Shift to more soul perception

Our existence takes place exclusively in the perception by our consciousness. This perception determines how we see the world and how it shows itself to us. This fact is well known in our materialistic society and therapists and doctors try to free people from fear, anger, despair etc. by shifting perception.

Since in the materialistic society exclusively a perception over the five senses is considered as existent, also exclusively these are used in relation to a perception shift. What the person hears or sees is to be perceived differently – „more positively“. More positive means more angst. This intended process is rather a change of perception than a real shift of perception.

By this acting from material point of view the „ill“ person with his pendulum inevitably always remains in the area of the material perception. And this means that he can never really leave the area of pain this way. With the help of perception-dampening substances or perception-changing affirmations, he comes in the best case to a state which is relatively low in fear and in which the basic cause of all suffering, the pain of being separate, is suppressed as much as possible. This state of pain suppression or whitewashing is, more accurately, exactly the state of material society as a whole itself, not just of individuals. Thus, one sick person tries to heal the other with his own sickness.

Perception shifting does not mean changing the interpretation of sense impressions with the help of the mind. Real perception shift means to decrease the material perception and to increase the soul perception in return. So, the reduction takes place in a real perception shift in favor of the soul perception, which increases in the course of the shift. Only in this way can man become truly free of fear and live his life in a meaningful way. But if the shifts remain only within the range of the five senses and consist actually only of a chemical damping of the perception of pain and fear or of a reinterpretation of the perception in the direction of „positive“, then in fact nothing changes in the consciousness. It is only provided with less information and/or tricked with word twists. Even if fear is no longer called fear, then it is still there. Even if the perception of the fear is muffled, it is still existent. If man perceives only materially, then the fear is an everlasting truth.

Consciousness can be clear and dissolve the one-sided material perception of painful separateness only when it receives its information about the world from both senses, the material and the spiritual.

The shift from exclusively material perception to a more of soul perception, however, is not an intellectual act of will. It is only possible if the superior consciousness agrees to take back the mind and its views (and just no longer to act via the act of will), but instead to pay more attention to the dark and dormant silence of the soul information and to put a higher weight on it. This is only possible if the consciousness has freed itself from the entrenched „will-rails“ and is ready to learn this language of the soul laboriously – and without a teacher! – to learn it anew, better: to remember its voice again. Because she knows the voice. From childhood on.

The dilemma is only that the consciousness of the modern, western is no longer able to make a superior „decision“ at all. Too much and too long it was dominated by the mind. This dominance is so persistent and strong that our consciousness itself often thinks it is the mind. In this attitude, only the mind methods are available to the consciousness when it tries to understand and deal with the world. Decisions and conclusions are therefore only rational and never lead to a whole with this one-sided view.

The consciousness must learn again how to use both advisors. It is the integrating instance superior to the mind and the soul and has its very own way of working. Only when it rediscovers this own way of working, then it can free itself from the omnipotence of the mind. It is then able to put it in the right place and to give the soul again the place it deserves.

If this has happened, then the consciousness is freed again from the fear and loneliness trap and its escalation spirals, into which it has fallen through the power takeover of the mind – yes, through the hypnotic self-identification with the mind. It then recognizes meaning and purpose again. Consequently, we must rediscover our consciousness. We have to rediscover ourselves.

Ultimately, then, it is consciousness that perceives the world – that makes itself conscious of the world. So the concept of making consciousness, which is used in the psychology of our materialistic society, is absolutely correct. Only it is the restriction to an awareness exclusively through the five senses and the mind that makes this materialistic way of awareness useless. If the pendulum is to swing beyond fear, then we also need awareness through our soul sense. Only then can our consciousness become fully aware of the world.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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