What is to be done?

A truly enlightened society would not afford to renounce its spiritual knowledge in its growth. It would not be content with its halfness. With a condition which lets it drive into the abyss with seeing eye. It would recognize this danger and counteract it.

But our society no longer sees. It is blind to the abyss toward which it is moving, because it has been trained not to see for centuries. With physical violence and later more and more with psychological violence. Because it is psychological violence to force the human being with sanctions (group pressure and exclusion, marginalization) and psychological influence (by the propagated materialistic world view in the educational institutions) to deny a part of the world, the truth – and to bring him to believe this untruth as well. To force him to blind himself and make him think that he sees crystal clear. Brainwashing somehow… or?

Now the spiritual knowledge, the knowledge about the unity, has not disappeared in the people nevertheless also in this country. It works in the hidden. But at the same time it works big and open and absolutely unmistakable in the world! But just for the materialistically formed man not… But the main thing is, it works at all! It works when we stand in front of our neighbor and perceive him as a living being, when we understand his feelings, when we are one with him on this level and are ready to make sacrifices for him as well. For example. Very practical. A very small, banal, almost unnoticed event, considered by us as so natural. It is an example of our soulfulness. Because: How does it look then in the areas, in which the cold materialism, which is supposed to constitute the entire happening of the universe, lives out itself without restraint? Where it appears quite clearly in all its facets – in its one and only, one must actually say -? In the omnipresent capitalism. Material socialism is no different, of course. Only it is not so the topic nowadays. Capitalism is even more „materialistic“ than socialism. That is why the latter has exterminated it. It is actually the true child of materialism. The inevitable consequence of the negation of the soul. That is why it has prevailed worldwide. Because that is its one facet: To assert itself alone against all and everything else, until nothing and nobody is left, except itself. With all means. He knows no compassion. He knows resources that he can use to achieve his goal. This goal is the same at all levels of materialism. On the level of the system of capitalism, of the companies, of the acting persons in economy and politics. They all serve the soulless matter (it is ultimately also not soulless, but the image is nevertheless conclusive in this context) with the goal that only they remain and, ideally, have all resources (money, people, matter just…). There the interest in the neighbor is purely strategic – and it is also not felt, because for that one would have to use the soul sense. It is analyzed statistically, how the state of the opponent could affect the game for the One Whole, how it can be used. In order to throw it away later, if used. Matter just. Soulless. We only have to look into the schools and universities. Cogwheels come out there, which were formed suitably for the employment in the machine of the materialism… to the wear.

And people are also blind to this condition of society. Because it is a sick condition. There is even a term for it: psychopathic. The system itself has thus even defined its own condition conceptually. It only does not recognize that it itself is ill with it. It’s part of the clinical picture, I’ve heard.

Materialistic is synonymous with psychopathic. Because it means having no relation to anything except oneself. Total loneliness. Total fear. Total hatred. – Total, infinite pain… only to be erased by the annihilation of the other person who makes this loneliness so clear to you.

That now not every materialistically formed person, the fewest actually, is psychopathic, is due to the fact that they still – quite secretly and without them knowing it (fortunately. Because otherwise they would perhaps still do something against it.) – perceive the world with their soul sense and therefore act as „holistically“ as it is possible for them. They make sacrifices, they understand their counterpart and when they hold a hand, they feel – you don’t even think about it anymore, it’s so natural – life… The psychopath only feels dead flesh. And he is disgusted, so that he would like to get rid of the owner of this hand immediately. If he is not useful for him… and he could do it without personal disadvantages.

Materialism and its child capitalism support psychopathy – they are themselves – and the psychopath. If the psychopath could become nothing in former societies and also in groups in the animal kingdom, because he was the most harmful thing which could be grown in his clan, a cancer, the enlightenment has made sure that the soullessness was made a dogma and the soulless (because that is what they are. Not really soulless, of course, for that is nothing and nobody, but totally incapable of experiencing the sound of oneness through their soul sense. Handicapped. Completely deaf.) have been able to form a network over the centuries with which they support each other by holding the „non-psychopaths“ hostage and exploiting them for their purposes and for their prosperity. To the prosperity of the god of matter, the separation, which they serve without knowing it… Thus they psychopathize the world more and more and by the mechanization it goes more and more thoroughly and faster, because control is everything for them. The best way to have everyone under control is when they are dead, but that is not possible, because the psychopath is out for self-preservation. And if he still needs people for himself – even if only as a symbol of his power over them: What a luck for us…

