Oh, Ananke! – You balm against the despair in the capitalist world

It speaks the virgin Lachesis, the daughter of Ananke. One-day souls! Another period of a mortal and deadly generation begins with you, not you are redeemed by the fate of life, but you choose the fate. As soon as one has drawn a lot, he chooses a path of life, with which he will remain married according to the law of necessity. Virtue, however, is masterless; each one receives more or less of it, depending on whether he cherishes it or neglects it. The fault lies with him who has chosen. God is blameless in it.

Among the many gods that past and present religious systems have to offer, people are predominantly concerned with the Hindu, Buddhist, Native American natural religion, or the past Norse or ancient Egyptian families of gods. Shiva, Thor, Isis and the many others are well known and are often included in life with regard to their soul-spiritual work. The Greek or Roman pantheon of gods remains strangely unconsidered in terms of soul. Perception usually does not go beyond colorful, ancient heroic epics – beyond powerful products of fantasy. Perhaps it is because we, as a Christian-based civilization, have achieved direct „victory“ over these religions with our God. Our God has replaced their gods in the most direct way and has thus personally sent them in our perception into the realm of fairy tales and Latin or Greek lessons. But also the spiritual experience and the deep, millennia old recognition of these „defeated“ cultures may find our attention and consideration, if we ourselves sense and listen and feel, where and how the deep, profound eternal truths are hidden. Where they make themselves accessible shadowy, only to our soul vibrating like a breath.

Therefore I let speak once the virgin Lachesis. Her mother is the Ananke. Ananke is the goddess of the inevitable and impersonal destiny. She is also called goddess of necessity. Just this designation always leads with me to a deep shivering and the feeling of deepest and oldest fate power. Necessity. That which happens because it happens. Inescapable. Uninfluenceable. Not discussable. Not compromisable. Not reinterpretable. Not irritable. Not confusable. Not blackmailable. Not influenceable. Not seducible. Not bribable. Not threatenable. Not overbearable. In other words: The necessity is as it is and nothing can change it. She is as clear as a diamond. The pathetic tactics of the mind do not work on her. None of the usual methods by which the mind tries to mold the world to its desires or trick or coerce it are effective. No advertiser can deceive and dazzle her with twists of words. No lawyer can bamboozle and invalidate it with sophistical shyster advocacy. She is the only and the own law on this her – the highest – level. All – even the gods – must submit to it. That is why I feel great love and humility towards her. This so clear diamond.

Thus, her daughter speaks to the souls who now have their life as human beings before them. She informs them that it is not fate that chooses them, but that they, the souls, do this themselves. If they had done this once, they would remain connected with it for a lifetime. – Something special would have it with the virtue on itself. This could not be chosen simply in such a way. Depending upon change one receives more or less of it. How the own, self-chosen destiny will fulfill itself now, whether in greatness or in wretchedness, that lies thus in the own hands. It is all your choice. That, what you receive, you have determined yourself. And how you deal with the chosen one – are you a virtuous or wretched ruler? Are you great in carrying your burdens or do you become a bad person for the sake of low things? -that is also up to you. So do not blame God.

I sometimes have to think of Ananke, my goddess so dear to me, out of current events. Just as I write this here, there was again a large world concern – rich and powerful were its managers and in the traffic with the powerful rulers of our world – which cheated its trusting customers, authorities, yes whole states on the most miserable for the sake of the profit, the shareholder value or however this material God is called topically. A corporation that, for the sake of money, has burned the laws of these states and the trust of its customers – I’m not even talking about eternal truths – to ashes.

The group’s tricks were so sophisticated and well thought out that it took a long time for the fraud to come to light.

It then took almost as long again for the fraud to be admitted by the managers. Only what had just been proven was ever admitted. When everything was known and there was no going back, when no denial – no cutting off the truth from the public – made sense, that’s when the top manager gave a speech. A speech that included the word „trust.“ Whether the word „apology“ was in it, I’m not sure. It doesn’t matter, either. That speech was hollow words. Meat-grinded for days by lawyers for 1000 euros an hour and formed into new insubstantial, flimsy words faintly, very faintly resembling the truth and imitating it monstrously badly. A continuation of the fraud on the people, states and institutions concerned. Judicial uselessness formed by minds that understood the mind game with scalpel-like sharpness. Because that was the only thing that mattered to the corporation, besides the fact that the top manager had to „say“ anything at all in public.

