We are in a perpetual state of emergency

Money – the only direct resource available to us in our society – has the perfidious property of losing value. To lose nutritional value – because that’s what it’s all about at its core. A fundamental property of money is to make us anxious about the continuation of our existence. What will I still get for my €50? Will inflation eat it all up? How do I increase my money so that the nutritional value remains the same? Stocks, Swiss francs, euros or dollars? Real estate? Paintings? Which helps better against the built-in nutritional value loss of money? I’m concerned. Many, many of my thoughts revolve around this aspect of money. Day by day it nourishes me less and less if I don’t do something about it! I get more and more less and less really nourishing and for my existence as a living being vital resources in exchange for the money. And I can’t stop this state of affairs. I am caught in it. My worries are based on the hopelessness of the situation.

The resources themselves, which are vital for our existence as living beings, do not lose their value. The root, the berry, the game, they all have their constant nutritional value. If they were available, our ancestor was without worry in this regard. Maybe once in an area they became less and the effort to obtain these resources increased. But then our ancestor moved on and received the gifts of earth and sky in another place. The more or less of food was a part of the natural cycle, in which man inserted himself and resonated by moving harmoniously. If he could no longer comply, his time was over. Live, die,… live. That is also one of the natural cycles, into which he inserted himself. In which he swung along harmoniously.

If one transfers this to our system of the money resource, then we are here and now permanently in a crisis time with permanently decreasing nourishing value of the resources. Basically it would be natural if we did some steps to find ourselves again in an area (a time) of abundance. In a place where sufficient nutritional value is made available to us again and we are allowed to be at peace again. Only it is not so. We cannot simply move on (even if it is only figuratively) and let ourselves be richly given again somewhere else (Because that would be it, what would be entitled to us: To be given! This concept alone has no place in our society, in which everything is worked for – as hard as possible – and in which there is nothing to give away). Thus, our system is like a stretch of land whose resources are constantly diminishing and which we would have to leave according to the natural change, but cannot. Since we cannot do this, we must perish according to the natural change. Maybe we really perish in this system. Maybe we perish as human beings. And just as the ancestor used to pass away and became earth, plant or new animal, maybe nowadays we become what our system produces: machines. In former times life became life. Today man becomes machine with us. The new, materialistic, capitalistic transformation…

I emphasize once again that we cannot go back, of course. And certainly do not want it. I value my oven, which a mind also constructed. I appreciate my car, my refrigerator, the Internet and many other achievements of the human mind as well. It’s just that if the Internet went down, we’d get used to it so fast we’d be rubbing our eyes. If the power went out, we’d be making do again. If the gasoline went out, we would simply live differently again. If my oven rusted, we would heat differently. – Nothing is set. Everything is in a state of flux that we can follow. Looking at our ancestors who were given gifts (as it is for the free animal world, by the way, even now) is only a change – a broadening – of perspective. The challenge is to find again in our time, in our development, the natural rhythm that we can follow. To resonate again with all of creation and to do so without completely denying our modern existence. We have to develop a new way of being given. And a new way of moving that corresponds to the harmonious movement through space and time of the free animal world and that of our free ancestors. If we do not want to go back to the womb of earth and heaven, but remain on our cultural (man-made) level, we have no other choice.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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