So we all live in a world controlled by psychopathic -soulless- perceptions and the human being has to adapt to it and suffers and lives in pain because he cannot live his wholeness which he nevertheless feels deep inside. And the matter laughs. The psychopaths have created their own empire with this planet. One hundred percent suitable for them. They can live out their pain and – since they do not know unity. Only the word, but not the experience – separate and separate and separate…. Until there is only one. And that will be the matter itself… Also its servants will not survive it. In the „small“ we need to look there only on the Third Reich. Or to Stalin. To all dictatorships. Saddam Hussein. Oh, who still everything! Where one had to unite everything on himself to erase his pain of loneliness. Where everything except himself was alien, suspicious, threatening – and in doubt was put against the wall. Friends, comrades, family… Everywhere the psychopathic fear, the hatred in the end ate the own people. The followers, who didn’t even know what they had gotten themselves into. And then themselves… Only the matter remains as always….

So somehow no difference: soullessness – materialism – Stalinism – fascism – capitalism – … well, also socialism… it is not better. Only different. Everything from one source. Born from the god of matter. The god of separation, pain of loneliness, fear, anger and hate….

The democratic system was created by people who knew about these facts. It works on the basis of the survival instinct, the only motive of soul-distant existences. If you want to be re-elected (if you want to survive), you have to take care of people. Dictatorships no longer need that. One sees what happens there then, if the soul-distant person can do what he wants. What he must is actually the right formulation, because he cannot do otherwise.

There is no difference in the field of economy, with the companies. After all, they want to sell their stuff – to grow and destroy the competition. To survive. For that, they still need us… that is, us as consumers. That is our luck. There where nobody sees it and where they run no danger for their survival, there they strike with all power of the soulless matter. In the third world… There they exchange the blood of the exploited for dust. No difference. And no remorse or understanding. No conscience. That would require soul perception, because only then can we reflect the suffering of the other. Can feel it at all. Perceive his animacy. „The God of matter makes the rules, after all. What should we do. Serves the One, doesn’t it? That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?…“ says the psychopathic manager, pulled up and given power by the psychopathic system, the system of the God of Matter….

If torturing, bloodthirsty, man-killing concentration camp wardens were asked afterwards whether they believed their actions had been wrong, one often heard something like: „I don’t know whether it was wrong. I was told to do it…“ – – ‚I don’t know….‘ So dreamy these words sound from these mouths. As if they searched deep in their memories and found nothing, as if there was missing any understanding of what ‚wrong‘ could mean in their case. Wrong in murdering and torturing sentient beings… They really didn’t know! This was not an excuse. Because they could not feel the other, the tortured one in his infinite pain! That does not go about the mind, which is an organ of the matter. That goes only over the soul perception! For the overseers their acts were something like the sawing of a tree trunk… What should be wrong with it?

Thus the democracy is actually a construction, in which the souled humans are to provide by their choice decision for the fact that – as in former times in the clans – the psychopath has no chance to destroy the (small or large) world. Only, unfortunately, in the meantime – and inevitably probably – capitalism happened to us. And what happened? The free souled citizen, who should actually be the corrective for a healthy social development as a souled voter, became a worker. He became a dependent and victim of an ever more self-reinforcing psychopathic system, in which he sits hostage to the employer, who makes common cause with politics (the posts line up one after the other, after all). No politician fears for his existence anymore. It is not the citizen and his office to which he is committed. No, the consulting post with the industry keeps him alive later. He must serve the company in parliament if he wants to continue to survive). He does not dare to flinch and has already internalized the psychopathic rule of the game of the right of the strongest and is grateful that they at least give him a job. He has become a helpless – and above all: conditioned – strategic object of the union of matter in the form of politics and economy, which unflinchingly and blindly – and deafly – perform their service to materialism.

He could choose something else! He could. But he doesn’t. Why not? Because the fear (after the pain of the separation) is the basic feeling of the materialism inculcated in him. The mind perceives only one thing through its five senses: Only and alone: Nothing else: Nothing else at all: (I emphasize this, so that it becomes really clear): only and exclusively(!) SEPARATION.

