What hurts more?

What hurts more? When you get kicked in the shins yourself or when a hundred others get kicked in the shins at the next corner?

The question is self-answering as far as normal people are concerned.

That is to say: the magnitude of an act of violence cannot be compared. If the individual is exposed to it, then it can be for him in fear, pain and powerlessness, like Putin’s invasion for the Ukrainians.

That is why each individual has to be taken into account. That is why the system is completely lacking as soon as it engages in violence as a means to an end.

The only thing is that violence is more convenient. It leads more quickly to the results desired by the user of violence. There is a tacit and already completely self-evident agreement on this at the levers of power. And we are slowly approaching the thinking of authoritarian systems.

Ignorance is violence. Discrediting is violence. Exclusion is violence. Lying is violence. Not involving parliament is efficient and practical. So is wanting to build a motorway bridge without a building regulation procedure and an EIA. All violence. Capitalism is violence. But it is all good. Just those ungrateful troublemakers. It simply needs more psychiatrists.

It is this self-deception, perceived and despised from the outside as hypocrisy, that brings our society to a standstill. After all, we have freedom first, the rule of law second and democracy third. So we can sit back ourselves and judge complacently.

But we have loneliness, violence and powerlessness. Burn-out, depression and delusion. Crimes against children (in the educational system), against nature, against conscience. Disregard, arrogance and cold egoism. Absence of love, empathy and devotion. And we are not bringing democracy. We bring capitalism. We bring the wolf among the people.

– – No more loneliness, no more violence, no more powerlessness, no more system of senseless mutual slaughter for cold ashes. No more fear. Then truthfulness reigns. Then no one will look with justified disgust at the mendacity and self-righteousness of the „Western“ systems (from within and without). And only then can the strengthening axis of autocrats be resisted.

Only then is there the possibility of healing.

Or we follow the hardening imposed on us to the next level and drop our self-deception altogether. Let the wolf off the chain, take off its sheepskin and let (in lonely fear of death) the end (the naked survival) justify all, really all means. Then we all go to hell. Not that we aren’t already on that road, but the journey then speeds up immensely).

The time has come to decide. Putin rages institutionalised in our societies at every level. For well over a hundred years. He is the one who in his sociopathic madness takes whatever he can take without harm (for himself). With all the means he can use (harmlessly for himself, as already said). That is the only principle of all the Putins of this world and that of capitalist dogma. And if we present ourselves holier than we are and continue to lie to ourselves about this, then everything will go down the drain.

If we decide for a transformation to true unity, to true unselfishness, to true, lasting community (out of the knowledge of love and not, limited in time, to a) increase a vaccination rate and b) not to force hospitals to invest), then the world can still be saved. The lazing around in inert mush is over. Feeling so good while propping up a slaughterhouse system is no longer an option.

The autocrats are just pulling the cloak off our world. They sneer and say: *You know the world is like this. And that you are no better. You slaughter souls in your own country and all over the world for your capitalist dead god, nice and stealthy, nice and out of sight. Beautifully mendacious before the world and before yourselves. We do it publicly. In full acknowledgement of this truth of the power of the strongest and we will prick you until you can’t anymore in your sanctimonious complacency…. And then…. And then you cry out in hatred and show your true colours. Drop the mask of your so pathetic self-deception and realise before yourselves that you are all like us. And then we laugh together once again at your ridiculous shame. And then we can all wade together openly and honestly in the blood of our victims and you will no longer have to pretend anything. Then you can openly confess it: Power and possession. Control and money. Being God! That is the only thing that counts! *

That is the goal of evil. It always has been. It wants to suffocate the last soul, the last feminine, the last self-giving in pain. It hates the feminine, for it cannot destroy this eternal power. So it touches your animal, masculine instincts. Your fear. So that you lose your last remnant of emotional security. It wants to see you fall. And you will fall if you don’t turn completely around. You are already slipping. Since the victory of materialism, of the dogma of meaningless struggle in a meaningless world, you are slipping. You will fall, because in the struggle for survival, in the naked lonely fear, there – sooner or later – the end justifies *any* means. And then when you look in the mirror, you will see *his* face.

Turn around! Turn your back on selfishness. Encourage selflessness.

Let the inner knowledge, the spiritual, the eternal, the feminine knowledge reign again! Renew our country. Protect and nurture and respect the inner knowing, the feminine within. Follow its wisdom. And act strongly on the outside. But in love. In the love of parents who want to see their child grow. Not on behalf of the dead money god to open up new markets, to open up new human resources for desecration and consumption by a soulless, destructive, dead system. Not in lies and amateurishly feigned morality. Replace your fear of death with the knowledge of security in purpose. Then you are strong. Then you are insurmountable! That is our only salvation!

You see. Rely on power, then someone more powerful always comes. And to live and act in this fear, that is the driving force of capitalism. That’s how it destroys everything in the end. You have only forgotten this on your seemingly safe island of the blessed. You close your eyes because you would like to be *good*. That is what you all want. But if you follow what your father capitalism demands of you and makes you believe is good, you will lead those under your command to ruin. Then you continue to ensure that every level of our existence is filled with the psychopathic spirit of a Putin.

