What happiness means

You can ask anyone. Every person on this planet. What they want most in life: to be happy. That will probably be the answer – for most people, anyway. So there is no difference in what unites all people. It seems to be such a profound concept.

But who is really happy? Hardly anyone. What does it mean to be happy at all? Hardly anyone has a clear answer. The word happiness has been so appropriated from all sides – after all, it is aimed at the number one basic human need – that it means almost nothing any more. To man under capitalist materialism, happiness has been defined as recognition in one’s profession, possessions and power. He could then state this with a proudly swollen chest in a tone of complete conviction: „I am happy because I work hard and successfully. I own many things and I have power (over the family or service providers or internet traders at least, who can be given the job or not, who can be graciously evaluated or given the thumbs down, at least that power). But most don’t. Why not? Because deep down, something inside them knows that this is not happiness they have in their lives. No real happiness. So we should say goodbye to this worn-out concept of happiness, twisted through the wringer of manipulation, devoid of meaning and substance. Without this reflex word, the automatic answer to the question What do you want in your life? there would be a different answer. What do you want in your life?!?! „I want to be loved! I want to be safe! I want to be free from fear! I want to surrender in trust in the outstretched hand of my neighbour. Peace I want…“ That is the answer. The really deep one. The one that is not in bad taste.

But man is allowed only to think: „Be happy.“ And that’s how he buys love – creates dependencies. That’s how he removes people from his life. Forcibly or by separating from them by the grace of money. Thus creates his security and freedom from fear – in solitude. All only temporary. All only until the fellow human being appears again. Thus he gives himself over to the cravings of his own animal (survival) instinct. He is next to himself. – Thus – thus he creates his peace. Peace through the destruction of everything around him. Peace through his own death. There he can then rest.

I want to be loved! Safe I want to be! Free from fear I want to be! I want to surrender in trust in the outstretched hand of my neighbour. Peace is what I want… This is the truth. When man consciously realises that possessions and power and recognition can give him none of this truth, that peace lies within himself, that freedom from fear comes when life and death are understood, that security is always there because there is nothing but it, that love means „All is but the One“, then he can live a life of perfection. Quite simply. This is the prerequisite for all the salvation that we as humanity can offer to ourselves and to creation. The inner recognition of our divine origin. Nothing else helps. And there is nothing we are all so united about. This is what every human being longingly strives for. But hardly anyone today in this society has consciously revealed this within himself. He is confused by the manipulated and insubstantial concept of „happiness“. No longer sees the path. Leaves it. And ultimately forgets it. Wonders why the hell he is not happy. Despite things, despite money, despite power, despite loneliness (called individuality and freedom by him)….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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