The man begets. The woman conceives

The man begets. The woman conceives. The egg is round. It is the circle. The sphere. The circle in three dimensions. And beyond. It waits. It rests. It waits for the action. For the action. For the approach in time and space. The acting is the seed. It has a goal. It moves towards this goal. Through time and space. So the man puts in the material principle. So the woman provides the soul principle. In the soul principle, in the principle of oneness – the woman – the unification happens. The soul principle is the fruit in which the sprout develops. The sprout, originated from the resting, round egg and the fastest and the strongest of the spermatozoa, which with their arrow-like rectilinear movement have carried the struggle and the separation in Many into the fruit. The shoot, brought to germination by the material impulse to divide. To divide. To let separation arise. The circular form disappears after fertilization. The new emerged expands by division. Expansion in all directions and specialization. This is how the new human being comes into being. The separation and the struggle received from the father. The soul unity – formerly visible in the resting sphere, now hidden as soul principle and veiled by physicality – from the mother. Thus separation and unity are everywhere present together. Even the beginning consists in the union of unity and separation.

Every cycle, every month, every moon, the woman provides a new entity. A new soul aspect, which waits for the active resting. So also the moon, which once in its cycle is fully illuminated by the sun. Which receives its light and sends it to us as its silver ray to the earth. The moonlight. The child of sun and moon.

Thus, every movement, every separation is preceded by a union. Thus it is the sun that fertilizes the earth with its heat radiation. Thus the sun is the male, material and the earth the female soul principle. Through their union the simultaneously moved and animate comes into being. The living movement through time and space.

From what union did the sun originate? What is its male and its female principle, as whose germ it originated and now circles around the center of our galaxy? What is the egg that waited dormant? What is the seed that gave her the impulse to move and separate? What is the fruit in which it has ripened?

Are time and space resting – are they the egg, the unity? – and are they only fertilized by another – moved – force, so that from this moved force and the resting time and the resting space the animated matter in itself only arises? Or is it only the space which rests and it is only the moved time which fertilizes it and lets the ensouled matter develop?

Now whose unification has given rise to time and which to space?

Emergence is action. Action is the male, material principle. Also the resting has been produced – begotten – by activity. Is the resting soulish, then, nevertheless originated by a creative act? By a material act, which existed before the soulish? By something that always was and is called God by us? By something uncreated and eternally existing? If it exists eternally, is it not then already soulish power? Does not the procreation also need an egg? Can this creative act alone create something? Without a second? Without the soulish create the soulish? Is an act that is creative not possible only in connection of matter and soul? If matter – and therefore also the procreation as material act – is an expression of soul force, then soul and matter has always existed and was never separate. Then there is no beginning and procreation and birth, the union and separation are eternal.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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