And they believe that they still have humanity in them and that their thoughts and actions express this… And that everything is quite good this way for now….

Society, politics, leans back and believes that we live in capitalism and at the same time in humanity. Everything would be fine and there would be no need for action. Everything is going quite well.

Hypnotic conditioning. What is meant and said in relation to something like humanity are only commonplaces such as solidarity, respect, esteem, morality, ethics, public spirit, humanity. Deliberately vague empty phrases, open to arbitrary interpretation, which have nothing whatsoever to do with humanity. On the contrary – and precisely because of this: People struggle for their humanity under capitalism. Day after day, hour after hour. Desperately. Without even having a concept of what they are actually fighting so desperately for. What they are trying so hopelessly and bitterly to preserve.

Inescapable capitalism is taking away more and more of their humanity. Day by day. Inescapable. This is the dictatorship of which some speak. But since humanity by definition does not exist in a materialistic machine world, nothing can be stolen or suppressed. Since the possession of things in a materialistic machine world by definition means meaning, everyone leads a happy life in meaning.

Why the children are all defective, for psychotherapists the day could have 72 hours and things are so relentlessly shitty in this world…. This is an unfathomable mystery to the hypnotised…. With blank eyes they stare and say, „That’s just the way the world is…. What do you want to do. That’s just the way people are… Nothing can be done about it… Solidarity, respect, esteem, morality, ethics, public spirit, humanity…….“

That capitalism is wiping out humanity, that thought has been burned out of their minds for a long, long time. And they gawk, and when they think, they think of how, after all, you can go out on the streets here without fear. And that anyone can buy anything. And that that is enough. All he has to do is join in. Full and safe. Just like in a pigsty (by the way, the pigs are also given toys so that they don’t go crazy too soon, so that there is peace in the sty). Until one is recycled as a dead product and – after use – disposed of.

And this is how the machines, which were once human beings, then deal more and more with themselves, the world, fellow human beings: just like dead machines. As dead, inhuman system factors of soulless capitalism, they screw around with themselves, the world, fellow human beings, as if they were only automata that only need to be readjusted a little – for better capitalist utilisation of resources. And they believe that there is still humanity in them and that their thoughts and actions express this…. And that everything is just fine for the time being….

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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