Ananke, oh Ananke. I think then. How small is the material mind. How small and poor. How pathetically clever and cunning it feels in its game, the game of the mind. My dear Goddess, how great You are. Maybe they can hold their own in their human courts with these pathetic tricks. Maybe their top players can really pull their heads out of the noose with this so shameless continuation of cheating and lying. Their laws may allow them to get away scot-free. It is, after all, the law dictated by themselves, in a game where only their rules apply.

Before you they can achieve nothing with their twisting, concealing, confusing and their apparent speeches. You would not even twitch with the corner of your mouth. You would not even feel disgust before the lying emptiness of their words. For Your law is not touched by their hypocritical and shameless maneuvers. Because it is Your law, which still stands above that of the gods. It is a diamond law that cannot be abused or defiled. And Your daughter Lachesis would repeat the words to them. The words she told them when they were still soul and not yet man: But virtue is masterless, of it each receives more or less, according as he cherishes it or neglects it. The fault lies with him who has chosen. God is blameless in it.

What does man lower himself to? How far can he descend into the valley of his shamelessness? Does matter heal man from the feeling of shame? Oh Ananke, You diamond, how clearly You shine! You are. No one can lie to You. And you don’t have to lie to anyone. If I can be with You, then I taste Your calm and clear coolness. Take the pain from me, which they have imposed on me with their words and deeds! Take from me the anger they have awakened in me. Don’t let them make me hate anymore. Do not let it happen that their words and deeds pull my pendulum fully into their sphere of material death and I lose myself hopelessly in their lonely pain! Don’t let it happen that I become like them. Lonely in my anger and my fear and my pain. Ananke! Take me back! Take me back to the cool clarity where everything is as it is. Where everything is one. In which the lie cannot exist. – – –

– – By the way, whoever bought a product of this powerful global corporation some time ago and demonstrably replaced the same product of another global corporation with this purchase, received – after filling out and submitting a signed form with supporting documents – a „conquest premium“ transferred to his bank account. „Conquest bonus.“ That was literally the phrase used bluntly to the buyer. The battlefield is no longer glossed over. The state of war is always immanent. A war of annihilation that will only stop when there is only one „surviving“ annihilator. The one who in his loneliness is then finally one with himself, since he has devoured all others, has incorporated himself. The war of annihilation determines the daily thinking of these strategists and tacticians of the world corporations. Man becomes a weapon or a resource to be conquered or a victim or an obstacle to be eliminated. Depending on how the use and assessment on the battlefield appears favorable at the moment. The god of matter roars out his lonely pain bloody. Every means is allowed and the right of the lonely one is valid. In his pain. In his fear. In his rage. And in his hate. And if there is only this one who has destroyed all others, then there is even a technical word for it. In the language of money, this state is called „monopoly“ – „one sells“ is the word translated. Every corporation would love to achieve this position for itself, because „one determines the price“ is the resulting consequence. If there is only the last one who holds everything, then the money god roars once again in a world-shaking way and exchanges what he has only for blood. Who then lives under his yoke in dependence is pressed, pressed and pressed until there is nothing more to press. If there is no more to press, no more blood to exchange, then still the squeezed skin and bones are ground and offered to the One. Because that is what this game is all about. That is the goal and those are the rules. Even the money and the „products“ serve only this one purpose. They are strategic and tactical means to destroy the others: All matter, all matter here to me! All matter for the ONE!

Then, when she has devoured and wrung out everything and when nothing is there anymore except her, then the lonely hollow loneliness of the maximum material existence reigns in the dead silent graveyard of this world, in which all battles of destruction have been fought to the last excess. Fat and black it sits there and nothing is more there except it. Who do you think it is that rules then? Who knows the name? Who speaks it?

