from Italy for example, does the rest. But with my own eyes, I don’t see Italian conditions here. Europe’s numbers are still rising, but the mega-quarantine for the whole continent will have an effect in a short time. This is how it is done and how it works when there is a risk of infection. Anyone who once had salmonella can confirm that. He could also eventually go out the door again.

So for most people in Germany, the disease itself is not a crisis at all. It is not at all an event that sends us into the primal depths of our being, our absolute helplessness and our being at the mercy of others, as perhaps the plague did a few hundred years ago. Our crisis consists in the experience of unfamiliar human measures. And these measures, being taken by human beings, are subject to human influence. Now this does not mean that man-made measures per se cannot cause crises. Of course, our primitive warlike and materialistic history teaches us otherwise. But in this case it is simply state precautionary, also fearful regulations and private fearful behavior that can be changed when the situation changes. There is no general being at the mercy – of death. So – in Germany, mind you – the only people who are in a corona crisis are those who are struggling to survive in intensive care units with severe lung problems and their friends and relatives who are confronted with this struggle and the possibility of the death of someone precious to them. That is horrible enough! But this does not apply to most people in Germany.

Crisis as an opportunity… Yes. Absolutely! For sure! But whoever of the healthy people in Germany today thinks that he is now in a crisis, will not discover in this situation and with this attitude any new alternatives for action in his life which could be called a „chance“ for his future development. In order for a „crisis“ to become conscious, it must throw our ego-dominated consciousness very hard to the edge of its existence. This must recognize death and its transitoriness and the futility of its striving, fall into agony, withdraw its senses and, shouting at the top of its lungs: „I can do nothing more! No hammer will help me through the wall anymore! Nothing helps any more, which before paved all ways for me! I acknowledge Thee, O death! You make my powerlessness as clear as day! I am at the end. Nothing worldly can help me anymore. My ego (alone) can no longer help me!“ After this realization of the ego’s limitations, the consciousness can open up to soul knowledge and move a little away from the five senses and the ego. It can free up space and resources within itself for the quiet voice of the soul. Then it becomes light, for now soul awareness can take its rightful place and cKrise als Chance…onsciousness can recognize its security in being. Its oneness with everything. The sense. All that had to remain hidden from it under the dominance of the ego and its one-sided fear-driven methods of harshness and trickery now becomes clear and apparent. Then there is a chance that transformation on the level of consciousness is triggered by crisis.

In our present social and personal state of consciousness, the ego is still dominating and predominantly unrestrictedly capable of acting and deciding, despite the „Corona crisis“. Under this leadership of the ego, to perceive the „crisis“ as a chance simply means that the walls of my prison were or will be painted green before Corona, blue during Corona and yellow after Corona. The colors are only chosen as examples and do not matter. Decisive is that I have not escaped the prison of the ego all the time and will not escape. No matter how much I reorganize myself in that prison and let it, the ego, tell me that this is the transformation it is all about. That only this transformation exists and that I can be satisfied with it. …Until after some time I realize again that it is not so after all. That it was not that after all and then I return to my perplexity. Because it is veiled to me by the ego that I actually only sit in a cell and exclusively painted new yellow color on the concrete.

The true transformation happens through a single sound of our soulic power and this sound dissolves the beautiful colorful concrete walls of our prison into nothingness. Once the walls are dissolved, we suddenly stand in soft light on a green plain blown by a mild wind and our soul knowledge takes us by the hand with a smile and leads us to the experience of our wholeness. We then shake our heads as we think back to the prison that we thought was our everything for so long. And then the memory of it fades the more we progress in soul knowledge and security on earth and through our being.

That which man in ego, human consciousness in ego, needs for transformation is not a Corona „crisis“ but actually an „ego“ crisis.

The ego becomes small when it becomes incapable of action, when no plan exists anymore and all doing, forcing, threatening, luring, convincing, bribing and lying to others and oneself no longer works. Sometimes in the face of the inevitability of death, which it can otherwise only repress and silence. Sometimes at the sight of the sea, the mighty mountains and forests, which the ego cannot overlook or grasp. Sometimes spontaneously, through an „experience of God“.

