Instrumentalisation of man

Man has also always been „instrumentalized“ by other people from time immemorial. He was and is made into an instrument and is no longer regarded in his capacity as a human being, which would otherwise mean to meet him with inner love, to grant him dignity and a life free of fear. Instead, he is used to fulfill a purpose for someone else, an initiator, in some form.

As a rule, there are always three pillars in these situations. There is the „instrument,“ the initiator who uses the instrument, and a purpose for which the instrument is ultimately used by the initiator. The instrument, deprived of its basic rights as a human being, usually comes off rather badly and the initiator is often at the same time the profiteer whom the purpose serves.

In war, people become „human material,“ shuffled back and forth on strategy tables in the form of small wooden tokens or the like, and then „thrown to the front.“ The people killed – no matter which side they were on – are measured in similar categories. It is the inhumanity of war that causes people to rob their fellow human beings of their humanity in this way. If people all saw themselves as human beings, how could they be thrown into battle by their own kind?

The purpose for which people are instrumentalized is victory. Who this victory serves is complex. It can serve the entire population, if it is a matter of defense against aggression, and it can serve a particular interest group, the war profiteers and the warmongers, who derive their advantages from the newly created situation.

In more recent times, „human material“ became predominantly „human capital“. An inevitable development, which is based on the differentiation of materialism into capitalism. But also as human capital man serves warlike purposes. He is an instrument used to maintain and grow the enterprise that employs him. This, of course, includes the destruction of other competing enterprises. And just as in war, the sacrifice of the instrument is factored in after it has given all that the company could get from it. The purpose for which man is used in a company is also victory. The victory of the company over the others. The profiteers are not clear. Is it the owners?

It seems, both in the „ancient“ war and in the „modern“, the corporate war, it is the inhumanity of the system itself that profits, because in their humanity all lose. And the loss of humanity means an increase in pain.

But war and instrumentalization are things of the past. These are outdated concepts. To „unite“ (better „group“) ourselves in war against something or someone is so easy. After all, we have never learned otherwise. But we must unite in love. With everyone and everything. Even with this virus somehow. The approach must be loving. „Father“ state has had its day. „Mother“ state is missing. The wholeness of the family is missing. The father is distant. He must no longer be in 2020. We are a global world. The father with the slap and without contradiction is over. Without mother no wholeness. The CHILD of the citizens must become AWAKENED. Grow up in goodness and love.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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