Partnerships – Letter to a high-ranking politician

The many small lies prepare the ground for the big liar.

If trust is gone, then the ground is ready for the great liar.

If a relationship is fine, then he cannot disturb the husband, the new „good friend“ of the partner. If the relationship is damaged, then the husband, who has previously been so thoughtless and mooched his way through it, starts to sweat and gets a toothache, because he knows exactly about his shortcomings and his mistakes in relation to his partnership. He knows exactly that he lives only from the long-suffering of his partner. That it is she who endures and maintains the relationship. He can tell himself that he does so much for her. And he knows exactly how the new „good friend“ will use these facts towards his partner. He will agree with all her complaints. Sometimes, if he is cunning, he will also demand understanding for her husband. Will pretend to be better in everything, wiser in everything, more perfect in everything than the old husband. And she won’t notice how she falls for him, how he ensnares her and pushes her gently but forcefully in his direction. „He’s just a good friend!!!“ she will scream when the husband, who as a man knows better than she does, voices his concerns. Because he knows it’s a fight that’s going on. A fight for possession. And that the good friend is leading it by any means, because he is new and he is only concerned about winning. He knows nothing of the years of living and suffering and loving together. But he knows about the shortcomings and the weaknesses and the little mean and careless lies that have crept in. Of the inattention and the too little consideration of the needs of the other. Of the exploitation of the long-suffering feminine. And in these breaches he drives his weapons.

And if he wins, the great liar? And if he conquers the prize with the lie of understanding, consistency and honesty? Then he keeps the woman as long as she benefits him. And turns away when his lies no longer shine. And if she turns away first, what will he do then…?

We must never take our relationship lightly. Always we must value, appreciate, perceive, listen, care, love and always be honest with the partner. Never lead the partner with fear. And therefore: Let it grow! Let them grow strong in great trust. Otherwise another comes with his lies and conceals that he tells and conveys only half the truth. Because you are also love and goodness and honesty and in this you are even more than the great liar. You have only forgotten it and have begun to tell yourself the lies with the time. To hold up the partner, to be one, to give security and to live. Do not cultivate dependencies. Serve! That applies in the relationship between people….. and that applies just as in the relationship between government and people.

No psychologist can help. Recognize the inner, spiritual connection with the world. That is the only thing that helps. Everything else means only to shift the lies. Every little egoistic lie of every single politician and every haggling and shysterism of every big businessman has over the years eroded every trust in the government and thus in the whole system of many many people… because with bread and games, that’s not possible anymore. Everyone is too full of cotton candy for that and they get sick from all the colorful images that can no longer drown out and paint over their pain. Becoming lonely with fear and then drifting in the desired direction. That doesn’t work anymore either. The frightened now form groups and act against the fear monger. Defend themselves against these primitive and inhuman methods. Keeping people stupid and immature is something for dictatorships. Democracies need strong and mature citizens who feel an inner community that is bigger than a nation. Not the capitalist befuddled lone wolves who are only resources for the big lying players who are destroying the world and with whom our politicians sit at the dinner table. Those who only want material for the corporations are no better than Stalin. What makes the human being full? The love!

All those who cannot love must go, all those who work for themselves, who take advantage of the partnership and exploit the feminine longsuffering of the people. otherwise it is a secret dictatorship after all, as some people feel it….

The Enlightenment thinkers meant well. They wanted to free the people from the yoke of charlatanry and the ecclesiastical exercise of power. However, they freed people from their knowledge of their souls, because neither worldly Jesuits nor devious charlatans have anything to do with the truth of our soul. That was a thinking error. An error of perception, because the Enlightenment thinkers could not or did not want to feel their own soul and therefore thought it did not exist. However, most people feel their soul, but in this enlightened time this feeling is withdrawn from them from childhood. This is what makes people sick. It is the soulless loneliness. The halfness of materialism in connection with the mercilessness of capitalism, because the mind does not know love. The selfless love comes through a soulish – factual, but supermaterial and so unfortunately not measurable – connection. Also the whole material system builds on the exploitation of the soul connection, uses it for its purposes. Like in the above mentioned partnership. The masculine using the feminine and still marginalizing and negating it.

The system is purely masculine because of the turn to materialism. That is why it is hopelessly destructive. It is not about a resurgence of stale religion. It is about the conscious re-awareness of the soulfulness of everyone. The love for the world, the devotion, the joy, the meaning. The soulfulness is a fact. Only, if someone is deprived of hearing, then he will swear that there are no sounds. The Hartz4 system, for example, is so unworthy of a human being. It testifies to extreme contempt for human beings, to an ideology that a person even needs to be fed, like cattle. Like a useless machine, which one has put in the camp and has forgotten. Bread and games, then he keeps still and above all soulless can do what they want and accumulate money and things. Until their death…. Yes so absurd is the enlightened materialism… Until their death…. All buying, all grabbing, all amassing power and destroying others only serves to whitewash the fear of death. This is how absurd this enlightened society is. That’s how everyone there deludes themselves. And don’t even know how much they all treat each other only like machines. And don’t know how wonderful life can be in love and unity and devotion to the sense and in guidance by the soul sense. How beautiful giving can be. How beautiful „renunciation“ can be. The Enlightenment has regressed us. It has turned us into nuclear-armed fear-obsessed animals. I don’t even want to say „cavemen“, because they knew about their soulfulness and lived in harmony with creation.