You can’t talk to psychopaths. At best, remove them from the positions with whose power they spread mischief. Remove them from any possibility of influencing anything or anyone. If that is not possible, then you remove yourself from their sphere of influence. If that is not possible, then you can only stay low level and give them no reason to strike. Playing for time and avoiding greater damage. Belarus criticising from above. Criticising China without ceasing, criticising Russia without ceasing. (But always do business… The capitalist spirit knows neither shame nor limits. „Change through trade“ what a wonderfully mendacious word!) And every sentence always in this blaming know-it-all tone. And you irritate and irritate and think that these people would know a limit. Feel so safe in your armchairs and think that psychopaths will just play by your sandbox rules forever. No matter how you tease them. And the psychopath has a special quality: he never relents. He has to win. And winning for him also means, as a last resort, letting everyone go to hell with him. That’s how Hitler was, that’s how Stalin was and that’s also how capitalist materialism is. Victory at any price. Never give in. Better to destroy everything than not to devour. The rules of the sandbox apply to it too only until the howling mob can be safely unleashed on human and material resources. Only our local economic psychopaths do not threaten you directly or immediately. So it’s easy to look the other way and talk empty talk about democracy and common values and ethics and so on. And they continue – globally and directly on the ground – to greedily consume people and matter for exploitation and destruction…

Back to Putin and his openly conscienceless axis: you have no influence on these people and their actions. Admit it to yourself. All talk of outrage and human rights only served and still only serve your self-promotion and reassurance as oh so much better people. You cannot help anyone there in this way. On the contrary. Your moralistic lecturing attitude makes the situation even worse. It is a fact that if you have no influence on a psychopath, then you have no influence on his actions and then you can help *nobody there* *nobody*. That is a fact to be accepted. If Western capitalism were at least really, really more moral (whatever that just means), then maybe there would be a minimal effect, because even the psychopath doesn’t want to look bad and be judged negatively in direct comparison. But so, so as a representative of a ruthlessly destructive system that teaches selfish violence over philanthropy from childhood, in which community of values means doing everything so that one can continue to enjoy one’s abundance and tranquillity unhindered because of power over others, a system, a system that globally also walks over corpses for pure greed of profit, lets other countries suffocate in its rubbish, wages wars for its own interests, overthrows elected governments and establishes torture dictatorships, operates lawless prisons and so much more in its history and (this is the worst!) does not admit it to itself, but on the contrary still proclaims all the good in the world for itself without exception, although it has nothing less than humanity in it, the psychopath has no superior comparison that would be worthwhile for him – in his self-serving caculum – to enter into. He sees only a despicable hypocrite before him, whom he will forcefully drive out of his mendacious, morally insane grandstanding. To whom he will show that he is just as much an inhuman as he is himself and that he cherishes the inhuman just as much. And that he has power, that he can scare, that he is in control.

And there we have the salad.

And we also have this salad in our country. *Goodpeople*. A derogatory word. Invented by psychopaths disgusted with humanity….

Man in this country chooses option two in psychopathic capitalist materialism. To withdraw where he can.

Where he cannot (and he can less and less), he is damaged and chooses option three. Damage limitation. That is his freedom.

Option one? Well some will try in their desperation. But they won’t succeed. There won’t be a civil war here yet.

But you have the opportunity to take option one. In time. Before it cracks. Cleansing society of the psychopathic spirit of soulless capitalism. You are the only ones. If you don’t, then hate will engulf this world and there will be no turning back in this downward vortex. For the last resort in panic-stricken fear of death is always *always! * hatred. Is always the will to destroy the other.

Move on. Acknowledge that there is no salvation to be expected from the Lord you serve so devotedly. On the contrary. He has already driven the earth into coma and the people into madness. Acknowledge this truth! Move beyond hatred. You are ensouled. You have eternal, feminine knowledge. Even though this has been so vehemently denied in total ignorance since the Enlightenment. Recognise the meaning of your existence. And then *act*! And you will see that there are infinitely many healing alternatives. And that there is no end that can justify any means. Don’t you stand in front of the mirror one day and look in horror at a completely different face.

And if you read this and if Putin reads this and you are all united against me, the insolent accuser, then so be it! Because if you only desist from dehumanising the world, then I will gladly sacrifice myself for it!

For it is like this: There are only two ways to act. Either man acts for the whole world. Or he acts for himself. There is nothing else. Either I am without fear, then I am free. And there is only one way to go. Or I am in fear. Then I am the victim of my basest instincts.

This is our choice.

For man

is not just an animal and not an soulless dead machine.

Do not allow yourself to be made into this and do not support the further consolidation of this fatal misconception. We can see the point and we can act without fear. We can act without fear even without superior weapons. That is what makes us. That is our capacity for selflessness! The capitalist machine-human image has simply deleted this truth from its equations. Wisely. Has driven it out of human beings and now claims that there is no selflessness in human beings. To live our selflessness. To live without fear: That is our destiny and the task of all of us in this world. Become a whole, integrated HUMAN! And the next time young people superglue themselves to motorway road surfaces in their fear and desperation, go there! Go there, damn it, and hold them in their pain! Weep together with them over this horrible state of this world! No ridiculous reason of state can forbid you to do that. Only your own misjudgement of the circumstances can. And don’t you realise this yourself: this country is full of empathetic people. With people who have a much broader view than you. People who can look at the other side of the world and bring it in. Ask them. These are the voices you need. The spiritual, the feminine voices. The voices of the eternal truths. The only truths that can still save this world and humanity.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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