Can the word be trusted?

In the beginning was the word… Others say: In the beginning, there was the deed. – That makes no difference, because every word is at the same time an action. A mental action that precedes the thought or said word.

With the creation of the world, matter came into being. Whether through God or the big bang, it doesn’t matter. Things came into being. The individual things.

Many years ago someone had said to me, „Words divide.“ I didn’t understand that at the time. This statement seemed too abstract to me. Years later, however, I understood it. The material world, the ‚everyday‘ world, the world of things, seems to be separated into its individual aspects. That’s how it seems – to the mind.

It would probably not be absolutely necessary to perceive this separation into individual things as exclusively as modern man does. Perhaps another, a common aspect could be recognised in everything that appears separate, if… yes, if… if there were not the word. The word, born from our mind. The perceiver of separation. For with the word, the mind gives all things different names and designations. Thus arise groups, aspects, views, – Right… and… Wrong. Separation. And the deep feeling of complete loneliness. The lostness. The pain. A pain of loneliness that has been growing since the dawn of humanity, as the meaning of the word, the separating information, grows, as the perception of separation becomes more exclusive….

When we were about to leave our forest home, we had a lot of tools in classified ads to give away. I remember a man pulling up to our house in his Ford pick-up truck. Nervous. Suspicious. Anxious whether he would get all that I had offered as a gift. He seemed more like he was in the lion’s den. Like someone who had a right he had to fight for. Always fighting…

„But there was a sawhorse! Where is the sawhorse?!“

„You shall have it. Don’t be afraid. Everything is there. You are taken care of. You will be given gifts and there is no trick to it. No catch. And nothing will be withheld from you…“

The man was wearing a T-shirt. And on that T-shirt it said, „In six days God created the world. – Then came the craftsman“

…and first set the world right…, I had to mentally add. … and multiplied the deed and multiplied the word. And increased the loneliness, the pain. Reduced the perception of what things might have in common, what man might have in common with all creation.

Man’s fear, even of his neighbour, even if he wants to give him something, grew and the reduction of existence to „word“ and „deed“ increased the desire for „more“ in man, because in such loneliness no unity can be established other than by seizing it. A pseudo-unity. Because the unity, the commonality is always there. Only not to be found in word and in deed…or in things. Not when word, deed and thing – the separation – are so exclusive, as in our materialistic society.

Can the word be trusted? No.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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