We need to get back to wholeness. Meditations in the schools, for my sake. Invite more people there to talk about animals, about nature, about their experiences. Let old people with life experience speak. Regularly. Weekly. Every day a 15 minute video telling something about life. Preferably from before internet time. Let the children become whole again. Let them come of age. Don’t let them grow up in fear and absurdity. The children of today know very well that they are only figures in the fight for their money as consumers. That they are only supposed to function and that nothing else is expected of them. That is terrible. A bad spirit of the times prevails here at the moment. Unworthy for a human existence, which could achieve so great things, which could create so great things in connection of mind and soul! Instead we live in a slaughterhouse society. Primitive lying, cheating, exploiting, shamelessly using one’s neighbor. Materialism favors the soulless, the unsocial egoists who feel nothing but their own fear. We have seen what is coming in Trump. Those who no longer feel anything of unity and can only separate, they dominate all the others, a few of whom are now rebelling. Mankind is in deepest pain and all drugs, tablets, games, smartphones, Volkswagen and what else are of no use anymore! People want their soul back. They want to live their soulfulness. The love, the goodness, the truthfulness, the unity, the trust, but they see only the priests of the material exercise of power, which let them be only machines. At best, cattle that are fed in the dry barn and should be grateful for it. Until the butcher comes and they are turned into „barbecue“. The conspiracy theories, that is the materialism they cannot name. The one that is in everything and that does them no good. It doesn’t want to give them their soulfulness, it wants to turn them into machines for the benefit of… well, ultimately of materialism itself… because even the most mendacious politicians and managers will die one day… and then nothing will remain of them but earth. So materialism itself is at the top of the food chain. Darwinism rules here yes. What shall one do against it? They will have wasted their lives in absurdity and fear-obsessed bashing and stabbing. What could they all have done great things for the creation, if they had lived in the sense of their soulness.

The masculine, the material, protects the feminine, the spiritual. In the partnership and also in everyone itself. Regardless of whether it is the woman or the man who is inside or outside. This is the chivalry. But in materialism, the purely masculine aspect of being, the masculine betrays the feminine. The sacred, the spiritual, that which can create life, while the masculine in its solitude can only destroy it alone.

Act creatively, inspired! In the union of the masculine and the feminine. This is the only salvation. Capitalism as a child of materialism is at the end. Those who feel nothing but their own pain, the psychopaths, will drag mankind into ruin. They turn the wheel so far into inhumanity that the people who can still feel something can no longer bear it. Because those are the masculine without supplement by the spiritual, the feminine. And so they know only destruction. Look at Trump. He is materialism without any cloak of shame. He is the truth. The future development. If a few more judges or other politicians are as psychopathic as he is, then there will be no stopping him and the truth will break its way in a rush of blood….

Give people back their soulfulness! But don’t ask the churches. Look to the spiritual teachers. To those who live selflessness. Make politics and the economy psychopath-proof. Teach the children something other than pressure to perform and fear of tomorrow. Act for each other. Each for the other.

Forbid lying, for example! Punish lying in law, business, politics and entertainment in the strongest possible way. Is that so difficult? Who wants to say no? The liar will probably prefer to remain silent. But nothing happens in this direction. A rogue who thinks evil. Or just one who now stands up in new fellowship and shows that he can’t stand it anymore. Well Corona?… He who lies once is not believed….

Give yourself a gift. Selflessly. The other person should get even more than you. Isn’t that nice? Then it will take another three generations, but then this madness will finally have come to an end and no one will be mourning after their new car or their €1000 smartphone…. But the economy! The prosperity! The security! None of this is of exclusive importance when man is starving inside and sees himself trapped in mortal fear, which he has to suppress.

This is the reason for the increase of the conspiracy believers. They realize that they are only slaughter cattle on the altar of materialism… Who should they talk to? What dialogue to have with those who never do anything but talk and then hand them over to the big players?

Only those who have gone mad in pain, those who have been brought up rootless and groundless, also only want to destroy. The old, but they do not make it therefore better. With violence and destruction we remain in materialism. Perhaps the system would be called then simply differently… The well-being of all does not lie in prosperity and security. It could well be a little more insecure and also a little poorer, if people could only love and trust again, feel their soulfulness and be allowed to realize that their life is not as absurd as they are told it is and as they are then, conversely, forbidden to articulate, but are expected to consume, work, function without complaint and be grateful for the dry stable with the colorful and loud video walls and the rotten hay that those outside earn from…. A life in the stable may be safe and full at first. It is certainly not species-appropriate. Animals often start shaking their heads or hitting each other on the iron bars… When they run amok with panic, there’s not much left of the stable….

Thank you very much for taking the time. What I have presented is really the problem. If you can see that in this text, then you are the only one who might be able to make a difference. Otherwise, I fear a huge disaster when the pain of the people pours out into the public… Not to speak of a further dehumanization of politics and a further instrumentalization of the citizens for business, politics and banks.

The scouts were not right. For above mentioned reasons. Alone, who looks into the world, cannot come to any other conclusion….

I wish you a good day. I believe that you mean well. But you are also subject to the wrong doctrine. When you hold your husband by the hand and feel the life in him, it is not your mind. Then that is a soul perception. The mind is a survival instrument. It identifies danger and prey. Food. Dead food. It does not sense life. If the mind sensed the opponent as a living being in emergency situations, that would probably be counterproductive. You sense life through your soul sense. This exists. It is only denied by the mind. It wants to survive. As the only one. There everything soul is dangerous…. So he keeps everyone in fear. Then nobody feels real sense and unity anymore.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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