The woman who saw Nazis everywhere

I once worked with a woman. Her relatives told me she was crazy. She would see „neo-Nazis“ everywhere.

Well, we talked and apparently she was – crazy. According to the ideas of a materialistic society. Because how can someone in this beautiful world full of prosperity and security see everywhere the man-made symbols of separation, fear, hatred, violence and destruction… There the one or the other would like to smile perhaps, if he looks at it once in such a way. But so it must be regarded. This woman has simply perceived our society. She has perceived what – like the stereotypical image of the neo-Nazis – is quietly tolerated in capitalist materialism, indeed is actually an inseparable part of it. What secretly and unspokenly belongs to it, if there is no influence of unifying, eternal and security-giving mental knowledge.

Man, always in fear for his position in relation to his counterpart. The human being in his group (worker, employee, citizen, politician, pensioner, young person etc….) and in distrust and opposition to the other groups. The man opposite the mercilessness of the financial system, which will destroy him dead certain, if he does not act in its sense… The working world, in which one must go over corpses… The man, who is only a cogwheel. In its training always more exactly to the use of the money god grinded and then also easily worn out and replaced. A soulless thing. To use. – This is what this „more seeing“ woman perceived day after day. The unspoken inhuman. Her consciousness has cast it in images of stereotypical neo-Nazis, for if they follow the past, they follow the inhuman. The soulless. The hatred.

I could only make her aware of that. Whether she could free herself from the images, I don’t know. The inhumanity of our system – despite „prosperity“ and „security“ – has not disappeared…

I have to think of them again today when I read all the dark things that are published in the world at the moment. And the common man says, „Crazy!“

I also believe that most of it is not true. But there are sensitive people out there, whose consciousness takes the inhuman and soulless principle of our society – and pours it into these „crazy“ theories. Unpunished and sometimes imprisoned and briefly psychiatrized. It is not the people who are „sick.“ It is the soullessness in our world that drives them into such scenarios. Because our mind serves only the survival. If it rules alone in our consciousness, then there is only fear and therefore only Fight or Flight. Only fight or flight. But that is not the truth. As much as our mind sells it to us that way. And as much as it looks like it when I look in the rearview mirror on the freeway and see the aggressive, rabid and bloodthirsty „faces“ of the expensive predator cars behind me…. It’s not the truth. It’s half the truth. But half, that doesn’t work out so well….

I know a few neo-Nazis. We are in conversation. Rarely in agreement, but in conversation. In principle, they even agree with my view of the situation. But they think that there is no other way. I think the opposite. Maybe we’ll all meet in the middle sometime.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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