And they only want one thing: 1a goods. A perfect fit as ordered.

The young people of today open their eyes and see capitalist materialism everywhere. It has such an easy time shaping them. After all, there has been no competing ideological model for over 30 years. Indoctrination is so automatic. After all, socialist materialism is an infinitely distant past. Not to mention world views that see the human being as more than an animal, more than an all-killing bio-machine geared to survival. They were mocked and marginalised long ago. There is only capitalism and there is only materialism. That’s how simple the world is knitted for today’s young people. And everything is done to keep it that way and not broaden their horizons. And since nothing exists but it, every further aggravation, every further brutalisation in the system is the law of nature and is accepted and assiduously implemented – not happily, but still devotedly. The ruthlessness and inhumanity of the system is becoming increasingly apparent. This has always been the case in the USA. In our country it is getting worse from year to year. At some point, the people will be ready and our Trump will stand up. Accelerating the destruction of the human even further.

Now I have seen socialist materialism and now I realise: the brainwashing and the narrowing of the field of vision, the reduction of the thinkable in young people today is no different from the methods of the socialist materialism of that time. Or from those of National Socialism…. The aims are always the same: to make man into a machine useful to the system. And since the system is always a materialistic one, it is an unbearable torment for the human being who knows about his soulfulness or at least feels it hidden within himself. Only the de-souled, the empathy-less, those who can only feel in the perpetual struggle for things and ideologies: they gain influence as servants of the system and they plunge the world into ever deeper pain.

Capitalist materialism has not won because it is the better system. It won because it was the more brutal, the more soulless and the more deceitful system. It lies to the people perfectly. And it sucks them dry with maximum efficiency. And… And that is the great brainwashing…. People accept this state as their God-given life…. A trick, a lie, behind which all the so-called Christian churches can hide with their methods of maintaining power and exploitation, which they have practised for the past 1500 years. Capitalism is the diabolical trick of the millennium. And it is tightening the thumbscrews in its madness. Tighter and tighter. Year after year. Because maximum efficiency means maximum control over the slaughter cattle and maximum utilisation of the slaughter cattle. Every year, efficiency is increased a little. Because that is the goal. The only goal. Maximum control and maximum utilisation with minimum input. Even the denied humanity of the people, the derided soulfulness, is still utilised. As a sedative that keeps the pigs calm. Once the system is perfectly automated and escape-proof – maximally efficient – then it can finally be dispensed with. Then the pigs can see the truth and squeal with millions of mouths in fear and horror: there will be no escape for them then….

A young student wants to talk „a bit“ to those „responsible“ because of the inhuman conditions in the university and the steel-hard selection. She has not yet grasped the principle and purpose of the education system and the role of her own existence in it.

Those „in charge“ are the business leaders. And these are the steel-hard sifted out for lack of empathy, machine-thinking and egoism of the last generation. These are the merciless sweat and bloodhounds of capitalism from their parents‘ generation. And they only want one thing: first-class goods. Perfectly fitting as ordered. Perfectly specialised fighting machines for their battles for market power. They certainly don’t want anyone to explain to them how unbearable the conditions they have created are for the majority of students. Because the conditions are part of the production process. Otherwise, the product cannot be delivered with sufficient rigour, one-dimensionality and lack of criticism. There may be a lot of defective rejects and thus destroyed young people, but so what, the supply of human machines will not stop because of that…

The shadow of the monstrous still looms over us. The mightiest of wars is still too close to us for us to have a complete overview of it, let alone crystallise its spirit visibly. One thing, however, stands out ever more clearly from the flood of phenomena: The paramount importance of matter. War culminated in the battle of materials; machines, iron and explosives were its factors. Even man was counted as material. Units were melted into cinders again and again at the focal points of the front, withdrawn and subjected to a schematic recovery process. „The division is ripe for major combat.“

In Stahlgewittern, Ernst Jünger, 1920

I must confess that we often sat together in heavy drinking until we regarded the whole world only as a ridiculous phantom circling our table.

In Stahlgewittern, Ernst Jünger, 1920

When will this shitty war come to an end?

Front Diary, Ernst Jünger, 1917

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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