Say again: „Humanity“

The pandemic has two effects: It manifests the belief in science in people’s consciousnesses and thus the materialistic world view.

And it brings the term solidarity increasingly into language and thought. However, in the sense that being in solidarity means being in line when it is demanded. Solidarity is thus decoupled from the indispensable concept of humanity. It is a term that was and is also used in the current meaning in communist and fascist systems.

The journalists‘ comments about unvaccinated people in public already have something of the hateful and so powerfully self-righteous tone of Freisler’s Volksgerichtshof. Volksschädling! can already be heard whispering softly in the subtext – indicating the guilty party with an extended finger.

If the moral concept of solidarity, defining a relationship of guilt of the individual towards his fellow human beings, were to be replaced by the clear concept of humanity, then it could already begin at the private enterprises hospitals operating according to the capitalist MiniMax principle. Or humanity could be considered in the whole capitalist-materialist system.

The individual person who does not feel healthy enough for a vaccination and is afraid – perhaps also because he suspects that the manufacturer of the vaccine knows nothing about solidarity or humanity (and neither do the capitalist governments acting with him) – would then not have to be branded as lacking solidarity and burdened with guilt and oppressed. This is how you lose people. By showing them your lack of empathy.

Capitalism is unsolidaristic on principle. And empathy-less. It only knows temporary alliances for its own ends. From year to year it optimises its MiniMax principle in society. The solidarity that is currently being demanded with great moral bluster has only one purpose: to calm the situation so that the human material can function optimally again. Namely, anaesthetised with all their senses, they surrender to capitalism in self-denial of their humanity in work and through consumption. And the human material mostly goes along with it. They no longer know anything other than their intended function in the machine of capitalism and long for this kind of normality. „It’s a meritocracy… You have to be a high performer. And solidary. Buy. Not thinking. Not feeling anything other than hunger for things. And for distraction and numbing of the perpetual pain…. What do you want to do… That’s the way of the world.“

If it hadn’t been worth it for Messrs Biontec and Co. in terms of money and market power, there wouldn’t be one vaccine dose against the Corona virus. As is the bitter reality with other rare but terrible diseases. Humanity is an irritant in capitalism. Too often said, it makes capitalism nervous and biting, because the more often the human hears humanity, the more his eyes clear and he looks through the distraction fog of capitalism, which wants to keep him ignorant of the true – inhuman – aims of capitalism and the true role of the human – as a wearable machine – in it, with dead things, dead feelings, misguided and manipulated thought patterns and reinterpreted concepts (such as solidarity) and a lot of bluster on all levels. The word humanity is very, very difficult to manipulate. It is absolute. It is within us and it is our only haven against the will to destruction of capitalist materialism. That is why attempts are made to exorcise this concept from us. Only where it is not really worthwhile, in voluntary work, in intensive care units, is it still allowed to vegetate a little. After all, it costs nothing and makes many things much cheaper. With humanity, human machines work more or even for free! Perfect MiniMax principle. Perfect, perfect…

And if a politician ever says the word humanity: it can’t sound any more empty and hollow, more fleeting and translucent, foundationless and insubstantial, knowledgeless. We all suspect the lie, the trick, the tactic, the manipulation behind it and it is so insipid and it is so debilitating and it is despairing, for the politician is the upholder of an inhuman system. The business leader doesn’t say the word. He strikes and says, „Are you stupid? *Think* *correctly* first!“ If he lies and tricks and tactics, that is his legal, his financial and his marketing department. But humanity is not a concept that works there either.

In materialistic science, humanity is also an unpopular term. It cannot be quantified, it cannot be reckoned with. It is something from outside our material existence. And that, by definition, does not exist! That is why the professor professor doctor doctor doctor, full of the scientific omnipotence and knowledge of his sacred position, quickly makes an impatient and annoying pencil stroke through this non-existent concept. After all, it only disturbs him in his calculations and keeps him from solving his dead equations….

Some want dead profit from man, others dead function. Solidarity is beautifully far from human. It drives people into a corner through moral coercion. As a system factor for the profit of some and for the expected function as a statistical number for the others.

Under these circumstances, I would rather be human than solidary 😉. If our society were human, none of the current problems would exist…. „But it is the way it is. What can you do about it. And anyway, it’s not that bad. There are lots of good people!“ Yes, there are. And they are needed. Because otherwise capitalism would already have blown up in our faces. It rages, but it needs people to hold it all together. But the existence of good people, or of the human in the human, does not make the machine system any better.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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