Without fear

I have also long thought about the form of the words themselves. Should I tell the incidents that happen to me myself and are so meaningful to me as stories that do without me as a person? As stories in which I replace myself with another person so as not to be suspected of self-promotion? Should I better put what I have recognized into the mouth of a god, an ancestor or another spiritual being, in order to increase the weight and to meet the desires of the reading mind for clichéd higher guidance? I decided against it in both cases for the following reasons.

The incidents that have happened to me have happened to me. There is no reason to change anything cosmetically in this truth. If I would do it, I would sacrifice the truth, for a little approval of the evaluating and categorizing mind, which likes to cultivate self-display with itself, but rejects this with its opposite and quickly develops a corresponding suspicion. If I personally would get out, the words would be more pleasant for the mind, only that what it is about – what is waiting for discovery behind words and thoughts – would be irretrievably buried.

For me, the form of the first-person narrative is a personal commitment to what is written. To every word. And to everything behind it.

That which I have gained as knowledge over the years of my retreat and my dedication to the exploration of our psychic existence has been given to me naturally. How could it be otherwise. Only there is no where from. Or from whom. Just now I want to confess that all of us – each of us – are able to receive the divine inspiration, even the knowledge of eternal truths. Without distinction. Simply because each of us is an ensouled being and is always and everywhere connected with the eternal and infinite aspect of his soul. So it is not a lack if not Osiris or my great-grandfather or an extraterrestrial or Archangel Michael or Jesus Christ gave me my recognition. Also it is no lack, if I have not studied in far countries strange and above all old books. Osiris, my ancestors, the extraterrestrials from the fifth dimension or elsewhere, Michael and Jesus are one in the eternity and infinity of our existence beyond. And we are one with them. Whoever receives something through them or others does so because he feels their power and recognizes them in it as messengers. Only such a process is not absolutely necessary. The desire to always have a higher authority telling us what is right and wrong, how something must be done or left alone, ultimately alienates us from trusting our own cognition. Alienates us from trusting what is developing within us. From discovering the divine knowledge, the holy spirit – the actual only highest authority and instance we should follow at all – within ourselves. Entirely without a „competent“ intermediary. To give emphasis to this truth of mine, I place myself with what I have experienced alone and unprotected before the reader and the inevitable judgment of his mind. No distant earthly or supernatural authority stands protectively by my side. I confess that all eternal knowledge can come out of each one of us by himself. For these motives the form of this book is as it is. I confess my experiences and I confess my realizations. No one else is to serve as a standard or bear the responsibility. And so I want to be an example for everyone. Recognize and confess. Without fear.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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