How is it that these people, who were once radiant babies smiling in peace and quiet, are now rampaging murderously through the internet?

How is it that these people, who were once radiant babies smiling in peace and quiet, are now rampaging murderously through the internet?

They were free in their development and their decisions. They just decided to discard their humanity and only want to live in anger and hatred.

I see.

The freedoms a person has in inhuman capitalism consist of the following choices:

  1. inhumanity comes easy to him. Then he can gather many things at the expense of his fellow human beings and exist in fear of losing his possessions and his life. He absorbs statements like „life is not a Robinson club“ with the deepest fervour and sharpens his knives for the next fight, which is best waiting for him right on his doorstep.
  2. he can suppress his humanity. Then he may kick, suffer under the circumstances, pull himself together and draw motivation from politicians‘ statements like „life is just not a Robinson Club“. He may live in permanent fear. He may try to fight for his advantage at the expense of his neighbour. He may try to discover the meaning in consumption and anaesthetises himself with everything that society offers. He is permanently in deepest but successfully suppressed pain.
  3. he cannot suppress his humanity. Cannot adapt the inhuman system and quietly perishes.
  4. he cannot suppress his humanity. He cannot adapt the inhuman system and the pain of inhumanity, which he cannot escape because he is trapped in the inhuman system of capitalism, drives him to senseless inhuman frenzy.

Choices 1 and 2 are arguably the socially desirable choices.

They probably represent the freedom that is meant. The freedom to choose, to a certain extent, the arenas on which one then stabs one’s neighbour and lets him bleed to death for dead rewards. And the freedom to choose from the infinite number of meaningless (paid) occupations those with which one numbs the pain of one’s imposed meaningless machine existence in a lifelong sensory intoxication.

Choice 3 is uninteresting because it is silent and not costly. Self-disposing and not dangerous.

With choices 2 and 3, one can say that there is still some humanity to be found. The soulless system points to them in order to disguise itself with humanity. A hypnotic sleight of hand. Because the human beings remain human despite the system. They fight for the rest of their humanity against the system. And wear themselves out. The people who voted number one, they benefit from them, but keep them marginal. Because too much of it, it gives people funny ideas. No Robinson Club! That’s the andressed truth. That’s the way to think. And died and fought.

Choice 4, yes, since these people cannot be converted to a life under choice 1 or 2 for absolutely incomprehensible reasons, there is only one thing left: segregation, isolation, police measures and transfer to choice 3….

In all cases, the system has won. The human is erased, the human is incapable of action, dehumanised or integrated into the inhumanity of the system and lives in fear, anger and hatred.

Of course, this cannot work in the long run, but capitalism is not designed to last either. It is a psychopathic suicidal system that deep down only strives towards its end and the end of all. It is the child of materialism. Therefore, it knows of the futility of its existence and the senselessness of its end and lives this knowledge in all consistency. It does not circle on principle. It sucks out and throws away. Until there is simply nothing left. Because everything is already dead and eternally dead. And when there is nothing left, it looks around at its deadly quiet, gloomy graveyard, and numbly and quietly grinning, it shrugs its shoulders briefly, itself somewhat surprised by the end that came so suddenly. By the silence, when just a moment ago the last cry in agony of the last human being faded away irretrievably in the vast emptiness. He listens to this last silence and smiles. Finally done. Peace at last. All dead and all mine, he thinks. And goes to hell with an infernal scream of infinite pain.
Well, this is how it can be….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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