„I am here and everything else is outside of me. The touch: from someone / something else. The heard: from someone / something else. The seen: all outside of me! I am alone. I am lonely! I don’t know what tomorrow will be.“ The conclusion that ripens deep in the materialistic man: „I am threatened in my life. Everything is imponderable. I am afraid of death. Now everything is okay so far. So let’s leave it like this! Let’s choose the old. Secure prosperity, more security, strengthen the economy. That’s the most important thing. No experiments, because I don’t know what will happen next. Maybe I’ll die!“ That, of course, is encouraged. So everything remains as it is. Recently, every September, disaster alert exercise. Coincidentally, the very month in which federal elections are always held. Anyone who feels queasy about the sirens and beeping alarm apps then, who may have forgotten to be scared enough beforehand, may be one more who then chooses the old. For safety’s sake. No changes….

The materialist is afraid. So he persists. The human being, who perceives his soulfulness, does not persist. He flows in the cycles. He is free. And he loves the world. Not egoistically because of the feeling of loneliness, but because he knows that he is this world and the world is him. And this knowledge is so beautiful and he is so grateful for it and he knows no fear. Of what? Of death? Why then? He is secure in the knowledge of meaning. Everything has meaning. Why be afraid of it? And he is ready to give, because he gives himself. He knows what was and he knows what will be, without being able to say it. He is bedded in eternity and infinity.

The God of the matter and through this also his servants, doesn’t like such a thing of course… Without fear no control. One would have to cultivate cooperative concepts with free souled people in dealing with each other, souled concepts, free flowing, dogma-free, on the basis of the universal truthful soul knowledge… „NO GO! Ugh spider! Shaking hands. Shake dead flesh. Connecting with the dead resources! That’s not how it works with the One!“ – They don’t want it, because they can’t do it either, because: The perceptions of the soul sense belonged to it. And they are not present. After that the God of the matter has chosen his servants. So they continue to raise their successors and occupy all places with them. Thus they displace the most important thing in us and in the world: the feminine. Not only the woman, but the feminine. The feminine in all of us. Also in us men. Because the feminine is the spiritual. Is the nourishing, is the giving, is the knowledge, is the unity of love, is the carrying, is the security, is – I say it again – the knowledge. The only real knowledge there is. The knowledge of eternity and infinity.

Everyone has to become an employee. Everyone must be afraid for their job. At least. Nobody should stay at home and get strange – mental – thoughts. All must be busy with irrelevant things from matter. All women must be suggested the salvation in the career. All men, too. And all of them – if they want or not – sell their soul… – – – – For what? ….. Yes, for what? ……Is there anything at all that man receives in return? Besides waiting for death?

The system is one-sidedly brushed on fear. Only the male should exist. Only the fight for survival. Only the material with its spiral of pain -> fear -> anger and then hatred… And just like the system the people shall become. One-sided. Always fighting. Never coming to rest. Always dominated by the mind and kept in fear. Their still existing feminine, spiritual is denied, but it is secretly needed, used. The crowd of people must have a conscience, because that is what makes our society live. Not the material mind, the fear-monger, alone on its throne. It is the feminine, the connection via the soul in each of us, which is the basis of existence – also and just – for the material. We must not all become psychopaths. Then nothing would work any more. There would be a mass murder. And then also for the servants of the matter everything would be over. Sometime he, the God of matter, will wish it. Then he has the consciousnesses of his servants so far and that of the society also. But the time does not seem to be ripe for it yet. Maybe it never will. I hope so. In the DAO it is said: To depart is to return. There is something in the old sayings… I hope that the return will begin before the spiritual, the feminine in this world has been completely extinguished. Before man is completely defined and treated as a machine. And he will find his self-understanding in it. As a machine part of the soulless matter machine in the service of the One. With 30 days vacation in the year and the suppressed death fear in the neck.

