When you’re hungry

When you’re hungry. When you’re hungry and you prepare the meagre meal for everyone. The meal that you know won’t satiate you and that will be it for the whole dear and so damn long day. When you feel the weakness and know that it will not go away, that it will increase. Then maybe a feeling creeps up on you. Way in the back of your mind. All hidden and all quiet. And that feeling gives you an – option. And you are holding two apples in your hand and one is minimally bigger than the other. And you now have this – option. This – purely theoretical – option to claim the bigger apple for yourself. To claim this minimal extra energy for yourself, so that the damn long day has to be minimally less damn hard. So that one has to suffer minimally less oneself. And the other person inevitably – more. One’s own pain is then so great that he can no longer perceive that of the other. So the senses are fixed on one’s own pain. Consciousness is all about material loneliness. And the mind, the survival tool, gives us a – lonely – option.

When we are hungry, that’s when our condition shows. When we are hungry, that’s when it shows how much soul and how much matter is at work in our consciousness. Only then are we really tested. Only then do we recognise our condition. And it is the weaker one to whom we have to give the bigger apple. To the one who needs it more.

What horrible and insatiable hunger is it that makes people today, so fully supplied and overfed, so over-secure and over-protected, to always and always and always forcefully claim the bigger apple for themselves – at the expense of the weaker or deceived neighbour? What is it that they lack that the hunger is so powerful and insatiable? What is the fear of death that makes them fall back entirely on their materiality, on their survival instinct? A rhetorical question that I will not answer for the thousandth time. It must become clear what the cause of the pain is…

Even if you could be generous with your warm pad, the small appetites and the fridges full to the brim, adulating yourself on how good and just you are and saying with a grand gesture: „Take it. Take it! Look. None of this means anything to me. Take as much as you want!“ Then it is the hunger of capitalism that underlies everything at your disposal. Every apple that you give away selflessly – and that you eat yourself: it was stolen from a starving person. It is only your luck that you are on the side of the better, the more soulless stealers and cheats.

And it rests at the back of your mind, the hidden feeling with a watchful eye. Because it knows that it only has to go to Aldi or Rewe. That there will never be an end – if only you don’t give too much! The resting feeling watches over this. The feeling of hidden, ever-watchful fear. Quietly and secretly. And it is over this, over this feeling, this ever-watchful fear and its consequences, that we are challenged to save the world.

The hunger of the people is another. The gifts of capitalist materialism cannot satisfy it. The system will always remain in its pain, always handing out pain to the other, depending on the situation, depending on the position and position of the game, because it has no answers beyond inflicting pain and whitewashing it.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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