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Dear fellow human beings,

For more than a decade, my thoughts and actions have been determined by the idea that human beings must rediscover their soulfulness, their knowledge of their oneness with creation, in order to be able to live their full, intended potential. And that he must free himself from the materialistic idea of being only a biochemical machine programmed for self-preservation with a built-in expiry date. And that precisely – and actually only – his capacity for selflessness proves that he is more. That he can recognise – and act in – unity. Even if it brings neither him nor his group any advantage. This action is then not „Darwinism“ or „survival of the fittest“, the notion on which materialism thinks it can base and limit our existence. On the contrary, this action is service to the world. Is knowledge of everything. Is inner duty before supposed individual right.

That this is true and that humanity can only progress if it becomes aware of this inner knowledge, this inner real truth again – and acts in it – I firmly believe.

Only: this path takes time. And I have been made aware of this: Humanity no longer has this time. Objectively. Quite factually and without spiritual trappings. That is why I am writing to you. There is a much, much more urgent field of action in this time.

In India (active all over the world he is) there is a man. He is a mystic, a visionary, an environmental activist. A man of action. A man of action, founded in the knowledge of the soul. Not an aloof and unworldly spiritual teacher. On the contrary. A man who stands firmly on the ground of reality. His name is Sadhguru. Twenty years ago, this man initiated the world’s largest reforestation project in southern India (it continues successfully to this day) and thus contributed to reversing the further destruction of vital topsoil through (man-made) desertification. In other words, a person who can act powerfully. For the good of all. Selflessly. In service. In a higher duty. He is one of the fifty most influential people in India. Awarded and honoured many times. A person who has something to say and is listened to. With clear and pragmatic ideas. I don’t follow him, but when someone tells me about his words, I can only heartily agree.

Through this man, I have been made aware of what is the most important task of this time, besides – or better: before – gaining spiritual knowledge. And I deliberately use the superlative „most important“ task….

The most important task of this time is the preservation and re-generation of living soil. This may come as a surprise now, because somehow nobody talks about it in public – despite the intense environmental debate. But it is true. To get the nutritional content of one orange in 1922, it will take eight oranges in 2022. According to the UN, more than 50% of all agricultural land is already in an organically depleted state. And in 20 years, 40 % less food will be able to be produced. And that with progressive population growth. What this means is surely clear to everyone: hunger. Hunger of billions of people. Endless suffering that billions of people, thrown back on their animal instincts, want to alleviate by any means necessary. By any means necessary. Without exaggeration, it can be expected that civilisation as we know it today will then cease to exist. Many states are highly armed. India, Pakistan, for example, nuclear powers. What the hunger for gas, oil, grain and rare earths is doing to the world – also in Ukraine – we can see every day. And there the bellies of the actors are full. Civilisation is something very shaky. What awaits us when hunger has reached not only the outside, but billions of times deep inside the human body? The real hunger. The deepest physical suffering. At the moment we could feed the hungry. But we don’t want to, because we want abundance for ourselves. There comes a time when we CAN’T feed the hungry, even if we wanted to, because of the destroyed agricultural land. Even if we were forced to do so simply because of their sheer mass and desperate aggression. And what happens then, we don’t want to imagine – as full as we are. And this is just one point, albeit the most important, among others, such as water scarcity, loss of biodiversity and climate change (An organically enriched, healthy soil is a huge CO2 reservoir).

What is to be done? The solutions are simple – and inexpensive. Ridiculously simple, one might say. If only there were the political will. They do not require new technologies. If only there were the political will. You don’t need new technologies. They can be implemented immediately. Ultimately, it is about enriching the soil with organic material and sustainable management. This is how topsoil is created again from sand. Quite simply. Quasi by itself. A soil that is alive again, that can sustain itself. Soil that is rich in content again and can produce nutritious food. The world is not about whether it is organic or conventional. It is a question of whether anything grows at all or whether man and his children have to eat the dust from the withered field. We don’t wish that on anyone. Not even to our children, to whom we leave this world. Let’s take a look at our soils: Nothing lives there any more. They are no longer topsoil. These soils are dead chemical mixtures that can only produce „yields“ if humans keep adding chemicals. Anyone who thinks about this can see the monstrosity of it. In other parts of the world, the land is cleared, the groundwater is mercilessly sucked out. The soil withers at the highest summer temperatures – and becomes dead sand … In the course of climate change, this threatens us in the future as well… Ah…

This man, Sadhguru, talks to everyone. With the UN, with the World Economic Forum, with politicians, with the people, with everyone, because he says: „We need EVERYONE. We cannot fight against each other. In this cause, we need everyone we can activate. Because nothing is as urgent as this issue.“ And – I feel it – he is right. Absolutely right. Billions of hungry people without a chance to feed themselves, that is the ultimate nightmare. For everyone. We don’t even have to talk about all the other consequences of soil destruction. That is why I am writing to you.

Sadhguru is currently on the road. Quite materialistically on a motorbike. He is travelling 30,000 km in 100 days – even in the cold and rain – through Europe and the world to show people the importance of healthy soil for the continued existence of humanity. Gives lectures to thousands of people almost every day. Talks to ministers and representatives of global institutions. In two years of work, he has had experts draw up individual guidelines for every country on earth. No government can say it does not know what to do. This man is in the service of humanity. Completely selfless. But strong in doing so. Active.

He says, „These hundred days be with me. Keep your mind on the soil. What you do afterwards doesn’t matter for the time being. But now I need each one of you. And write. Write to the politicians. By post, by email, by Twitter, by Facebook. The politicians are the ones who have to make the laws. They are your representatives. If you stand up and speak out, it can happen. Keep taking this issue to the public.“ That is why I am writing to you. And he says, „Those who know and do nothing don’t care. They don’t care about the future of the people, of their children…“ Well… an unpleasant truth… And somehow undeniable…

Find out more at savesoil.org. The website of this global movement to save our Earth. The German translation is a bit rough, but that’s not the point. Nor is it about the fact that directly on the main page Sadhguru with turban can be seen perhaps a little theatrically in a blessing pose for western taste. That is all a matter of taste and plays no role whatsoever in the actual question. Do not let it distract you. It is the most important issue. Preserving food for the world. And it is the least talked about….

I ask you: Become active. I am not an activist and I do not usually write appeals. But this is really essential. It is not a side issue that someone has made into a favourite topic and is now beating the drum for. Think about it. Feel it. And see if you can recognise the particular urgency of this issue that has received very little media attention. That is why I am writing to you. Please become active. Get informed and act. Sadhguru is a very deep-seeing person. And he says that it is important now to write to the politicians. At the federal, state and local levels. Everywhere this awareness has to grow.

And I also know that we all have enough. Of Corona, of climate change, of war…. Of all that has collapsed on us on a material level in recent years. But this is not about our garden, which we cultivate nicely organically and enjoy (I also wish that would be enough…); it is about laws that ensure that our livelihoods and thus world peace and our civilisation are preserved…. Nothing less… And these laws must be passed by our politicians. Write to them through all the channels at your disposal.

Thank you for your attention and your time.

I wish you all the best and much love in these confusing times.

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For we humans are not on earth. We are made of earth. We are the earth… Whoever realises this irrefutable fact and draws the appropriate conclusions from it, will gain a completely new perspective on himself, his being and his connection with creation. We are the earth!

You can find more information at savesoil.org. Make up your own mind and make your decision.

Best wishes and all the best,

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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