The banks threaten us and it’s okay for us

Agatha (68) and her husband wanted to buy a house. „We had a conversation at the savings bank last week,“ Agatha tells us on a walk. „They sent someone from the real estate department to our branch especially. A really nice man. He first explained everything to us properly. You don’t know anything like that otherwise. He said that with our pensions it would be no problem to borrow €100,000. That would go problem-free. Only we would have to consider what would happen if one of us were in need of care or died. Then everything would no longer work out and one of us alone would no longer be able to pay the installments. 40,000 €, that would still be feasible for one of us. But not more. You have to have that clear first.“

„And now? Do you want to buy another one?“ I ask.

„No“ says Agatha, „That’s what we said right then. We’d rather look for a house to rent now. – But a really nice man, this man from the main office. “

A really nice man… and conversation, as it probably takes place hundreds of times a day in our financial temples. Agatha and her husband felt that after the conversation they received friendly information from the employee of the real estate department of their savings bank in the first place. They will now take distance from their project. The conversation and its outcome left the two with a thoroughly positive feeling.

My feeling was different as I listened to them on the walk. ‚If it were pointed out to them that this nice man from the savings bank had actually warned them about his employer,‘ I thought, ‚then after a little thought they would agree with that statement, at least in principle. „Actually, we feel kindly informed. Warned? Well, you might call it that. Although the word would lend a somewhat negative aspect to the conversation… after all, we’re glad he told us all this clearly.“ – The nice man who traveled from headquarters especially for them explained the technical rules of the system to Agatha and her husband. He outlined to the two of them the disastrous consequences it could have on their future lives if they did not take these rules into account. The conclusion of this conversation for Agatha and her husband was that if either of them had been left lonely or with a partner in need of care because of non-payment, the fault would have been entirely theirs, and they would have been left in misery, poverty, depression, pain, degradation, despair, suffering and death. They came to this conclusion because they believe that the nice savings bank employee would have explained to them the „laws of nature“ that apply here and now. Technically and scientifically well-founded, so to speak. If an apple falls on your head, it’s your own fault. If the person concerned had considered in advance the natural law of gravity, which the falling apple simply followed – indeed, which it inevitably had to follow – then he could have avoided the sudden fright and the pain on his wooden head by simply standing next to the tree with foresight. Yes, he could have bent down even then and picked up the apple joyfully and consumed it with pleasure without remorse. Natural laws are just unchangeable and we must adapt to them. That’s why it would create an unnecessary feeling of fear and threat if we would always feel „warned“ of these eternal laws. After all, gravity also keeps us nicely grounded. And if that’s the case with mortgage loans and financial laws that apply everywhere, I feel more comfortable feeling „informed“ rather than „warned.“ What good does it do me, let’s be honest, to be warned about something inescapable – about a „law of nature“? That creates only a useless general uneasiness. I simply adapt so that I live my life in perpetual consideration of these laws and, voilá, I don’t need to be afraid because I will always do it right. Just as the law of nature demands of me. If I have not quite grasped it, well, then I let myself be kindly informed by someone in the know about what will happen to me if I do not observe the law.

Now, of course, it is convenient for the nice man from the real estate department to talk about the effects of a natural law in front of Agatha and her husband and to present them emotionally neutral, friendly jovial, factual and without being in any responsibility to the ignorant. It is easy, because no one can contradict a presentation of facts that are what they are, nor could anyone get the idea that a law of nature could have any personal or base motives. Who should be so brain-crazy and question for example the gravity? Well certainly nobody who is of sound mind. There you go, you see. So it was a really pleasant conversation for Agatha and her husband. A little physics lesson, so to speak. Abstract and without a last person in charge, in case the anvil, pulled by the inevitable gravity, fell down and broke their footbridge. Except for themselves, because in this foreseeable case they would have had their foot in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was their own fault.

