Floating Gender

A conversation about non-binary gender assignment: no determination of male or female gender. Independent of biological, of material sex.

And floating gender: fluid identification with the sexes. Alternating, fluid. Sometimes more male, sometimes more female.

I didn’t know that at all. These terms. You hear about diversity more often now. And of the gender star *. But until then I had not delved into the further depths of these gender issues.

But now I was talking to Anna. Her boyfriend is a psychiatrist. He considers it all completely pathological, she says, and it is simply a matter of developmental disorders in the identification process. Nowadays there is simply a lack of role models for children to orientate themselves by. Then something like this comes out of it.

And I think, still completely flabbergasted by this sudden new insight: „But that’s it. That IS it! People – some at least, in connection with a not-so-little public discourse – are moving away from the purely material definition of themselves. The purely physical, the sole measure of the ego, of the mind, is no longer decisive. No longer so exclusively decisive. It is happening! It really takes place! People are looking at themselves. They look at their consciousness. And they realise: ‚I am EVERYTHING. I am female and I am also male. I am male, but I am also female at the same time!‘ Even if they don’t experience it that way for themselves, they are actually saying: ‚I am material and I am soul. I am flowing consciousness. I am the pendulum that is always in motion. I am the flow. I am not the one-sided rigidity. Not just the half that is granted to me after appraisal by the five senses. I am MORE!‘ „

And I think – and write. Sitting here writing, „No one is fixed on their appearance. ALL are ultimately floating gender. No one is just male or female. It just needs to be perceived. The CONSCIOUSNESSES must complement each other: Male and female in the right measure! Then the systems are able to act divinely again! Each individual, partnerships and communities. Each everything in its proportion. All vibrating around the centre. No more fixations on rigid purely material models and extreme positions that then have to be defended like bastions. That’s it! It is on the way! EVERYTHING is on its way! Wonderful that it exists so publicly like this!“

To Anna I said, „Well. I think the more we soften the rigidity, the better. Disruption or not. The more we integrate, the better. The more old things crumble, the better. I’ll gladly put a gender star on that. *. (I also like to be a little disturbed, I think to myself in conclusion with an inner smile).

– And whoever thinks: „Phew, if this is the future, with these crazy and twisted people, then I don’t know if I should like this Everything in Everyone….“.

Whoever thinks that can be part of it. He can complement the world. With himself and his kind and his consciousness. He can recognise that he is not only female. And that he is not only male. That he has everything in him and that he flows and is not rigid. That he is more than his body. That he is also soul. And when he has recognised that, then it’s okay with these strange guys. They no longer seem so distant and strange and dangerous. And then he can live the ‚having-it-all‘. According to his state of consciousness…

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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