The seductive use of coercion

The unvaccinated caregivers are looking for new jobs.

This was not expected by the politicians. They thought they could blackmail these people with the threat of losing their jobs and make them compliant. Just threaten them enough and everything would go as planned. Nice and simple above all.

Now they are backpedalling and saying that the health authority has to decide on the employee’s whereabouts and would also take into account the situation of the company.

But if there were a factory producing masses of vaccinated nurses, then instead they would say: „To hell with you damn unvaccinated! 5000 euros fine from each of you! And no unemployment benefit! You miserable self-thinkers! Out of sight! Into the gutter! We don’t care about you.“ Just like a Lukashenko beats up the disliked and lets them die behind bars. In the same spirit of cold hatred. Only… only a little more refined. A little more mendacious. In contrast, the dictator is at least refreshingly honest. Everyone gets to see how easy he makes it. „Dictatorship“ is a state of mind. That of the person in power towards those entrusted to his care. Dictatorship arises from the image of man held by the ruler. If he decides according to his will and threatens those who think differently, then…, then that is probably also „dictatorship“…. No matter if he claims that he only means well….

But the good is scarce and unfortunately not as tractable as one would wish for the sake of simplicity…. Not yet – despite external, oh so free and individualistic diversity – produced uniformly enough internally. Not yet provided with the uniformly standardised desired characteristics. Not yet like the vegetables that have been sorted out to fit so nicely into the packaging and bred to be durable for transport. Completely vitamin-free…

It is still too free here. Annoying and exhausting. Effort is the price that people who want to court approval have to pay in a democracy. Annoying. The lie as a means of enforcing the will has unfortunately outlived its usefulness. After all, lies are everywhere and the agitated person now suspects them in every sentence. Perhaps rightly so… If truth were postulated: Everything, really everything, would have to change immediately… Perhaps that is why everything is to be regarded as a lie. For no materialist knows the truth…. No matter!

But there is still coercion! Coercion, the infliction of pain, accelerates things immensely. Seductive above all for those who understand nothing about people, about warm blood. They should not actually have any power over a person’s destiny. But people who have inner understanding, the understanding of the warm blood, who could lead, who do not strive for power and position…. They would not need coercion, because they are true. Are knowing. No matter:

Now, unfortunately, the non-standardised are urgently needed. And the natural law of supply and demand applies. Therefore, no hateful and self-righteous push into the gutter for them. Instead, a willingness to compromise. The product, the function is just needed. But woe betide! Woe to you when that will no longer be the case! Woe to you, you troublemakers!

And that is the perfidious thing. That is what is inhuman. That is acting in the spirit of a machine on machines in a machine world in which only the result counts. No matter how it is achieved. This is the spirit of the human product and at the same time the human machine. Managed by cold technicians. That is materialism. That is capitalism. That is market economy on the human being. That is reduction of man to a technical function.

And the health minister quotes Kant… Kant… Yes, Kant with his categorical imperative, he knew nothing of man. The lonely loner knew nothing of the soulfulness of the world. In the end, that didn’t go down too well either. But whoever needs him at the moment and he is useful to him, he simply brings him… Try moral duty. In a lonely machine world, the cold technicians now come to man with moral duties, valid for all. They are not above ridiculous self-deception. They can go through the decades-long list of their own failed duties. Then they might have some idea of the current rotten state of society and their personal culpability. I am not even talking about their eternal, spiritual, inner duties….

The true leader, he understands at a glance all those entrusted to him. No one would distrust him, for everyone would know that he seeks nothing for himself. That he serves because he must. And only until he may humbly and joyfully leave his place to someone more suitable. He has spiritual power. Feminine power! The political class in capitalism is infinitely far from this. That’s why they can’t help but act on people with lies and coercion and with morsels for the docile. With dressage. It is their interest to keep people docile. Not to make them great. For they themselves are small and know it deep inside. No one should outshine them – the „powerful“. Man should be calm and obedient. In fear and dependent on the will of the capitalist professional, the career politicians.

That is what many feel. They feel the smallness of the capitalist politicians and they feel their own universal greatness…. A Lukashenko beats such people into prison camps for decades. He is honest because he can afford it. The capitalist political class cannot do such a thing openly yet. Wishing… But some people do wish for it. Then many things would be much easier… And many people feel that. And then they feel the word that fits the mindset of capitalism and its blind disciples: contempt for humanity,… dictatorship… Emotionlessness…

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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