The nice man believed in this law of nature. Or at least he wanted to be considered as someone of sound mind in front of the mass of people and therefore at least very convincingly pretended his belief in this law. Long practice makes the master also there… If he had been free in his cognition and from the opinion of the system and its sanctioning possibilities, he might have warned Agatha and her husband in their conversation against putting themselves into the hands of an inhuman, soulless and by now omnipresent and omnipotent system. He would have informed himne that the most beautiful good could never outweigh the risk of placing oneself in the hands of a system so merciless and cold, but completely accepted and even still highly regarded and courted in its inhuman destructive power. Maybe he would have said something like the following during that nice conversation in the savings bank branch: „If they take money from us, then they pay until the end. They have mortgaged themselves and their lives to our company. My colleagues in other departments will squeeze them like dried-up lemons without any mercy if they can no longer pay. This will happen completely regardless of the reasons for your inability to pay. My colleagues will take everything that is legally feasible from you. And believe me: that’s a lot. It’s almost everything. Because we are in good standing with the law. In a money world, the money laws apply. We are the high priests of money. That’s why we can do almost anything. So you will be a disembodied, dehumanized number, and all the energy of my colleagues will be put into squeezing your debt out of you by any legal means, no matter how immoral. That is the only thing that matters. It doesn’t count that we live in a community; it doesn’t count that we’ve all been kind to each other up to this point (in squeezing you out, my colleagues will still be kind to you, explaining kindly and sympathetically that this is the way it is and you’re going to lose everything); it doesn’t count that you’re old. It doesn’t count that your life has fallen into ruins because of your partner’s illness or death. It doesn’t count your pain. It doesn’t count your fate. It does not count your life. It counts only your MONEY. And that this MONEY flows to us. Whether this money is transformed blood, that is not thereby of importance. Your total annihilation is accepted. Yes, it is actually the last consequence, because if you owe us more than you have, then of course nothing remains of you when we are finished with you. You actually remain in our debt even after your human and social annihilation.

My colleagues don’t do this then because they would absolutely want to. They also have parents and grandparents who love them and to whom they would never wish such a thing. Nevertheless, they will contribute to your destruction. They will meticulously execute this paragraph by paragraph to get to your last. They will do this because they consider it to be a law of nature which no one can oppose and to which you both have now just fallen victim – through your own fault. Completely impersonally. Nobody is to blame for the natural law which they all follow. Just as all the others outside think it too. My colleagues and the lawyers will say, „Why? It is the way it is. It’s the law. What else am I supposed to do? You are subject to this law. These are the consequences of it. How could it be otherwise? It is good this way. I would also like to fly. But physics does not allow it. The two just wanted to fly too. They just didn’t consider the law of nature. It’s their own fault that they crashed. They wanted to fly too high. Their destruction is written in the law.“ But in reality it is not a law of nature. It’s soul detachment at the highest level. It is the product of a world that calls itself materialistic. Materialism, by implication, means, „For us, no soul exists.“ I have just shown you the consequence that follows from this. So be warned of this soul-absorbing monstrosity. It is not a law of nature. Its validity is not everywhere and it is not eternal, even if all bow down to it like to an eternal divine power. Dodge this evil and us, its enforcers in the nice, friendly, innocent and ignorant mask. It works. Save yourself. Do not make a mistake. Do not be seduced and blinded. You can take away the power of this monster over you. It is not a law of nature! On the contrary, it is unnatural to the highest degree. It is what people break with us. It is the remoteness of soul of this Unbeing from which people break and which makes many of us broken brutes.“ – – He could have said that, for example. But it was well that the savings bank man did not speak thus to Agatha and her husband. Agatha and her husband would have received nothing from it except fear and discomfort. They would not have been able to integrate this kind of information into their lives. So the words of the nice man, who perhaps believed them himself, were better for them.

He advised them against borrowing. Whether this happened now by the information about the fatal working of a natural law or by a warning before a soul-distant evil, seems to me in this case first of secondary importance. Perhaps the two had also only luck, because the nice man for a credit conclusion with the two no sufficient premium had been promised, which would have forced him to tear the two by a signature into the ruin. Be that as it may, Agatha and her husband were able to escape once again. And with a thoroughly positive feeling… Only on the whole everyone should say goodbye to the idea that materialism and the interest system are laws of nature and open their eyes and look the all-tearing evil in its gruesome face. „This endangers then however the WEALTH of our people!!!!“, will scream those, who believe it and those, who live from this system and know it better. But WEALTH means for them abundance of things. No one needs abundance of things if it means handing himself over to the beast to be eaten. Having enough brings us to peace and strength. And perhaps we manage thereby to escape the beast, which dominates the world up to its last corner for a time. Because this beast does not want anyone who is content with enough. Such a person endangers WORKING PLACES, COMPETITIVENESS and – of course – the PEOPLE! He endangers the ORDER. It cannot tolerate that. So watch out!

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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