…And sometimes in meditative practice, in which in consciousness the ego with its sensual perceptions is also brought close to its end, to its „death“ (figuratively speaking) and then consciousness can encounter with the experience of the soul essence core a truth, the recognition of which it can no longer evade afterwards. And after whose experience the ego can no longer take the dominating place, which it held before so comfortably and so fatally for the individual and the world, in the consciousness. All wall-painting then has an end, because there are no more walls. The ego is then only the ground that serves us by carrying us and letting us advance on it step by step in our perfection. It can then no longer imprison us…. (…so easily. I say once…).

The Corona „crisis“ is an apparent „ego“ crisis. The feeling of the inability to act of the consciousnesses determined by the ego will still increase for the time being. The feeling of being at the mercy of the ego and of the existential threat will still increase for the time being. But only the feeling, mind you. Because actually all these people can still act. They have to act differently – adapted to the unfamiliar circumstances – but they are not paralyzed with their ego. Their consciousness only now feels the loneliness of the ego – and its fear of the unplannable – because this fear can no longer be drowned out with the usual sensory numbing and distraction. It hears the ego’s desperate call for activity. „Do something. Improve the situation. Be active. Shape it. See the thing as an opportunity and even benefit from it! That’s it! That – I – do – now!“ And they look around, led by the ego, – – – for a painter, so that now something changes …and according to the instructions of the ego the cell is painted anew…

You do not need the painter in this time! It is not the time for outer activity! But you will follow, as long as you can still act again and again the advice of your ego to paint the cell once again. Because this is the only advice which your ego can give you – and which it wants to give you. Because this advice is thousandfold tested and it is completely harmless for the ego! Because it does not want to die. It doesn’t want you to gain soul knowledge and that it, the ego, has to step back. It is so afraid of dying – after all it is our survival tool – that it prefers to let you be in ignorance, fear and incompleteness than to expose yourself to the danger of having to die. And dying already means for the ego to have to give up something of its influence to the soul, to no longer have 100 percent control over consciousness.

That is why resting is so difficult. But it is necessary.

If you feel the need for deep change within you, then the Corona „crisis“ is not enough to free you from the clutches of the ego. In the present ego state of consciousness (common in our society), you cannot simply change from the old TamTam of the world to a new TamTam offered to you as an „opportunity.“ That is not change. That is just a new coat of paint. TamTam is TamTam. However it is labeled. Your ego is leading you on the wrong track and at some point you will notice it. You just don’t realize what went wrong.

If you want change, realize that you have time for rest now. That it is precisely this rest that matters. It is not unproductive, careless, comfortable, aimless or how else it is negatively denigrated by our material thinking, so that you become active again – and just don’t come to rest. You just don’t get used to it.

Create your real ego crisis, let the ego shrink and the soul expand and then start to step! Corona does not help you, because Corona supports the ego by creating fear. Fear feeds the ego and leads to ego-action. No matter how flowery and constructive and meaningful it is called. It is and remains ego-action. It takes place within the cell and nowhere else. You have to do it yourself. Bring down your ego a little bit (or a little bit more), so that the soul light gets a little bit more space. Take help: Look for an unselfish teacher. One without a thick ego. A reserved, tolerant and open kind person, who is not fixed how something has to be. Not a loud doer with lots of words and great-sounding complicated do’s and don’ts. Look for a person who only feels this inner soul core of oneness as true and who can also act in such an unrestricted and unbiased way freely and embracingly. Connect with him and let him help to dissolve the walls into light and to release the consciousness from the clutches of the fearful ego. Meditation, shamanic trance, Jesus prayer, praying the rosary I don’t know what all there is! Many things are feasible! Go to the countryside and sit, sit, sit… long enough, even then the consciousness changes. Persevere! At rest. Not listening to the ego! It is the time for the resting of the senses, for the withdrawal of the ego, for the liberation of consciousness.

This is the only chance of Corona: It brings your rut to a standstill and unsettles the ego. Now it is up to you whether you want to strengthen it again with new „meaningful“ activities or whether you use the opportunity of weakness to free some space for the soul knowledge in your consciousness and thereby to reach new thinking….

It’s not easy and it may not work right away, but for heaven’s sake, don’t just call the painter out of helplessness and fatigue! No matter how great the colors are and no matter if he even wants to do the work for free in these times. Do not call the prison painter! He can only change the color of your prison. Only the tone of the soul will make the walls dissolve and you will move forward in the sunny plane! And then, and only then you can act again in the outside, because then you are clear. Then you are able to act soulfully and without fear. Clearly in the knowledge of the unity.

That is, in my perception, the only real opportunity that a crisis offers. If it is an ego crisis.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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