Not having time means not having soul time

Not having time means not having soul time. Having time means having potential time available for the soul. Free time. Unscheduled time. Time not filled with action. Time outside the power of the mind.

Where is time, then, if we have none? Is it that when the mind rules over our time, it is gone, that it then no longer belongs to us at all, that it is no longer available to us at all? Does not having time mean that we are no longer masters of ourselves? What would happen if we never had time again? Would we then no longer exist? Would there be no more time for us?

We all know that and more or less hidden deep inside us we feel that it is not good to have no time. And our mind knows it too. But he is a jealous ruler who doesn’t want to give us free, because he thinks that free time – time, potentially out of his control – is not good for him, but even dangerous. And so he makes us do things that he sells as time for us. We take it from him, and are reassured that we seem to have made time for ourselves once again. In all this hustle and bustle, where otherwise you never have time and you lose yourself! „Finally, time for me again!“ we think then and read a book – or get creative. And the mind rejoices, because it has caught us again. Has stolen a little of our time again. Has again snatched a little piece of our self and filled it with his activities. He has again closed a gap. One of the time gaps in our lives, which are getting less and less and which seem so dangerous to him, because he can’t control them.

To have time. And just to have it. In this time that just is, we come back to ourselves – or better: to a part of us that is no longer given any time these days. In the simple just-being. Like time, like us. A strange experience, because in the time that only is, the mind does not exist. And that is its fear. That is the fear of non-existence that it instills in us so that we never spend time without it. So that we are never only-being in only-time. So that we are never only. But so that we are always in confrontation – in struggle! – with the outside and in the separation experience our ego, our mind, its existence and believe it to be ours. Because if we are only – without our mind – then we are with us. The fear of non-existence that the mind instills in us concerns only him and not us. On the contrary: If he dissolves, then we begin to exist properly.

But the mind may be reassured: In „only time“ we can also not dwell eternally. We will always return to the time in which the active mind exists. Only we must know both times and be able to dwell in them. The mind does not need to be afraid. We always return to it. Then it exists again and can make us active again… Only it should be up to us whether we have time or no time, whether we want to spend time with the mind or time without it. We decide when it exists and when it should dissolve. This is just not easy because we live in a world created and controlled by the mind. Systematically, on a global scale, attempts are being made to abolish „time only“ and to fob us off with its imitation called „time for us“ and to keep us quiet so that not even a nano-second of our time is lost to the mind.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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