TOGETHER FOR instead of TOGETHER AGAINST – An idea 🙂 – Corona 2020

I went to www.zusammenGEGENcorona.de once today (in Mai 2020 was it). I’ll emphasize the „against“ (the german Word „GEGEN“) a bit for once. Now I understand why some people in Germany sometimes have a generally somewhat queasy to quite hysterical feeling.

A government website, made for enduring total war, comes to mind. „New normality,“ awwww. Whoever came up with this wants soldiers who, with their backs against the wall, have the knife between their teeth. Not people who still have a little hope for a positive future development, who besides total struggle in a new normality can think of something human and not fearful or not aggressive. One wants: AGAINST! Control. through fear ….This is not meant to be a slogan, but this is the mechanism. It is not new. Before each election it goes off nevertheless in such a way, in order to hold the voters in the rod. The extent of the circumstances is it only, which let me write now something to it. I do not want to denounce only. That would be too easy. There will be an outlook at the end. That’s a promise.

It is typical of materialistic societies that there is only TOGETHER when there is AGAINST. I recognise that once again here on this website. But that is how the site is supposed to be. That’s how the makers and then the decision-makers learned it. From their daddy, from their political mentors, from the materialistic world: It is enough to destroy the other. Then it is good. If he increases the resistance, then we increase the means. —- And that’s all they know. Visionless. And without remorse or any sense of guilt. Companies have a corporate goal. They enforce that by any means necessary. No matter. The main thing is to maximise profits and market power – and to get away with it unscathed. The human being is only a pawn in their game.

Materialistic governments are no different. They have now the company goal, the „rescue“ of the people (they have that. I would never deny that). For this all means of the fight are permitted and paradoxically the one to be „saved“ is made here in rather schizophrenic form also at the same time to the arbitrarily settable chess piece. In order to save him, a materialistic government first makes him a soulless object. That, just now emptied of all humanity, is put in such a way that the virus can be FIGHTED. For this, the object, the chess piece, must have no hope. Only the one to be SAVED is forgotten with it! Because this one to be saved has feelings, is a social being, has earned more, than fear and the index finger of the big and so distant dad who puts him otherwise times over the knee or rubs him one if he does not spurt. He needs his mother! The love. The acceptance. The sitting on the lap and the plaster on the knee. The blowing on the wound and the smile that tells him everything will be all right.

But our system cannot do that! It can unite in fear and separate in fear. It can set up chess pieces to destroy something that seems threatening to it. From the smallest to the biggest. There everyone can look times, how this runs. He will discover it. Quite simply, but frighteningly: That’s all! There is no more in actions. In the end, everything is based on this one principle.

My OUTLOOK for the website (and in general, of course) would be:

TOGETHER FOR a new Germany and a new world! FOR a future in which we do things differently!
In this difficult time, let’s get this virus behind us. With the stupid and unloving methods that we just have now. Can’t do anything else for now anyway. But let us observe, observe exactly, where the lacks are! Where the pain is. Where the simple mechanisms click. Let’s find out how things could be better. Let the mother come back into the family! The love! Let’s collect this chronicle, create a global community and movement and when it’s over, we will have a huge practical knowledge about the father and about the missing mother! And on the basis of this knowledge we recreate our world! Create a whole world anew!

I could imagine it like this or something similar ….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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