„Upheaval, overthrow, revolution!“ That’s what you often hear these days. But the return cannot happen through any revolution. Not through a conventional one. The conventional revolution is material. It is based on the idea of separation. The idea of fear of others. The thought of wanting to get someone out of the way. In doubt, it is even psychopaths themselves who want to instigate a revolution. To replace the old fear regime, in which they had nothing to say, with a new one, in which they are finally in control. And what that looks like when people who feel threatened and know no trust come to power can be read well in the history books. Who calls revolution today and accuses the „mainstream media“, the „mainstream science“, the „mainstream politics“, the economy (without mainstream, I think. So all.), of the collective alliance against the normal citizen, he does this because he perceives deep inside, the connections presented above. But draws the wrong conclusions concerning their improvement. If he, the fearful and distrustful, would come to power, what would there be a rage- (the consequence of fear) filled rage. They would all have to go to court. They would all have to go to the camp. To the wall. Then the fear of future acts on their part would be banished. – – And further the fear-filled, no unity feeling new rulers would clean up. First outside. Then inside. Then among themselves. Because: The mind sees everything and everyone separate from itself. Governs only he: There is ONLY ANGST. And its consequences. Tiring to present this old cold once again.

I don’t think that’s the return… It’s a way further into the abyss. Only differently. For a change. A new regime. And the god of matter laughs so resoundingly that he swallows and almost suffocates himself, and, sitting on his throne, strikes his knees in mad ecstasy.

„What is to be done?“ Someone coined that phrase. I don’t remember who. But it was also at just such a point. „What is to be done?“

Everything is consciousness. Sounds abstract now and kind of like an old meaningless hat, but I’ll explain it in a moment.

Consciousness is a state of vibration (also such a rather burned term, but it already hits it. Only the vibration is not as the materialist imagines it. I ask for acceptance. Do not think now. That leads here now to nothing). Let’s take the human being: He has five senses and the mind. From this his consciousness receives the information about the material world. So ultimately the one info: Separation!

And he has his soul sense. His soul sense. Over it he receives the information: Unity! (Quite briefly and concisely represented).

In the separation the human being experiences pain and in the unity he experiences security in the sense (again abbreviated). If his consciousness, i.e. the sum of his material and soul perceptions is more in the realm of the mind, then pain predominates and as a consequence fear, anger and hate (intention to kill). If his consciousness receives more soul information, then he is more in security. In knowledge. In sense. In true peace. The raptured one perceives only soulful in his consciousness and does not feel the outer anymore, is only oneness, while the hater does not perceive the inner, the soulful, the feminine anymore and loses himself in boundless pain. These are the extremes between which our consciousness moves.

This pendulum swings (again this term. But it becomes clear perhaps slowly) ideally around the middle and there is then a balanced relationship of material and soul perception. Man maintains his life and survives through his material, his masculine. At the same time he has his measure of eternal knowledge through his spiritual, feminine and is secure in his being in the cycle. He knows about the oneness. Does not fear death. But also does not see himself forced to die directly. But he also does not have to lie with 108 for 25 years at the heart-lung machine, as if the life would be the one and everything for him.

He serves the being with his existence. He is part of the whole. Through this feminine knowledge he serves the meaning with masculine vigor (which one knows then if one has soul knowledge. But one cannot name it. Everyone must experience him himself).

Consciousness in this form, as I have just tried to show it exemplarily and for obvious reasons at the human being, these pendulums, exist on all levels of the existence above and below. In the organ, in the cell in the molecule, in the quantum. In the relationship between living beings, in families, in groups, in communities, in states, in mankind, in the (I make a jump) universe. ALL influence each other. Sometimes more sometimes less. And ALL influence each other not only in space, but also in time. My relationship to another person two years ago or two seconds ago is a state of consciousness between pain and security, between material vibration and spiritual. And this is connected to everything else that happened to me (and probably will happen) and to me now. It is all consciousness and at the very „top“ is the great overall vibration, the frequency that is the sum of all vibration through and beyond space and time. The ultimate tone, so to speak. The cosmic OM (I am not a Buddhist or Hindu, but I use this term once. It fits well and maybe the same is meant only with other words).