Thus the One has then united all matter in his lonely unity on himself, but the soul unity is not destroyed with it. Quite the contrary. It is only no longer visible for him and exists purely, brightly and clearly outside of his perception. In the eternity and the infinity. Outside of the petty time and the so limited space, which the One may call now his kingdom – his everything. If the One has united everything on itself, then standstill rules and it begins its decay, because everything must go. The One recognizes in this hour of his death the folly of his actions, because he knows nothing of the eternal sense, which has nothing to do with deeds. He knows nothing of the sense that simply is. And if he has decayed, everything arises anew. Matter and soul reunite and the world emerges in new pure light. All battles are forgotten. Everything begins again. Different? Similar? Exactly the same? I don’t know. I hope… – – more mature….maybe. United…

The lonely one will not understand these words

The lonely man will not understand these words. He looks around and says, „Look how much I have. It is all mine. How could I be lonely. And I strive and I strive for more, more, more…. “ – In the countries where a world corporation already rules regionally as the One, we can see how the people there already have to exchange their blood for what the One has to offer them: The money to miserably survive – sometimes less than that. Because the money is the resource which contains everything in this game and on which all dependencies have been built.

At some point, the last One will come back to us and we will not only be able to see his work from a distance, but we will be able to taste our blood in his barrels ourselves. Then, when we have strategically served our time as consumers and the disembodiment of our body is imminent. Let us not give in to the illusion that the One could love us or mean well with us. Love and goodness are not factors in his game. Perhaps as an imitation to gain a strategic advantage. The fairy tale of the king „customer“ and „employee satisfaction“. Would it be advantageous (and feasible without negative consequences for the corporations) to subjugate and squeeze the „employees“ to the point of blood already now and here, or to sell the „buyer“ only putrid brackish water at astronomical blood prices: the strategists and tacticians of the money god would not bat an eyelash at the orders to do so. Why should they? They are just following the rules… Obeying profit or shareholder value or whatever the god of matter happens to call himself. We then pay back all the conquest bonuses so seemingly generously granted to us with infinite interest.

I have experienced a few companies that „meant well“ with their employees, that also wanted to „see the people and not just the profit“. They were never really big. And when the big corporations of the top league of the game came to ease the pain of their loneliness with these companies, their incorporation was quite quick and easy. But remarkably, every time these small „good“ companies were dying, all their lofty goals were forgotten. Coldness spread. The methods of the formerly so enlightened and well-meaning management level returned to the rules that the creator of the game had devised. There was pushing, shoving, distrust. Players were bought in whom no one would have allowed to cross the threshold before. Players who had mastered the game and therefore also began to covertly and secretly take over the dying company. And the god of matter laughed at these entrepreneurs who wanted to see the „whole man“. Who perhaps wanted to include „spiritual concerns“. The god of money laughed and showed the entrepreneurs how his rules are and how easily he could break their backs and how easily he could get them to serve him and deny themselves. He created in them the fear. The fear of death. After that they belonged to him. If they then became angry and hated him, then they were completely enslaved and ready to be sacrificed.

Yesterday I had a truck in front of me with the inscription: Piglets from Bergmann* – Safe in product. Strong on the market. Surely, at some point this will become „Menschen von Bergmann“. In other regions of the world, these Bergmanns are already active, while they are still making their offers of advantage to us in this country, in order to use us to strengthen their market power. Us, the future slaughter cattle. The future product for other future slaughter cattle. Until there is nothing left to be slaughtered on the sacrificial table. (*Name changed)

All this happens because the mind must overcome its eternal pain of separation and can only accomplish this by its own means. The capitalistic-materialistic system serves only this one last purpose. If the soul would have greater influence on the events in the human mind-world, if it would be allowed to stand by in an advisory capacity, then separation would be supplemented and dissolved with knowledge, fear with trust, anger with humility and hate with love. The system could change because the mind would be freed from its pain of separateness and could rest in unity without having to destroy everything except itself and ultimately itself as well.

Pain must never be allowed to guide us. Our actions grow out of the fearless knowledge of our security in the meaning, of our soulfulness and of the eternal unity of everything. We always act in love for everything and everyone. There is no inner separation. Pain alone must never guide us.

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