Self-healing is possible – when it is on the way

The existence of self-healing powers is certainly undisputed. We seem – at least in principle – to be able to heal all possible of our mental concerns and physical illnesses – If it is so intended on our way. (I add this restriction with regard to a round of talks I attended some time ago, in which a man was invited, who recovered from a paraplegia by active mental-mental activity. In this round there was also a woman with a serious cancer disease, whose „prognosis“ was not positive. When the healed man threw into the room (not even with regard to the sick woman present) that everyone is capable of such a healing, I felt this to be a principally true and also modest statement, with which the man did not want to make himself a special miracle-performer, but to appeal to the spiritual forces that are in all of us. I was so shocked at first by the reaction of the woman with cancer. She angrily accused him of exactly the opposite. That he was making himself important. That he portrayed all those who could not heal themselves as incapable with his statement and even blamed them themselves for suffering from their illnesses and not walking healthily through life!

Only then was I able to change my perspective. From a beautifully distanced academic-theoretical mental discussion about the potential forces that lie dormant in all of us, to the horrible path of suffering of this woman, who in her struggle and despair from the time of the shock of the diagnosis until the said day in the round of talks, when medically everything was already exhausted, could only recognize one thing in the words of the man: GUILTY. The question that she asked herself again and again over years and years: „Why me? What did I do to cause something like this to happen to me? Where does my guilt lie?“ And now she was not only to blame for her illness itself in an unrecognizable way; now she was also to blame, through her spiritual inability, for the fact that no recovery had occurred!

It would have been better if the man had added: If it is provided in the way of man. No one is to blame if his cure fails to come. Nobody can force it.

That’s why I limited the beginning of the chapter in this way).

Now that the self-healing powers are generally recognized, the recognition of the healer is not so far away. The healer who has recognized oneness, who knows that there is no separation and that the idea of separateness is only illusion, does nothing but self-healing. If there is only the One, how can he heal anything other than the One Self? – If it is provided in the way of man. And to heal the Self is universally recognized.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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