The pendulum

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The pendulum is mentioned in many posts. It came to me in the first or second year. It took me several weeks to put it down on paper as it is now. There were countless preliminary stages and drafts until the inner knowing that wanted to manifest itself as an image had made its way into my consciousness.

When the graphic was finished, I didn’t have the slightest idea what it was actually supposed to represent. That’s the way it is with spiritual information…

In the meantime I know. The picture, the pendulum, represents our being. Our consciousness and our conditioning. Our freedom and our determinacy.
And our swinging between these two extreme states. Represented in the inner light circle.

The pendulum lies in creation. In this, everything is determined by security and pain. The security lies in our spiritual aspect. The pain is in our material aspect. The outer two circles represent this. They are constructed like a single-lever tap in the bathroom. If the pendulum swings more to the „right“, then we use our soul perception more and are more anchored in security. If it swings more to the „left“, then we use our material five senses more. And we become more aware of our apparent loneliness, our separateness. That is where the pain lies.

The next circle represents our „existence„. In short: Are we alive or are we dead. We see that death is very, very narrow at the top, actually without thickness. So in the whole circle there is life. Only in the complete extremes, the exclusive perception with the five senses and the exclusive perception with the soul-sense, there is then death. When the soul and the material no longer have a counterpart, so to speak. When they are separated.

The next circle indicates our „position„. Where are we when our pendulum swings one way or the other. There, where spiritual and material perception are in balance, there lies our human middle.
The more materially we perceive, the more we lose the perception of spiritual unity, of security in the meaning. We move into the proximity of death with it and ultimately find ourselves in the maximum possible ego. In this state we only perceive separation. Nothing is connected to us any more. We are lonely and our body and mind go into defence mode and fight everything outside of them in their loneliness. There lies the state commonly referred to as „evil„.
When the pendulum swings to the other side, our material perception increasingly dissolves. We no longer perceive a separation between ourselves and our neighbour. Nor between us and everything else that exists. The physical sense of separateness dissolves. Everything is perceived as one. That is where the so-called „good“ lies.
The two positions of „good“ and „evil“ lie at such extremes that I have called them „apparent death„. The human being in these states is still alive, but on the one extreme there is no longer any spiritual feeling and on the other no material feeling. He is in a state as if dead.

The next and last ring represents the „condition“ the human being is in when the pendulum is in a certain position.
The middle, at the very bottom, is called sadness. „Compassion“ is also an appropriate term. There, the person perceives the spiritual security within himself and is able to recognise the other person as an earthly person and to feel his earthly pain with him, since he himself also knows it.

If the pendulum moves more to the left into material perception, then the person feels his loneliness. If the pendulum goes further, then it becomes fear. Then anger at the cause of fear. And finally, with almost complete isolation in pain, it becomes hatred. Hate no longer knows any connection to anything or anyone. It only wants its pain to be eradicated. Through the destruction of the – supposed – cause of the pain. He who is in hate is already in the realm of apparent death.

If the pendulum swings to the „right“, then man experiences his security in the meaning. He attains knowledge of the soul. This leads to trust in creation and in one’s place in it. This leads to humility and ultimately to unconditional love, to the realisation of the oneness of everything. There man is far from all earthly things. There too he is then in apparent death….

On the border to death, that is where lust lies. The absorption in hatred or the absorption in ecstasy….

The pendulum could also be represented as a scale or, even better, as a spiral. A spiral consisting of an infinite number of spirals, on an even larger spiral, and measuring eternity and infinity. An unimaginable image…

So this pendulum remains only the simple representation of an ineffable event.


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Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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