„What is – therefore – to be done?“ We are part of „higher“ consciousnesses. The family, for example. Let’s start there. The family is also a consciousness and it is formed significantly (not exclusively of course) by the consciousnesses of its members. The center is the ideal. The ideal mind you. The / the one partner / in is more material, more masculine than the other and is outside. He / she protects the inside and takes care of the physical survival. The / the other partner / in balances the family consciousness with his / her femininity, his / her spiritual. He / she guards the soul knowledge. Gives the security, the sense, the support, the spiritual strength, carries and nourishes. Both (!) have realized this balance, however, also accordingly in their own inside. None of them is a psychopath or the other one a rapture. Both single consciousnesses oscillate – somewhere – around the middle. The children thus grow up with the structurally more distant, strict, limiting masculine and the warm, security-giving and nurturing inner, feminine, psychic. They learn to appreciate and develop within themselves the feminine, the soulish, while their masculine self is limited and kept within healthy bounds by the masculine of the family. Thus they experience clarity in the center. Now, who is male or female in this family consciousness, it doesn’t matter. The man, the woman, Divers. Everyone defines himself by his own state of consciousness and takes the place at the time when it is right for him. Flow!

At the present time, everyone must be predominantly male, material. The feminine is marginalized. Thus, the children (even those who are now already parents) see that apparently only the masculine gets ahead, while the feminine is powerless and doomed to failure. The new army for the god of matter grows upan…. And there are complaints that the children are so mean to parents and teachers. And it is puzzled, what could be the reason for that.

So it is the influence of materialism on the families or the individual that forces them and him to go into a material state of consciousness with all the consequences for the family, the individual and the children… and so also for the social consciousness of which everyone is a part. It becomes more and more fear-controlled and soul-distant in its perceptions.

It is therefore up to the consciousness of the individual to free himself from the overpowering perception of separation and pain, because only in this way can the social consciousness change. The „small“ pendulums must swing again more to the light of the sense, see their soulfulness, then something changes AUTOMATICALLY in the social state of consciousness. It is also a pendulum. A connection. A vibration, which is composed of the individual vibrations of its members (technically descriptive and figuratively expressed).

If we want to reduce the external influences on consciousness and the dominance of the mind, the doubter and master of the five senses, fear personified, then we cannot gouge out our eyes to see less. On the contrary. That is the method of the mind. Self-deception. Looking away. Denial. Whistling in the forest. On the contrary. We must look more! But with the inner eye. With the soul eye. Let more spiritual knowledge flood our consciousness. Then the rigidity goes, then the fear goes by itself! Recognize our femininity again. Shake off the nightmare. Become healthy. Get up and blink into the light! Become free!

And I call out to every „enlightened“ citizen of the world: Don’t be afraid! Your world is not lost. It will be completed. Renewed. Expanded. You don’t have to run to a church. You don’t have to follow a priest. No dogmas to recite in front of you. What do I know what you mean, what is the divine (now I use the word). You are the divine. Your neighbor is the divine. Everything is. You don’t have to do much. Just take your neighbor’s hand and consciously(!) feel life. Feel him and feel how you understand him. Sacrifice something selflessly for him. Every day feel it consciously! – – – and realize that it is your SEELIC connection that makes it possible for you! That it is not your greedy mind! The one who claims everything for himself, because he can’t share and who is scared to death of every part he doesn’t control. Who therefore spreads the lie, HE would be the one who would feel and besides him there would be nothing! Your mind feels only cold fear. Everything what goes beyond that is not his merit, does not come from your material existence, but from your spiritual. Without your soul knowledge you would have the consciousness of a psychopath! (so not only you. No blame here. I just as and every other also) – – – Be aware of it and cultivate this knowledge daily. Maybe you dare then someday to expand the spiritual, the female perception in you actively… and with it you help others to move their pendulum more in the direction of spiritual knowledge. Then you will have done more for the world than with any earthly revolution….

This is the only way to reverse the further psychopathization of our society. This is the only way to regain the center in our social consciousness. Acting with soul inspiration on the basis of the soul-experienced truths, which do not need any morality or virtue limited in time or place. Which are eternal and not mind-constructed. Everyone can experience them. And then realize how clear everything can be at once. Surprise! That’s how I perceive it…

Perhaps there is a little hurry. We should perhaps enlighten our and thus society’s consciousness before the ever more perfectly materially drilled children are old enough to be put at the levers of power and decision-making authority… They will then perhaps also look back at some point, puzzling over themselves, and say: „I don’t know whether I did…… something wrong there….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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