And you will love to serve the healing of the world

Significantly fewer women than men die of covid, I read in the news today. Even when the figures are adjusted for previous illnesses in men, this is statistically clear. Because women activate their immune system more quickly (to protect unborn life, it is assumed).

Now we have to find out how this happens and we have to find out how we can use it for men as well!

So I read today… And I thought:

That’s all well and good. But this machinistic, this purely technical view of the human being, day after day, year after year, leads deeper and deeper into a dead end that the technicians are completely unaware of, completely unaware of.

If man is only considered technically, then he is only considered as a technical object. Then he is only a technical device to be maintained.

Well, this circumstance is the unspoken consensus of this insane materialistic society. The conclusion concealed from itself, hidden from its own recognition. Because being – and of course acting – human is the official reading. Anything else would be publicly justifiable neither before oneself nor before people.

Only the pure technician does not delude himself. It is as clear as day to him: man is a machine. Even he himself. And so the machine must act on the machine.

And if man is only regarded as a technical device, knowingly or without thought, then he is also only treated as a technical device. Then he is only a technical functional unit whose function is determined by the operator, who calibrates it accordingly…. This is justified by pointing out that the technical units are not lacking any maintenance or necessities that serve to ensure smooth and uninterrupted functioning, that a great deal of effort is put into ensuring that the technical units function faultlessly for as long as possible. All specialists, experts, statistics, research and studies would be used for this purpose! And it is, as already said – according to the prevailing interpretation – human activity that is given to them!

The monstrosity of this thinking and doing that prevails among those who act is not recognisable to any of them, because none of the technical operators knows otherwise or can imagine otherwise. Never learned it or was forced to forget it at an early age.

And so they do everything they can to adjust the technical devices so that they think exactly like the – themselves calibrated at an early age – technicians who rule over them.

Then everything runs smoothly for the time being… What else could you want at the end of the working day? As beautifully reliable purring machines. Some need a little lubricating oil, others a good kick. Then they all run nice and smooth. You have to know how to handle your machines.

And whoever asks now, „What do you mean? We give everything here so that people can return to their cherished normality! And now this kind of talk!“, in a quiet hour of the evening, in the darkness of his chamber, he may take hold of his throbbing heart (no one can see it there!). And then close his eyes. And then feel his breath. And that for quite a long time. And then – perhaps – he comes out of his chamber and has recognised something. He has realised that the heart, the pulse, the blood, the lungs, the breath, that BEING, is more than a technical effect, that the human being is much, much more than a senseless consumption and production machine doomed to eternal death, owned by capitalist materialism. And then, and then – perhaps – after many decades of darkness, he can feel again what constitutes the human being. Perhaps he will realise that being human is so much more than smooth technical function – mind you, so that there is no misunderstanding: I do not mean the beautiful „human“ error or mistake so conveniently and coquettishly quoted by the materialist and excusing everything when I say „more than smooth function“. This error has prevailed uninterruptedly for long centuries and it is not the human one either, but the animal one, because this error, this mistake has nothing to do with being human. That’s what the machine operators would like to have, they suggest it to the people and make it up to themselves. They are human after all, they say, and what is so disastrously wrong because of them is so human too. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s part of being human… How nice. You hardly have any responsibility, somehow… As a fallible human being… Humanity is in its infancy. How beautiful. All just the little human error!… They would like that, the cold technicians. But there is nothing human about their actions. And their „mistakes“ and „errors“ are not to be trivialised –

But perhaps he, the technician with his hand on his heart, will realise after the night in his quiet chamber that being human is so much more than just – technical – „survival“. And perhaps he will feel his way towards the unknown knowledge and learn what true knowledge, what spiritual knowledge, what the true greatness of the human being is. For to be a butcher, only experiencing fear and generating fear, that is not the destiny of man. Unfortunately, for those who know nothing of their true greatness, a slaughterhouse is enough. Alas. And with their fear and with their rage they create this merciless world for all human beings….

„We save human lives! This is intolerable! This is cynical!“ I can already hear the stupid words raining down.

I’ll tell it like it is. Completely unvarnished: Death rules the world. It has everything in its hands. It erases every earthly activity and being. In the end, it drags its absurdity out, unmistakably, undeniably out into the bright light. There is a reason why man knows this, in contrast to the animal. But if he is forced to live as an animal, then he goes mad in this knowledge, which he now has to repress. Just as it is to be considered in the suicidal, omicidal, capitalistic materialism. The insane psychopathic system.

But if he is allowed to become a whole human being, then he recognises the meaning, he recognises his life, then he becomes great. And death no longer has any meaning for him. Has he understood it… He has understood everything.

As long as you technicians suppress everything that you cannot grasp in your calibration, you offer people nothing but a machine existence in variations of fear and a meaningless life sacrificed to capitalist materialism.

And to those who now say in a huff: „Then *you* do it!“ I say: We can only do it together. The light, the wholeness, the inner knowledge will be healing for you technician, too. Maybe you won’t be so important then, you won’t be heard so much, but to overcome this pain then, to send the outer to its place, to really and truly serve creation in humility, to finally experience real and eternal meaning in your existence, that is the first step to healing the world.

And you will love to serve the healing of the world. For it is wonderful to be in the service of meaning. To give, to love, to experience how great and wonderful the world is in its wholeness. Not only to preserve oneself in fear and with all brutal and cunning power. No, to preserve everything, to preserve creation. Only in this way can man die in the knowledge of his true existence. The knowledge of perishing senselessly after a life of fear, strife and hatred for money, power and justice is a horror (no matter how much he numbs this knowledge during his existence as a machine) in which man does not need to exist. He cannot exist in healthily. If only he could be human again. To be whole.

Full, safe and well-behaved and obedient and only for himself, that is not being human, that is being a purring machine, in the dark machine hall, each for himself, ignorant of the actual purpose and calibrated by the cold calculating technicians of capitalist materialism….

Who still doubts:

Go to your mothers, lay your head on their breast, feel their hand on your head and their quiet „All is well. Don’t worry. It’s not so bad….“ This is security and beyond the machine and it is up to each one to ask himself when was the last time he felt this feeling. And shame he must feel that he has not spent every hour of his service in giving that feeling to the world. To give it to the world himself! And instead he carelessly put it aside and for money and power and status and self-interest – and out of fear – then forgot it as quickly as possible. And even worse: when someone does come to him with it, he can only shake his head at such unworldly naivety. It doesn’t fit into the world of calibrated machines.

And whoever doesn’t feel that, has to experience it. And until then he is only allowed to maintain machines. Until he feels it, he must never again decide on the fate of people.

And he who knows it and says „But, but the circumstances are…“ knows nothing of the real nature of the world. He has been stupefied and deceived and is only half. He has forgotten the eternal power of the feminine, the origin of the world, before which nothing was and without which nothing will be and can be. And he must try and try. And then he will also recognise the truth, the only truth, at some point…. And then the world is. And it is full of meaning and it is free of fear. And now… Only now. … handle! Now you are ready.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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