The body alone does not determine gender

The spiritual is called the feminine because the female body, the female state of body consciousness, vibrates far in the spiritual and less in the material realm. Therefore, the female body is receptive and nurturing. The female body consciousness knows about the resting of the soul and the oneness of all. The material is born out of the soul. In the end, it is also soulful itself. The female body consciousness knows this. It is so deeply anchored in the soul that it can connect the material with the soul in the womb and thus gives birth to life. The female body consciousness itself, itself also vibrating between matter and soul, was also born. From the soul, from the all-containing feminine.

The material is called the masculine because the masculine body consciousness vibrates far in the material and less in the soul. It never rests and is always active. It is always fighting for its own survival. It knows little of the unity of everything and of resting in power. That is why it is always outside and taking. It is always lonely and has to be strong to fight with the world. It actively makes its seed available. Afterwards it stands alone in its material world of struggle. But the feminine and the new life are one.

Part of the human consciousness is its body consciousness. In its expression, it influences the overall state of consciousness of the human being. But it does not exclusively determine whether the consciousness of the human being vibrates more in the spiritual or more in the material, more in the feminine or more in the masculine. Whether it can accept more, rest in the security of eternal knowledge or whether it must always fight fearfully and in the feeling of loneliness and lostness. Or whether it finds itself in one of the infinitely many intermediate states of it, which also include the middle, the state of equilibrium. The „overall state of vibration“ of the consciousness „human being“ (i.e. its „gender“, i.e.: the position of its consciousness pendulum between soul and matter) can therefore not be defined via a look (with the material eye) at the material body (the expression of the body consciousness). This material gaze can only perceive a small part of what represents the total state of consciousness of the human being.

Therefore, an extremely masculine state of consciousness may well be expressed in conjunction with a feminine body and vice versa. And since everything flows, this state can also be fluid, oscillating, swinging….

So if we want a „female“ chancellor, we want more soulful action in politics. We don’t want a masculine total consciousness with a feminine body consciousness, which only knows materialistic action out of fear, in this position. We want more soul knowledge in ourselves, in partnership, in society. In humanity. In the world.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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